Selección de nuevos lanzamientos de música electrónica

Artist: mycrotom
Album: Ratoratiyo
Label: Mongkong Musik
Release date: June 4 (digital), July 4 (physical)


1. Iquitos Bird
2. Sennabua
3. Mumiru
4. Ago Agoldenhorseshoe
5. Caverna Tragica
6. Logic by Machine
7. Another fab

About the release

Music from mycrotom? Does the «mycro» stand for microscopic miniature music, or is there simply a very modest artist behind the small-print artist name? We may assume the latter, since the Italian-Canadian Tom Simonetti alias mycrotom has created rather large-format sound carpets in the Bertolt Brecht mechanical engineering city of Augsburg. He now presents the same: soundscapes on which you can go out of work and walk away.

Soundscapes on which you can fly. Like an albatross with its broad wings, we imagine the Maestro as we listen. Very slowly the science fiction samurai Simonetti unrolls the ornaments in front of our ears. Quite the machine whisperer who perseveres in the twilight zone and weaves the song that sleeps in the mycrotom machine, he serves us music equal to a tea ceremony – with plenty of time to steep. This is a record you have to let sink in with the bass channels wide open. Details and structures unfold along the way, over time. No matter how you twist and turn it: This record is a revelation. With each listen you get more and more.

About the artist

As an eight-year-old, Tom Simonetti starts playing – live! On the stages, of his mother’s Grateful Dead-affiliated rock band. Soon the young drummer comes into contact with a first Korg MS-20, discovers his passion for synthesizer envelopes, bass clouds and then electronic music. From then on and until today he will call himself «electronic live drummer» – tapping the skins with a gentle wing beat, which he also knows how to conjugate with electronic modules. A producer who thinks along with his analog antithesis and organically defines it. Be it the invention of new sound modules and generators, or be it the communicative work on new music in workshops as a certified AppMusician – it is Simonetti’s musical openness in combination with his audio-visionary foresight, which make him a popular partner in crime. For example in improvisations with Hangonauten, SMS/Schamoni Musik Service Band alongside BELPProteinPico Be (Das Weiße Pferd) or Daniel dance, theater and studio music, DJ sets and the formation of a network make a cosmos vibrate, Simonetti’s cosmos, mongkong music. Among his companions are Taison Heiss (Lali Puna), Protein (Alientransistor), Erich LesovskyStefan Schulzki. The author Franz Dobler in whose ARD Radiotatort music composition Simonetti is also involved.

Above all, it is the long-standing collaboration with his internationally acclaimed companion LeRoy, which brings Simonetti wide recognition in the bands Rhytm Policeand Das Hobos and transports the musicians on concert tours as far as Siberia or the Odessa Jazz Fest (2017).(Top Twenty annual charts 2014 BR Zündfunk, Roy Preis der Stadt Augsburg 2015, Odessa Jazz Fest 2018 Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim Selected for Apple Beats 1st and released it in 2019 in Julien Temple‘s «Ibiza Silent Movie», BR Radio Tatort 2019, 2020,).

So now the solo debut of mycrotom, self-made by Tom Simonetti, on instruments and devices like Saito Marimba, CASIO cz5000, Korg Polysix, Doepfer 404, Dynacord vrz23, Sherman Filterbank, EMU Planet phatt, I-Pad Apps, Roland jx3p or Mks50 and of course drums, percussion and some rattles.

Bernhard Kuehne from Pen Produktionen was allowed to interfere in mix and mastering. The very coherent visual design by Tommy Schmid based on the illustrations by Hanna Verwohlt. An artistic VR music video was crowdfunded in Feb 2021. A VR music video will follow in May 2021. By the way, the visuals should also work for hearing impaired people.

The result is slow, cool disco & krautmusic, dub-knowledge & minimalism, Hip Hop & Psychedelic. They are all here in this big mycrotom drum. Forms a round whole. Kraut sounds globally matured here and unlike some other hypnotic flow music does not feast on its own spirituality, but has humor, roughness and bite.

Artist: Daniele Sciolla
Album: Spin Of Synth
Label: Elli Records
Release date: May 21
Composed, recorded and produced by Daniele Sciolla
Mastered by Riccardo Parravicini at Rima Maja
Artwork by Daniele Sciolla and Lise Sciolla
Graphic project by Elli


1. Poly
2. Jupiter
3. Prophet
4. CS
5. Arp

About the release

Trips all around Europe searching for rare synthesisers, a graduate degree in Mathematics, Conservatory of music and jazz studies: these are the elements of which Spin Of Synth is made.

SPIN acts here as the intrinsic property carried by elementary particles, in this case applied to analog machines.

This EP highlights the countless timbre variations that occur between the various analog machines, as an answer to the same stimuli: from a unique trigger very different results appear, and everything is layered and crushed to obtain a giant choral effect. Moreover, time is stretched beyond our standard limits, to create a mosaic of fractal sounds, obtained by varying the pressure of the music sequences.

On each track, synthesisers are either presented as a timbrical mass, or left alone by themselves, in which case even the smallest details of a single synth become audible.

This EP represents a personal path out from music norms, made with instruments that today represent the standard in contemporary music production, and that yet were the cornerstones of electronic music experimentation only a few decades ago.

About the artist

A scientist of sound and perception, moving between digital, analog synthesisers and a distinct pop attitude. Fond of extreme experimentation, he applies his mathematical and classical music knowledge to electronic production, thus achieving a personal style based on melodies and polyrhythms. His works have been selected as soundtracks for Vogue Paris, Versace, Nitro Circus and Teton Gravity, among others. Since 2012 he has been playing more than 400 concerts all over Europe, also taking part in festivals as Heineken Balaton Sound, Spring Attitude and Ypsigrock.

About the label

Elli Records is an independent label focused on music made by humans, for humans, with computers. Beyond the standard classification by genres, Elli promotes those artists that develop a deep relationship and thought on machines and software.

POLY is the first track of this mixtape on THE WIRE

Artist: Various, Curses
Album: Curses Presents Next Wave Acid Punx
Label: Eskimo Recordings
Release date: June 4th, 2021
Format: 3 x CD, 2 x Double LP, Digital


1/3CD – Chapter 1. Origins (Classics)

  1. Borghesia – Z.M.R.
  2. Gina X Performance – Kaddish
  3. Suicide – Wild In Blue (2005 Remaster)
  4. Demolition Group – You Better Stay Alive
  5. A Split Second – Flesh
  6. BPM AM – Come To Me (Vocal Version)
  7. Ted Milton – Love Is Like A Violēnce
  8. Front 242 – Funkhadafi
  9. Colourbox – Fast Dump
  10. Yello – Lost Again (Extended Dance Version)
  11. Mystery – Mystery Girl (Club Mix Remastered)
  12. In-D – Virgin In-D Sky’s
  13. Judy Torres – No Reason To Cry (Instrumental)
  14. Hard Corps – Porte Bonheur (Lucky Charm) 2021

2/3CD – Chapter 2. Break A Sweat (Recent)

  1. Moderna & Theus Mago – Francesca (Wild At Heart)
  2. Middle Sky Boom feat. Eliezer – Slow With The Run (Il Est Vilaine Remix)
  3. Tiempo De Maldad – Maxico (Alvee Remix)
  4. Zombies In Miami – El Wild
  5. Moscoman – Fernandez
  6. Juan Maclean feat. Fantastic Twins – She’s Breaking Up
  7. Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys – Kronos (Wild Mix)
  8. Zakmina – Viral News
  9. Radial Gaze – Totem Echoes (You Man Remix)
  10. Paresse – Temple
  11. Rina x Benji x Megaphonim – Ani Cham
  12. Modular Project – Electronic Disco (Curses Remix)

3/3CD – Chapter 3. Maximum Heat (Exclusives)

  1. Curses – Discipline
  2. Chinaski – Hart Und Kalt
  3. Shubostar – AYA
  4. Cornelius Doctor – Life In Chains
  5. Mufti – Restrained
  6. Amarcord – Spleen
  7. Franz Scala – Shortwave Memories
  8. Tronik Youth – Spirit Dancer
  9. Cardopusher – Escape From Reality
  10. Kendal & David Carretta – Pastaga
  11. Local Suicide & Skelesys – Faster Faster
  12. Pablo Bozzi – Storm in Dallas

Vinyl Pt 1 – Next Wave Acid Punx Pt 1. Origins

  1. Borghesia – Z.M.R.
  2. Gina X Performance – Kaddish
  3. Suicide – Wild In Blue (2005 Remaster)
  4. Demolition Group – You Better Stay Alive
  5. A Split Second – Flesh
  6. BPM AM – Come To Me (Vocal Version)
  7. Ted Milton – Love Is Like A Violēnce
  8. Front 242 – Funkhadafi
  9. Colourbox – Fast Dump
  10. Yello – Lost Again (Extended Dance Version)
  11. Mystery – Mystery Girl (Club Mix Remastered)
  12. In-D – Virgin In-D Sky’s
  13. Judy Torres – No Reason To Cry (Instrumental)
  14. Hard Corps – Porte Bonheur (Lucky Charm) 2021

Vinyl Pt 2 – Next Wave Acid Punx Pt 2. Move Your Body

  1. Moderna & Theus Mago – Francesca (Wild At Heart)
  2. Zombies In Miami – El Wild
  3. Juan Maclean feat. Fantastic Twins – She‘s Breaking Up
  4. Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys – Kronos (Wild Mix)
  5. Modular Project – Electronic Disco (Curses Remix)
  6. Curses – Discipline
  7. Chinaski – Hart Und Kalt
  8. Cornelius Doctor – Life In Chains
  9. Shubostar – AYA
  10. Kendal & David Carretta – Pastaga
  11. Local Suicide & Skelesys – Faster Faster

About the release

‘Next Wave Acid Punx’ is a 38 track journey across nearly 40 years of dark club music compiled and curated by Berlin-based Musician and DJ, Luca Venezia aka Curses divided into Chapter 1. Origins (Classics), Chapter 2. Break A Sweat (Recent) and Chapter 3. Maximum Heat (Exclusives).

Inviting friends with a like-minded affection for an 80s rooted sound, and diving deep into his record collection, Curses has put together a three CD/double vinyl set that takes us from music by Colourbox and Suicide to EBM pioneers, Front 242 through to recent club hits from Zombies in Miami, and 12 brand new, totally exclusive tracks from the likes of Shubostar, Chinaski, and Curses himself. Exploring the darker side of club music, ‘Next Wave Acid Punx’ traces decades of a musical passion and joins the dots between the EBM, New Beat, Italo and Acid House tracks of the 1980s to present music of today.

Luca Venezia (Berlin, February 2021): «Putting together a compilation like this is a strange experience. I’ve never been one to stay still too long. Whether as a musician, DJ, or producer I’d never wanted to tie myself down to one scene or one sound, always looking to move on before I’d maybe run a project completely dry. With an album you create a snapshot of who you are during that time in life, with a DJ set maybe just that night, but this felt more like trying to sum up a lifetime of musical experiences. A bit daunting! But in putting this comp together I did find a path that led from listening to FRONT 242 and Ministry cassettes in my bedroom when I was just 11, through to the music I make and play today.

What links these tracks together, is an attitude. It’s one I’ve been drawn to since I was a teenager, playing in punk bands, skateboarding in NYC, hanging out at CBGBs, and following Sonic Youth around, to eventually raving every weekend at underground drum & bass and electro nights.

As a teenager I’d dig through the bargain bins at shops like Vinyl Mania and Bleecker Bob’s where you’d find all these Freestyle, Italo and New Beat records. Straight away I zoned in on the “Dub” and “Extended Dance Mix” versions where the focus was on the drums and I could hear a link to bands I’d loved years before.

The first chapter takes early tracks from bands who came directly out of the punk and new wave scenes, that played a major role in forming my musical taste. The second chapter celebrates current music influenced by these early pioneers, while the third chapter comprises exclusive new music made for this compilation, with the passion for these genres in mind.

Some of these songs may have been written decades apart, but they all share an energy, a raw spirit, it’s those massive drums and gated snares that you hear on both Demolition Group’s ‘You Better Stay Alive’ from 1988, and Shubostar’s brand new track, ‘Aya’. This mix of electric and electronic sounds have been part of my make up ever since I learned to play guitar accompanied by a DR550 drum machine.

After leaving New York, I found a scene that helped me realize I could combine all my own past influences into my productions, song-writing and DJ sets. Discovering underground parties like Wrong Era, Cocktail d’Amore in Berlin, La dame Noir in Marseille, and of course A Love From Outer Space, made the pieces fall into place for me. This is the sound of a community I love, a passion without sacrifice, that I now want to share with you.»

Artist: Inigo Kennedy, Silent Servant, Developer, Benjamin Damage 
Album: The 6 Planet Discovery Mission
Label: Axis Records / The Escape Velocity
Release date: May 7th, 2021
Format: Digital


01. Inigo Kennedy – J1407b
02. Silent Servant – Ranxerox
03. Developer – Arcadians 58
04. Developer – Volumino
05. Benjamin Damage – Azizos
06. Developer – Ursans

About the release

«Jeff brought a clever idea to me and that was to create a compilation for «The Escape Velocity» project.  It was clear that it was important to keep the Axis’ space aesthetic and that the whole thing would be curated by Modularz, so I took the information Jeff gave me and began to select only a few producers that I felt that could contribute something different without orbiting too far out of the Axis Solar System.

The 6 planet discovery mission is a metaphor for discovering something else or out of the Axis’ norm and I used planets instead of artists to describe this. I asked each artist to name their created tracks after a newly discovered planet if they were given the opportunity and in total, we came up with 6 to complete the compilation.»

About Developer

Developer is one of a few active DJ/Producers that emerged from the Los Angeles techno scene in the early 1990’s. After ending his residency as a DJ on radio station 88.7FM kspc back in 1995, Developer went to New York City to learn about the record distribution business and assisted in the launch of the first dedicated techno distribution company in Los Angeles » Entity Music Distribution » which worked with highly influential labels such as Axis Records, Reload Belgium, Plus 8 Canada as well as a large amount of techno label’s from Detroit, Chicago and Europe. One of the company’s main focuses was to expose the western USA, Mexico and most of Central and South America with techno music from around the world.

Over the last 2 decades Developer has played in various countries as well as taking part in laying a foundation in the LA techno culture by producing events and exposing various first time international talents through out the mid to late1990’s. Developer gained much of his acclaim and extensive performance history from his strong mixing and programming skills as well as the ability of playing 40 – 60 records per hour on 3 turntables with effect processor and sampler.

Artist: The Allegorist
Album: Hybrid Dimension II
Label: Awaken Chronicles
Release date: May 7th, 2021
Format: 1-Track-Single & Album


01. Collective Energies
02. Desired Changes
03. Imposed Rules
04. Ocean Waves
05. Disillusion Echoes
06. Left Behind
07. Dark Forces
08. Shiny Material
09. Unlimited Dedication
10. New Beginning
11. Risen Again
12. Harvest Season

About the release

The love and dedication that Anna Jordan aka The Allegorist places in each project she pursues reflects an artist that thrives on creativity and creation itself, turning thoughts and narratives into a near-palpable reality. As an electronic music producer, singer, visual artist, sound designer or painter, she gathers in herself an ideal skill set that enables her to visualize a sonic reality, ranslatable into several artforms that comply with her futuristic, forward- thinking vision under her musical alias, The Allegorist.

With Hybrid Dimension I via Los Angeles’ Detroit Underground, Jordan created an extensive audiovisual experience, treading the realms of downtempo electronica, ambient and spatial exploration, having her track and video for ‘Humandroid Lovers’ featured at the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival in late 2018.

The Allegorist’s new album, Hybrid Dimensions II, gives continuity to the galactic journey initiated by the protagonist, a girl that overcame her fears to become the Dragon Rider. She now finds herself standing on the boat known as The Viking Thunder, facing a foreign land – the unknown.

Hybrid Dimensions II comprises twelve-tracks of otherworldly soundscapes, electronic textures of grand embodiment, proportion, sounds of lament and dissociation. Hypnotic and fragile on the verge of desolation, Jordan’s ability to occupy the surrounding space with her technical performance is immersive, with it requiring detailed attention to connect the layers of dense, symbiotic melodies.

‘But there is a sort of light, so small that it can only be seen in the deepest darkness. It wasn’t there at the boat or ruins, where everybody was looking for it. It was inside of all of them. ‘

Aiming for solace, Hybrid Dimensions II’s journey conquers higher planes, achieving its goals of unification and closure, soundtracked with great depth, detail and made with an invaluable amount of passion and consistency by The Allegorist. For the protagonist, her story concludes after batting great distances, facing dark encounters, but in the end, she came, conquered and left, whole again.

The Allegorist sings in the fictional and majestic Mondoneoh language, to connect all nations.

The album single & video «Dark Forces“ was be released on April 9th, 2021.

Artist: TUN Torino Unlimited Noise
Album: New Door
Label: Jazz-o-Tech
Release date: May 21st, 2021
Format: Album (Digital)


01. New Door
02. City Card
03. Sahara
04. Peacefulness
05. Tunz
06. Unlimited Noise
07. Balon

About the release

The game-changing Jazz-o-Tech label continues to establish its unique sound with a new album from returning favourites TUN aka Torino Unlimited Noise. This cutting edge techno-jazz band offers seven more thrilling hybrids that are primed and ready for the return of dance floor action.

Italian collective Torino Unlimited Noise is at the forefront of this new sound, drawing on the history of jazz and futurism of techno to cook up brand new sounds that are challenging yet compelling. The band is made up of Gianni Denitto on sax, effects and loops, Fabio Giachino on synth and Mattia Barbieri on drums and drum pads. They are virtuoso live performers who have worked on international collaborations with Richard Galliano, Zion Train, Randy Brecker, Flavio Boltro and others, and they never fail to get their audiences in raptures.

The excellent ‚New Door‘ kicks the album off and is an intense and energetic track with booming bass and glitchy hits all run through with freeform jazz sax, modal melodies and a true sense of musical expression. ‚Sahara‘ is a hyperspeed workout with impressive live drums. Sci-fi synths and a noodling lead sax weave their way in and out of the busy arrangement and take you on a real trip. ‚City Card‘ is another expressionist live piece that ebbs and flows on tumbling drums, walking bass and gentle sax stabs, while Peacefulness provides a chance to catch your breath amongst more soothing keys and sax lines. ‚Tunz‘ combines perfectly the physical power of techno – thanks to the booming drum work – and the improvised, unrestrained nature of jazz. The high powered ‚Unlimited Noise‘ is like Detroit techno played by an ensemble of paranoid jazz musicians, and closer ‚Balon‘ rides up and down on lurching broken beats, with withering saxophone and frazzled bass all consuming your soul.

This is a hugely inventive and accomplished album of perfectly hybridised sounds from one of the most exciting bands in the underground.

Jazz-o-Tech is a label that draws on the rich heritage of two of the most visionary and experimental genes in music: jazz and techno. Taking inspiration from the freeform creative nature of those two musical worlds, artists on the label mix tradition with modernity, improvisation with experimentation, and create a new sound known as techno-jazz.

Modern music needs to be ambitious. It must aim to deliver a musical message which is one step beyond what has already been heard. It must take you on a new musical journey into unknown dimensions and emotions. This is the Jazz-o-Tech mission.

Artist: Canilla
Album: you always wanted more in life, but now you don’t have the appetite
Label: Street Pulse Records
Release date: May 14 2021
Format: LP + Digital
Produced and mixed by Ådne Meisfjord (CVK, 120 Days)
Artwork by Constance Tenvik


  1. the extinction’s voluptuous odor 
  2. party with my homies
  3. footbridge
  4.  life without the human look
  5. Alfred Korzybski
  6. you always wanted more in life, but now you don’t have the appetite 
  7. we find them picking flowers that grow in the fields of extreme limit

About the release

Berlin based artist Canilla is a newly sculpted project by Norwegian sound artist and instrument builder Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due. Frequently composing for dance and theatre productions she develops sonic fields that often includes electronics and live coded synthesis merged with materials from her extensive accordion collection. Canilla’s performative installations have been presented in museums and theatres as well as sound-art, dance and music festivals in Germany, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, UK and Norway. She was recently chosen for SHAPE 21 – a European platform for innovative music and audio visual art.

The songs on you always wanted more in life, but now you don’t have the appetite are thought of as conceptual love ballads stemming from trees of a wounded forest – originally coming out of an installation Canilla made for Kontakte Festival at Akademie der Künste in 2019. Behind the stories pumps a mechanical heart, a structure based on creations of dismantled accordions. Canilla works between installation and performance art, turning traditional analog materials such as old tools and accordions into altered mechanical systems played with code. This layering of practices gives electronic music a new physical body tracing the remnants of the past, giving the mechanical objects an afterlife. 

Canilla is inspired by sound artists such as Pauline Oliveros, Delia Derbyshire, Else Marie Pade and Laurie Anderson. She has collaborated with a wide range of artists stemming from live coding, contemporary music, theatre and dance productions, such as Jo Grys, Peter Cusack, Alexandra Cardenas and Ingri Fiksdal. Her work has been presented at venues such as Akademi Der Künste (Berlin) Black Box Theatre (Oslo), London Royal Operahouse, HAU (Berlin) Radial System, Bergen International Festival and Stamsund International Theatre Festival (Norway).

Single (out now):

Artist: Ken Ishii, Greencross
Album: Collusion 33
Label: Different Is Different Records
Release date: March 29th, 2021
Format: Digital


01. Ken Ishii – Disquiet (Original Mix)
02. Ken Ishii – Disquiet (Greencross Remix)
03. Greencross – Subtle Rejection (Original Mix)
04. Greencross – Subtle Rejection (Ken Ishii Remix)

About the release

col·lu·sion (kə-lo͞o′zhən) n.
An often secret action taken by two or more parties.

When Ken Ishii and Greencross decided to secretly work on a release where each producer would supply an original track and remix each other‘s originals, they took the concept, executed it, and created a collaboration called ‚Collusion 33‘.

In 1995, Ken Ishii would shock the electronic music world with ‚Extra‘; an extremely innovative take on techno, even for today‘s standards, bundled with an outstanding music video animated by Kōji Morimoto, which received MTV‘s Dance Video of The Year.

One night in 1995, after midnight, while his parents were away, Greencross stumbled upon Ken Ishii‘s ‚Extra‘ playing on MTV‘s Amp. This particular moment of pure bliss would be Greencross‘ entry point into the sound of techno. ‚Extra‘s relentless pulsating rhythms, the futuristic synth leads, the Japanese-inspired percussion, and of course, the shockingly magnificent anime coupled with a rush from using the satellite TV at forbidden hours, carved an enormous first impression on the teenager who would later become Greencross.

It‘s March 2011 and Ken Ishii is about to publish ‚Pounding Out‘ on Angel Alanis‘ label, Slap Jaxx. A few months earlier, Angel had asked Greencross to remix ‚Pounding Out‘ and included this remix on the release, unknowingly helping Greencross to achieve a goal he set at the beginning of his career.

Now, after several appearances on Different Is Different Records, Ken Ishii teams up with Greencross and seals a collaborative release where each producer convey their vision of techno as a single original track, and each producer remixes the other‘s original track for a total of four techno cuts, in ‚Collusion 33‘.

Artist: Emika, Horace Andy
Album: Transcended Before Me
Label: Emika Records
Release date: 26 March 2021
Format: Digital


  1. Transcended Before Me

About the release

Emika will this year mark the tenth anniversary of her debut self-titled album. A new body of work titled Vega will be unveiled throughout the year, comprising a trilogy of three collections of songs. This will feature some reimagined versions of classic tracks from her Ninja Tune catalogue, including ‘Professional Loving’ (which was sampled by The Weeknd on his track «Professional»). Vega will also showcase new material including collaborations with Horace Andy (Massive Attack), Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit), and techno behemoth Rødhåd

Brand new track «Transcended Before Me» featuring Horace Andy takes us deep into her universe. Icey, blue, dreamy, hypnotic, the song features soul singer Horace Andy who sings from his heart about how «the things you love the best, never ever stay, you try to hold onto it, it slips away…» Emika’s repetitive «come, come, come» sonic hook guides us through and epic journey of transcendental woosh sounds, Beethoven-esque piano bass stabs, symphonic synth harmony, and in unforgettable marching beat and puts hip-hop, trip-hop and techno into a new dimension. 

Emika produced, wrote and mixed the music from her studio in Berlin in 2020. The lyrics and vocals of Horace Andy were created by him and recorded in Jamaica. 

 If you’d like to become a Patron of Emika’s work please join directly here: 
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Artista: Oliver Deutschmann / La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard
Album: The Grace – GEGEN002
Label: Gegen Records
Fecha de lanzamiento: 22 enero 2021
A la venta en Bandcamp
Formato: 12” Vinyl / Digital


A1. Oliver Deutschmann – Wach
A2. Oliver Deutschmann – Wach (Mar/us Remix)
B1. La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard – Roadkill
B2. La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard – Roadkill (WarinD Remix)

Con el segundo lanzamiento en vinilo de su nueva aventura como sello discográfico, Gegen muestra dos elementos básicos de la escena club de Berlín. En la cara A, un DJ habitual de Berghain, el aclamado productor y fundador de múltiples sellos Oliver Deutschmann trae su sonido característico de hipnótico techno para una gran de sala grande en plan ‘8 de la mañana un domingo. «Wach» (despierto en alemán) tiene el tipo de sonido que se basa en capas sobre capas de bombos diseñados.

En la cara B con «Roadkill», los propios residentes de Gegen, La Fraicheur y Leonard de Leonard crean un track con bastante mala leche que incluye una curiosa combinación de sintetizadores sucios y arenosos con diseño de sonido espacioso que te hace preguntarte si no te han lanzado por un lateral de la Via Lactea desde una vieja y ruidosa nave espacial en sus últimas horas.

En el campo de los remixes, Gegen juegao con sus raíces italianas selecionando a dos recién llegados: Mar / us y WarinD. Haciendo su debut como productor con este remix, Mar / us, otro residente de Gegen, llega fuerte con un un track que rezuma influencias de los 90 y cuya melancolía se equilibra con un ritmo marcial. En cuanto a WarinD, le da la vuelta al original por completo y cambia esa mala leche por adornos de sintetizadores disonantes etéreos y nuevas voces.

Gegen Berlín es un proyecto de política querer que incluye una serie de fiestas y sello discográfico, nacido para promocionar la visión de crear un entorno seguro de diversidad y tolerancia en la industria musical. Con base en el mítico KitKatClub y con un montón de colaboraciones internacionales, el colectivo ha estado ejerciendo presión temas de género y diversidad desde hace 10 años.

Artista: Christopher Bissonnette
Album: Wayfinding
Label: 12k
Fecha de lanzamiento: 18 septiembre 2020
Formato: Vinilo


  1. Overture
  2. Plea
  3. Suffering
  4. Thoughts
  5. Omission
  6. Accumulation
  7. Response
  8. Consequence

Wayfinding es el sexto álbum de estudio en solitario de Christopher Bissonnette y el primero, se espera que de muchos más, en el sello 12k. Este disco encarna una evolución en su trabajo, pasando de una series de exploraciones basadas exclusivamente en sintetizadores, a una amalgama de métodos acústicos y electrónicos. Cada pista busca encontrar grandeza en una escala diminuta.

El enfoque de Bissonnette ha cambiado desde arrolladores drones pastorales hasta pasajes introspectivos con melodía delicada y armonías esquivas entrelazadas con grabaciones de campo y de estudio. Esta escala de minutos también se refleja en un serie fotográfica que estudia el paisaje doméstico del hogar. La secuencia de imágenes transforma la banalidad y insignificancia del interior familiar en vistas expansivas y panoramas bucólicos. Wayfinding es el disco más íntimo de Bissonnette y el más vaporoso trabajo hasta la fecha, ejecutado con hermosa moderación.

Artista: Saito
Album: Downfall
Label: Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux
Fecha de lanzamiento: 26 de junio 2020


  1. Pitfalls
  2. Dismantling
  3. Process
  4. Red Hammer
  5. Nucleosome
  6. Surveillance
  7. Unexploded Ordnance
  8. Sonar Echo
  9. Graves of Pollutant
  10. Magnesium Alloy
  11. Zero Gravity
  12. Confession of a Mask

‘Downfall’ es el primer álbum bajo el nombre de Saito creado por Lena Saito, también conocida como Galcid. Ha sido producido por Hisashi Saito, un gurú del sintetizador analógico y esposo de Lena. Descendiente de una destacada estirpe de herreros japoneses, el sonido industrial del acero se incrusta en el ADN de Lena y se refleja en su música. Sin embargo, también hay tonos refinados e hipnóticos que muestran un lado más delicado.

La música del álbum en sí no está pautada y es predominantemente improvisada, igual que las palabras y voces. A veces las máquinas responden como a través de telequinesis, emitiendo un sonidos que se pueden clasificar en algún lugar entre la música de baile experimental y algo que posiblemente tenga más sentido para las mentes iluminadas, como un nuevo ejemplo de Ultra Black of Music.

El álbum es un buen ejemplo de ritmos inquietantes y un esfuerzo de hacer no-música armada con inventiva y experimentación al 100%. Nos cuentan que debemos entenderlo como un bestiario conceptual sobre lo geo-político, económico, estético, cosmológico y la problemática social de nuestro tiempo. En este contexto, ‘Downfall’ especula sobre múltiples formas en las que el objetivo, mundos sonoros inhumanos que rugen debajo del aparato sensitivo de los humanos, impregna y coloniza suavemente nuestro alien-humanoide.

Artista: The Transcendence Orchestra
Album: Feeling The Spirit
Label: Editions Mego
Fecha de lanzamiento: 29 de mayo 2020 (digital), mediados de julio (físico)
Formato: 2CD / 2LP / Digital


  1. Hinge Caterpillar
  2. Imagine a Mountain Named after a Hospital
  3. But Said in My Head, not Out Loud (Comment Made)
  4. The Golden Jaws of the Celestial Vice
  5. Nothing is Real (Slight Return)
  6. The Goose and the Wren
  7. Overview Effect
  8. Humans as Vessels for a Suite of Corporate Dream Delivery Services
  9. Nothing is Real

En el proceso de reubicación a los estudios Willem Twee en Den Bosch (Holanda), The Transcendence Orchestra (Surgeon y Daniel Bean ) dejaron que el amor se deslizara hábilmente por su puerta y reverbera alrededor de las paredes de la sala principal del estudio, un techo alto en una antigua sinagoga en el casco antiguo de la ciudad.

Trabajando intensamente para capturar sus ecos, indujeron a ese amor para que se deslizara por tuberías y cuerdas a través de circuitos resonantes, pasándolo por la habitación con batidores, bocinas y sonajeros.

Al regresar a casa con las grabaciones, comenzó a surgir un propósito. A través de un proceso de reconfiguración y exhaustivas pruebas, quedó muy claro que ese amor contenido en su interior podría transformar la percepción. Bajo la circunstancias correctas, y acompañado de la tecnología adecuada, podría ser utilizado como un mapa para navegar principios y finales. Como un lejano
canto fascinante o una canción popular psicodélica, podría conectarnos, ayudarnos superar los límites y sobrevivir. Quizás no intactos, pero al menos enteros.

‘Feeling the Spirit’ es el mapa, el amor empapado diligentemente en sus líneas, listo para guiar a aquellos perdidos o tranquilizar a aquellos dispuestos a explorar.

Artista: Arnaud Rebotini
Álbum: This Is a Quarantine
Label: Blackstrobe Records
Fecha de lanzamiento: 20 marzo 2020
Escúchalo en Spotify


Lo último de Arnaud Rebotini no puede ser más contemporáneo. Su serie de EPs [This Is a Quarantine] representa uno de los primeros álbumes concebidos, grabados, editados y publicados íntegramente durante la crisis de la Covid-19. Música de la nueva era, fruto de la distopía que nos toca vivir.

La Covid-19 es el centro del universo estos días. Todos hemos experimentado en primera persona lo extraño que resulta, lo traumática que parece, lo inaudita que es. Ha hecho sombra a cualquier otro tema de conversación, acaparando todos los titulares, hasta saturar nuestra capacidad de ordenar los recortes de prensa para reconstruir su historia.

Da la sensación que hubiesen pasado siglos desde aquel instante en que nos mandaron permanecer en casa; pero, si haces un pequeño esfuerzo, te situarás en el contexto adecuado. Esos días, las interminables jornadas de teletrabajo o el cuidado de menores daban igual: de pronto, todo el mundo se había quedado sin tareas que hacer. Nos lanzamos en masa a buscar alternativas que nos mantuvieran ocupados. Entonces se extendieron las clases de cocina online, viralizaron los challenges de deporte doméstico, surgieron los cantantes en los balcones y proliferaron las sesiones de DJ en streaming. De repente, todo el mundo parecía desesperado por reponerse de la distancia social con una generosidad nunca vista y arrimar el hombro para un bienestar común.

Para un músico, el encierro en casa o en el estudio (ambas cosas acaban siendo la misma) no es nada del otro mundo. Que se cancelen sus bolos sí que puede resultarle trágico, pero seguro que el rato que pase enjaulado no se aburrirá. Aunque la angustia y las preocupaciones no sean las mejores musas, el retiro siempre resulta propicio para la creatividad.

Arnaud Rebotini ha mantenido una actividad frenética en plena cuarentena. A los tres días de encierro, el artista francés anunció que se había propuesto lanzar cada viernes de confinamiento un tema nuevo, y logró mantener su promesa. Aunque la cosa llegó aún más lejos. Cada track fue ilustrado por su correspondiente clip, realizado por los creadores Thomas Bernon y Franck Podgusze, con la colaboración del Instituto Nacional del Audiovisual francés, que ha dejado sus archivos históricos a su libre disposición.

Cada tema de [This Is a Quarantine] fue compartido luego con otros artistas para que lo remezclasen. Rebotini tiró de agenda hasta conseguir involucrar a 24 amigos en su proyecto. Finalmente, han participado perfiles tan heterogéneos como Christian Zanesi, Phase Fatale, Leonie Pernet, Fabrizio Rat, Étienne Jaumet, Djedjotronic o Miss Kittin y The Hacker, abordando la idea central desde diversas sensibilidades. Por supuesto, todos ellos han colaborado a distancia. El resultado final es una colección de 8 EPs con casi 3 horas de música trepidante.

Por si toda esta entrega pudiera parecer poca, Rebotini está siendo muy dinámico en las plataformas digitales, adherido a la iniciativa United We Stream, en colaboración con el canal arte, para salvar la escena clubbing de las capitales europeas. O su actuación virtual en la plataforma Shotgun Disdancing, donde atendió las consultas del público por vídeo chat. Casi a diario podemos verlo en directo desde su casa, rodeado de su colección de teclados, con su aspecto de sicario con quien nadie en su sano juicio querría tener deudas.

Como los aplausos desde los balcones, [This Is a Quarantine] rinde homenaje a las profesiones esenciales durante el confinamiento. Esos que han mantenido viva la sociedad para que el resto pudiera permanecer en casa tranquilos, asegurando los suministros esenciales, los servicios básicos, jugándose el tipo en primera línea de riesgo. Desde los reponedores y cajeras de supermercado, pasando por equipos de limpieza, hasta alcanzar a los sanitarios. De todos modos, no nos encantemos con eso, ya que la verdadera debilidad de Rebotini es el ritmo metálico de la factoría, el lado duro y pesado de la cadena de producción.

¿Y a qué suena, en definitiva, la música de los nuevos tiempos? ¿Es acaso una sinfonía melancólica que añora tiempos pasados que no volverán? ¿O es el himno de la lucha en una reconversión industrial, que vocean los obreros al quemar neumáticos en la entrada al polígono? ¿O es la banda sonora de un documental (por cierto, Rebotini las ha compuesto espléndidas, y tiene un Premio Cesar por la música del film «120 Battements Par Minute») sobre un mundo irreconocible que se apaga poco a poco? ¡Pues va a ser que no! Su versión del presente es un trallazo techno para desentumecer los huesos y hacernos saltar agitando los brazos. El vivo deseo de saltar por la ventana y dominar el espacio público. Una inyección de adrenalina para despertarnos de la vida sedentaria e insuflarnos, de nuevo, la esperanza en la interacción social.

Entonces Monsieur Rebotini, ¿quiere usted decir que volveremos a bailar?

Por Emilio Ferrer

Dentro de tres semanas –siendo exactos el próximo 12 de junio- verá por fin la luz el nuevo álbum del beatmaker y productor francés The Architect (componente además de los proyectos L’Entourloop y Bloc). El nuevo disco, que cogerá el relevo de aquel “Foundations” de 2013 y algún que otro EP, llevará por título “Une plage sur la lune” (X-Ray Production). Antes de que esto suceda se nos ha desvelado un último avance: “Watch Me Dance”, canción que es todo un abanico de curiosidades.

El sonido propuesto por The Architect es un peregrinaje creativo e impuro a través de los beats, la electrónica, el mestizaje global y otros tantos estilos consolidados como el Hip Hop, Jazz, Electro, Soul o Funk. Nos topamos con un auténtico amante del vinilo. Un adicto a buscar y cazar rarezas. Un auténtico “digger” cuyas armas favoritas desde siempre han sido los tocadiscos. Un campo de recreo ideal para un beatmaker de lo más hiperactivo. Y expresivo. Perfectamente podríamos meterlo en el saco de artistas como DJ Shadow, The Herbaliser, Chinese Man o Cut Chemist.

Con la canción que nos acaba de descubrir, “Watch Me Dance”, el galo evoluciona en un terreno que ha decidido hacer suyo por completo: el sampleo. Un banquete sonoro donde se nos invita a viajar y a bailar. Se trata de una canción bastante desinhibida cuyo pilar es un cachito mágico de la banda de kabyle (rock argelino) de los años 80, Les Abranis. El resultado final es un delicioso revoltijo de hip hop, rock, Chaâbi y electro, todo bien dosificado por este ‘arquitecto’.

Por Hugo Moroder

Artista: Grischa Lichtenberger
Album: Kamilhan; il y a péril en la demeure
Label: raster – artistic platform
Fecha de lanzamiento: 8 de mayo 2020
Formato: CD / Vinilo doble limitado, serigrafía firmada a mano incluida.

Este disco es la conclusión de un ciclo de 5 partes del artista Grischa Lichtenberger que se inició con el álbum «LA DEMEURE; il y a péril en la demeure» en 2015 y continuó con el EP de 3 partes «Spielraum, Allgegenwart, Strahlung» en 2016.

En contraste con la primera parte de la serie, que trató de la intimidad de lo privado (la residencia, la demeure), Lichtenberger ahora se centra en la frase «il y a péril en la demeure». Esta frase se traduce literalmente como «existe un peligro en la residencia» (la demeure) o «el peligro es persistente, permanece» (demeurer). Lichtenberger está interesado en esta ambigüedad en relación con una metáfora del arte:

«De alguna manera, uno podría describir el arte como una condición patológica para aferrarse a un defecto comunicativo. A este respecto, el álbum trata sobre una crisis, sobre la imposibilidad de expresar lo indescriptible y, en su lugar, atarlo secretamente en un hilo paralelo que profundiza el relación con lo imposible».

Para Lichtenberger, el significado legal de la frase «il ya péril en la demeure» (en alemán «Gefahr im Verzug», en inglés «peligro inminente») describe una situación en la que una persona o autoridad se entromete en un espacio privado que está particularmente protegido contra el acceso para prevenir el peligro o asegurar la evidencia. Lichtenberger escribe: «En el arte, el público es algo que quizás podría describirse en términos legales como una transgresión legítima de responsabilidad: asegura y mantiene lo que se perdería porque el artista se ha enredado en él».

Esta ambivalencia está materializada estéticamente por material musical que, por un lado, parece medio salvaje y subversivo y por otro lado es estridente y alentador. La atención se centra en las canciones con voces generadas por computadora que cantan en un idioma incomprensible y fragmentado a partir de sílabas en inglés y vuelto a ensamblar en canciones pop crípticas. Lichtenberger las llama «baladas torcidas».

«En cierto modo, las pistas en ‘KAMILHAN; il ya péril en la demeure’ se entienden mejor como baladas torcidas. Son canciones que se atan intencionalmente a una repetición simbólica de estructuras clásicas de canciones pop. Buscan pasar de contrabando a los torcidos a las torcidas. Común y viceversa contrabandean la esperanza de reconocimiento y transferencia hacia lo torcido».

Independientemente de las reflexiones excesivas que son típicas de Lichtenberger, este álbum también logra llegar emocionalmente al oyente, con intimidad y sinceridad. «KAMILHAN; il y a péril en la demeure» se presentó como parte de raster. electric campfire en 2019.

Escucha el álbum en Spotify.

Artista: Niet!
Álbum: Humillación
Label: HyperSunday Records
Fecha de lanzamiento: 7 de mayo 2020

Zona de exclusión

Siempre he admirado el arte, con enorme respeto. Me parece una forma sublime de la creatividad, algo así como una virtud en los humanos heredada de los dioses. Aunque no todas las obras maestras que observo me despiertan esa sensación -que es subjetiva e impredecible-, como no todas las cosas que me emocionan conmueven a los demás.

La etiqueta de artista es una convención social, una guirnalda que el jurado de la industria de la cultura da a determinadas personas, facilitándoles dedicarse a crear obras a tiempo completo. “Persigue tus sueños” o “escucha a tu corazón” son consejos frecuentes en boca de artistas que sufrieron para alcanzar ese status y ahora fingen renegar de la fama. Puedes estar convencido de tu talento, creer en él incondicionalmente, pero eso no basta. Tu fe ciega no te garantiza el reconocimiento de los otros. Necesitas también ser obstinado, porque solo la tenacidad te permitirá atravesar ese muro de piedra con tu cuerpo.

Siempre he admirado la motivación de la creatividad genuina, que impulsa a la gente a buscar formas de expresión no convencionales, a bailar con los ojos cerrados, a componer en silencio, a producir artefactos únicos y personales, contra todo pronóstico, sin esperar otra recompensa que la fortuita conexión con alguien de sensibilidad similar, la ilusión de una persona desconocida a quien tocarle la fibra, con quien compadecerse, para apagar juntos la sensación de mutua soledad. Pienso en poetas malditos que no pueden parar de escribir, aun ahogados por el desánimo, guiados por una tenue corazonada de felicidad.

Niet! no es solo una artista auténtica -aunque alguna vez ella misma lo haya puesto en duda, como un explorador que, en un ataque de modestia, se considerara un simple turista-, también es una estrella por descubrir. En «Humillación», su tercer disco, se desnuda de una forma sin precedentes, con la mirada existencialista de quien todavía se pregunta cuál es su lugar en el mundo.

Enriquecer las melodías crudas con contenidos profundos tiene doble mérito, ya que los músicos no suelen ponerse a filosofar con las manos extendidas sobre el teclado de un sintetizador. Pese a todo esto, no es un álbum autobiográfico. No se recrea en recuerdos, sino en percepciones y sensibilidades, con un punto reflexivo, a mitad camino entre el desconcierto y la autoafirmación.

En los temas de “Humillación” la parte lírica gana protagonismo, es más significativa y menos ornamental. Cantar en su lengua materna -Niet! lo hace por primera vez- le permite perfilar las ideas con más definición, usando una línea sensible, ahora fina, ahora gruesa, trazada con la agilidad de un calígrafo japonés. Como una juguetona voz interior -canta, susurra, declama- que improvisa un monólogo introspectivo, Niet! divaga entre los sonidos atmosféricos, ensimismados, saltando de un pensamiento a otro, sin garantías de ser comprendidos o respaldados.

La belleza cotidiana de este disco es honesta. Tan oportuna, tan a tiempo, que puede hacerte creer llevar siglos esperándolo, como cuando te cruzas con una cara familiar en la multitud y ambos os miráis con reconocimiento.

Por Emilio Ferrer.

Artista: Bufi
EP: Ópala
Label: Depaart
Fecha de lanzamiento: 8 de mayo 2020
Formato: EP / Digital

La fama que persigue a una ciudad tan densamente poblada como Ciudad de México es, como poco, inquietante. Eso que estamos ante una de las urbes más poderosas de toda la América latina y, como bien sabremos, con una conexión constante con el país vecino Estados Unidos. Es curioso, por todo esto, que el batallador Mateo González aka Bufi (aka Theus Mago) haya decidido volcar en su nuevo lanzamiento discográfico uno de los géneros que más le apasionan, el Afro Beat con tendencia funk norteamericana y esa otra conexión tan particular suya, por la tradición cultural de sus antepasados.

Sonidos enigmáticos, bailables que también profundamente analógicos encontraremos en “Ópala”: un EP compuesto por tres originales (“Guoyoro” y “Cántaro”, además del que presta su título al disco) y una remezcla por una pareja tan vacilona como Fran Zaragoza y Guille (Easy Kid), esto es, Depaart. En definitiva, neo funk y electrónica de altos vuelos, donde no falta un notable germen étnico y el temperamento de los sonidos robóticos, noir-disco y early house. Todos ellos se mezclan sabiamente, a la vez que enriquecen cada corte del lanzamiento que, por cierto, verá la luz este próximo viernes 8 de mayo.

No nos marchamos sin apuntar antes que “Ópala” significará el resurgir de Depaart como sello discográfico. Apuntando más alto si cabe que hace unos años, apostando, como podremos ver en los próximos meses, por artistas de talante internacional. Hasta ahí nos dejan contar… Bueno sí, una cosa más, que tiene que ver con la faceta fiestera y promotora de Depaart. Como os podréis imaginar, por el dichoso bicho, los chicos tienen todos los bolos en suspenso, así como las dos fiestas que suelen hacer para liarla parda en Madrid: Fluido y Tortilla. Aunque son jornadas duras, con la sangre y el vibe que corre por ellos estamos seguros que cuando se pueda regresar, darán el mordisco para hacerlo a lo grande.

Por Hugo Moroder

Artista: Emika
Single: Sleep In The Day
Label: Improvisations X Inspirations 
Fecha de lanzamiento: 1 de mayo 2020
Formato: Single Song / Digital
Press shot: Sven Marquardt

¿Qué mejor manera para dar una buena noticia que acompañarla con un regalo bonito? Esa es la propuesta de Emika, que anuncia la creación de un nuevo sello colaborativo, “Improvisations X Inspirations”, inaugurado con un nuevo tema que lanzará el próximo 1 de mayo.

«Sleep In The Day» es una hermosa canción que se eleva a un nivel casi espiritual. Minimalista, sobria en arreglos, atravesada por una voz delicada y emocionante, marca un nuevo estado de crecimiento para la artista. Emika, puente de encuentro entre la música clásica y la electrónica, siempre ha entendido la creación como una terapia. Componer música es una forma de restablecer la cara amable de la vida. La bellísima «Sleep In The Day» trae esperanza, más oportuna que nuca, en tiempos de incertidumbre.

El tema fue grabado a principios de este año con Jim Barr (bajista de Portishead) en su estudio de Bristol. Juntos realizaron unas sesiones de improvisación, utilizando el estudio como un lugar inspirador donde crear libremente, más que como mero espacio técnico para registrar la música ya decidida.

Ese mismo ambiente de trabajo es el que espera ofrecer Emika a otros artistas en su nuevo sello colaborativo. Un espacio donde tendrán la oportunidad de modificar el proceso de creación del álbum a su antojo, quitando pautas preconcebidas, para que afloren las emociones desnudas de los momentos más inspirados.

Emika es una artista sensible y valiente, que siempre ha aceptado los desafíos del cambio con enorme creatividad y predispuesta a la transformación. Una actitud similar a la de otros artistas con los que conecta para trabajar en el nuevo sello.

«Siento que quizás solo tiene sentido compartir una canción hermosa en este momento y sea el primer paso en mi viaje con este nuevo proyecto. Estoy ansiosa por lanzar música de los otros artistas que me inspiran mucho y ver cómo todo esto comenzará a tomar una nueva forma»

Improvisations X Inspirations · Sleep In The Day (Short clip)

Fernando Lagreca "Infamous" cover

Artista: Fernando Lagreca
Título: Infamous
Label: Beautiful Accident
Formato: LP, digital
Fecha de lanzamiento: 17 de abril, 2020
Género: electrónica, synthdisco, urban, techno


  1. Creation
  2. Galactic
  3. Dissociation (feat. Chantelle R)
  4. Again
  5. Rogue Planet (feat. Chantelle R)
  6. Dark Net
  7. Tears Of The Future
  8. Broken (feat. B. Dopran)
  9. Lone Condition
  10. Jail Of Dreams (feat. Kamal Imani)
  11. Maybe I Haven’t Done Enough
  12. Infamous

Qué sería de todos nosotros sin enchufarnos todos los días a la música. Son legiones los que como nosotros, la respiran y exhalan. Porque aunque unos pocos enchaquetados sigan escurriendo el bulto, es una constante vital. La cultura en general se ha convertido en estas semanas de excepcionalidad como un islote, una salvación indispensable a la que agarrarse. Dicho esto, y prometiendo una enorme evasión, vamos con el recientemente publicado nuevo largo de Fernando Lagreca. Este señor que es un todoterreno de la escena musical, ha construido bajo el título de “Infamous”, su obra más osada y ecléctica hasta la fecha. Este Jabato uruguayo (igual, y ya que estamos, Fernando sería un poco más Taurus) se ha sacudido con total libertad y como perrete secándose al salir del agua, todos los estilos musicales (electrónicos) que le hicieron cosquilla en los últimos tiempos…

En este periplo sonoro hacia territorios vibrantes, clásicos, pero también actuales, nos toparemos con un Fernando Lagreca bastante encariñado con los ritmos rotos de tinte urbano, así como piezas donde muta el R&B ¿Y esto cómo se come? Pues sin tenedor, mejor con los oídos después de darle al play. El primer single adelanto del LP –por cierto, ya lo podemos pillar en vinilo visitando el Bandcamp de Beautiful Accident– arde en deseo asociándose con una vocalista la mar de descarada y efectiva (Chantelle R.) y sonoridades callejeras que se ven incluso potenciadas en su vídeo-clip. Os hablo de “Dissociation” donde se homenajea la escena dancehall asiática. Con otros sencillos como “Broken” (con B. Dopran) o “Jail Of Dreams” (con Kamal Imani) vuelve a sorprendernos con ese ramalazo urbano, esta vez en formato modern soul beat y rapero. Siguiendo la senda de los beats con hormigueo está “Rogue Planet” donde el productor nos demuestra su querencia por artistas de la talla de Goldie o Roni Size, y aquel fructífero drum’n’bass que se marcaban hace unos años atrás.

Pero en este nuevo álbum tampoco iban a caer en saco roto la esencia de anteriores discos como “Control” (2014) o “Childhood is All We Have” (2012). Arpegios flotantes y vapores sintéticos de los que calan hondo: “Tears Of The Future” o “Maybe I Havent Done Enough” son dos buenos ejemplos. Tampoco se queda muy atrás “Infamous”, esta vez defendido por unos broken beats muy noventeros. En la onda The Future Sound of London o Way Out West.

Finalmente, y no menos importante por eso, su alianza con la síntesis analógica y los BPMs bailongos también tienen su sitio. Techno y synthdisco –“Lone Condition” es fascinante- casi siempre hilvanado con hilos muy melódicos. Es aquí cuando nos encontramos al Fernando Lagreca de los últimos cinco años, el cual ha estado publicando singles y EPs en sellos volcados con el sonido clubbing. Natura Viva, Lost On You, Chrom o Solar Distance entre otros.  Es también como solemos verle últimamente cuando defiende uno de sus directos. Otro agua donde es todo un pececillo.

Por Hugo Moroder

Cover 'Chapter Four' de OMEGA dB

Artista: OMEGA dB
Album: Chapter Four
Label: CremaCaffe Records
Masterizado por Javier Pérez Rodríguez (Resonance)
Fecha de lanzamiento: 23 de abril 2020


  • Bird Flight
  • Hope Is A Waking Dream
  • The Smell Of Rain
  • The Wind Whispers
  • No Going Back
  • Between The Clouds (interlude)
  • The Rising
  • Redemption

La nostalgia es un lugar peligroso. Un cuarto cálido, mullido e insonorizado donde es fácil dormirse. Es fácil acurrucarse para mirar adentro y mirar atrás, en los recuerdos complacientes de las cosas que nos construyeron tal cual somos ahora. Acariciar los objetos que nos emocionaron, como un caballito tallado en madera escondido en la ceniza de un alto horno.

La evocación es un ejercicio de aprendizaje. Miles de horas dedicadas a adiestrar nuestras capacidades en el simulador de vuelo, a acoplar el módulo espacial con la destreza de Cooper mientras gira en un endiablado torbellino centrífugo. Las valiosas horas frente a la pantalla, visualizando películas que nos enseñaron a vivir y a comportarnos, que despertaron sentimientos desconocidos en el fondo de nuestra personalidad y activaron nuestras neuronas espejo.

Recorrer la evocación desde la nostalgia debe conducir ineludiblemente al homenaje. El homenaje es el noble obsequio que rendimos a nuestros maestros, nuestros padres fundadores. Ese es el viaje emocional que condujo a OMEGA dB hasta “Chapter Four”, su tributo personal a Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Hans Zimmer o Wendy Carlos. Esas bandas sonoras que admira, que componen un legado del que se siente orgulloso y tan celosamente protege, como la memoria de HAL 9000 mientras canta Daisy, Daisy.

Retrato de OMEGA dB

Foto: Sergi Iracheta

Nightcrawler 'Visionary' cover

Título: Visionary
Label: Nightcrawler Music
Formato: Digital, CD, LP
Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 de marzo 2020
Género: Synthwave, Synthpop, Darkwave


  • Visionary
  • Gain Theraphy
  • Enfer
  • Nemesis
  • Vanished
  • Hellgate
  • Catharsis
  • Gehenna
  • Depressive Ghosts
  • Limbo

El lanzamiento de ‘Visionary’ en medio de unas circunstancias excepcionales como es una crisis sanitaria mundial de consecuencias imprevisibles, se presenta como una nueva etapa para Nightcrawler. El productor afincado el Lleida deja que el synthwave, sonido habitual en sus creaciones anteriores, pase a ser un estilo más en sus inquietudes creativas actuales, claramente influenciadas por la electrónica de club, el synthpop o el darkwave.

Este álbum, menos cinéfilo y con una producción más arriesgada y experimental. supone una evolución en el sonido de Nightcrawler. Está cargado de ritmos electrónicos, líneas de bajo, momentos de tensión, oscuridad sonora y una atmósfera general bastante inquietante.

“Visionary” se ha creado con colaboraciones nacionales e internacionales como Maxthor, músico y productor de Alicante, Celine, cantante francesa afincada en San Francisco, Sonja, cantante de la banda de synhtpop Oblique de Barcelona y Damasius Venys, responsable del proyecto Mental Exile, con base en Ketsch (Alemania).

La producción del disco se ha desarrollado en Lleida, base de operaciones de Nightcrawler y ha sido mezclado y masterizado en Alicante por Maxthor. La edición digital y en CD se han publicado por Nightcrawler Music, el propio sello del artista y la edición del vinilo será editada por el sello Electric Dream Records con sede en Chicago (USA).

Ordinal y literal

“Alphabet” no es el primer encuentro de estos dos artistas multidisciplinares. Alva Noto (fundamentalmente músico) y Anne-James Chaton (fundamentalmente poeta) han coincidido en varias ocasiones desde la publicación del álbum “Univrs” en 2011. La voz hierática de Chaton, recitando en francés con la frialdad de un sistema operativo, encaja a la perfección en la brillante oscuridad digital de Carsten Nicolai y su predisposición a las colaboraciones (desde Blixa Bargeld a Ryuichi Sakamoto, pasando por Byetone).

Tomando como pretexto “Las Etimologías” de San Isidoro de Sevilla (una obra de época visigoda -nada más y nada menos- que propone los juegos etimológicos a partir de las palabras como forma de aprendizaje) ambos creadores han ideado una tabla periódica musical, cantada como un mantra hipnótico vacío de emociones, como un estudiante castigado a repetir y memorizar una lista interminable de factores variables.

Para Chaton y Alva Noto el contraste entre lo orgánico y lo sintético es un tema recurrente. En “Alphabet», la voz humana es sometida a un proceso de despersonalización que deshace su visión subjetiva del mundo, en favor de una objetividad completa. Podrían haber usado voces genuinamente sintéticas, o valerse de vocoders para deshumanizarlas todavía más, pero eso habría desviado el foco de atención. Si la lengua francesa cantada siempre nos resulta sugerente, aquí es relegada a la función de un simple soporte técnico, despojada de su sensualidad de una manera perversa.

Más allá de la fascinación kraftwerkiana por un futuro donde los humanos derivan en robots, “Alphabet” explora los contenidos de esa transformación, ahondando en la materia del símbolo. Su lírica está en el concepto abstracto de la palabra, tanto como en el código binario que la representa. Las enumeraciones de Chaton son poéticamente desapasionadas, como las conjugaciones de los tiempos verbales, las declinaciones en latín, las tablas de multiplicar, las referencias de los coches patrulla en la radio de la Policía, o las jugadas de ajedrez. Su belleza reside en su falta de humanidad.

En lugar de interpretar “Alphabet” como una inteligencia artificial fascinada al escucharse a sí misma articulando sílabas por primera vez, quizás deberíamos imaginarnos a un explorador alienígena entrenándose para una misión de reconocimiento en Quebec, recitando en voz alta fórmulas para interactuar con los lugareños sin levantar sospechas.

Gareth Davis & Scanner
"Footfalls" cover

Artista: Gareth Davis & Scanner
Título: Footfalls
Label: Miasmah Recordings
Formato: LP/DL
Fecha de lanzamiento: 1 de noviembre 2019
Género: ambient, experimental


  • A1 Towards The Door
  • B1 Smokefall

Ambos creadores, conocidos por sus trabajos en música electrónica y experimentación con clarinete, se han unido para crear este sugestivo viaje sonoro: «Footfalls».

Aquí convergen dos líneas que aparentemente dibujan diferentes lados de un mismo espacio desolado en la costa. Un escenario sonoro inspirado libremente por el poeta T. S. Elliot y el novelista Samuel Beckett.

En «Towars the door «, el clarinete bajo de Gareth Davis suspira lentas notas onduladas que se fusionan con la textura electrónica a modo de la réplica de un dueto. En un punto del camino, el sintetizador de Robin Rimbaud irrumpe armónicamente, a lo Blade Runner, y desparece tan abruptamente como llegó, dejando ondas de oscilación y sonido de olas. El track completo hace un círculo completo y concluye en el mismo punto en que comenzó.

«Smokefall» comienza con las palabras «Invisible choirs», sutilmente recitada por una voz femenina, entre una conversación distante y borrosa, al tiempo que el sonido trama texturas que conducen a un ritmo constante de LFO. Humo, agua y metal son absorbidos en un pasaje bucólico, acompañados por largos tonos de clarinete. La pieza crece y se expande más y más, hasta alcanzar un estado de noise armónico y estático que llega a todas las partes de tu cuerpo. Ambos artistas se complementan en choques de electrónica mientras el sintetizador Kilpatrick Phenol de Rimbaud eleva el sonido con pulsaciones y una línea de bajo repetitiva. Sin duda, «Smokefall» logra hacerte sentir un vértigo maravilloso, que reverbera en tu cabeza después de haber terminado.

«Footfalls» es un bellísimo viaje de euforia, nacido del encuentro de dos artistas con una visión común, para entregarnos dos delicadas piezas electroacústicas de elegante perfección.

Yann Novak
"Slowly Dismantling" cover

Artista: Yann Novak
Título: Slowly Dismantling
Label: Room40
Formato: CD/DL
Fecha de lanzamiento: 1 de noviembre 2019
Género: ambient


  • All Things End, Sometimes in Fire
  • Accumulation
  • We All Disappear
  • The Metaphor of Party
  • Again and Again Until We Feel Nothing

Con Slowly Dismantling, el artista con sede en Los Ángeles Yann Novak hace frente a la problemática de cómo suele entenderse la música ambient: algo que siempre es homogéneo y estático. Así pues, Slowly Dismantling deconstruye el ambient, alejándolo de lo blanco y lo atmosférico.

Reflexionando sobre sus experiencias formativas como joven homosexual en América central, explora la idea de estos espacios acústicos y sociales como zonas de liberación en las que se forma un espectro de identidad. Crea una serie de densos campos sonoros que reflejan cómo se puede decodificar y utilizar el pasado como un dispositivo para contextualizar el futuro.

Yann Novak
"Slowly Dismantling" portrait

Unas palabras de Yann Novak:

La portada de Slowly Dismantling muestra los restos de Hotel Washington, hogar de la comunidad LGBTQ + en mi ciudad natal de Madison (Wisconsin), desde los años 70 hasta que se quemó en 1996. El edifico albergaba un restaurante, una barbería, una cafetería y varios bares gay que sirvieron como espacio de reunión para la comunidad. Yo tenía 17 años cuando el hotel se incendió y solo había ido al café un par de veces. Para mí, lo que esperaba que fuera el lugar formativo en el que explorar mi nueva identidad queer, se perdió repentinamente en el pasado, y me preguntaba cómo habría influido ese espacio en mí.

Lo que permaneció en Madison después del incendio fue solo la versión mainstream de la cultura gay. El expresivo campo del culto al cine clásico, los shows de drags y las citas de la cultura pop eran el idioma, y yo no lo hablaba. El arte y la música a menudo se identifican como «queer» cuando comparten esa misma estética y personajes estereotipados. Conceptos que se han vuelto aceptables formas de expresar lo queer dentro del heteropatriarcado y su mirada capitalista. Esto me enseñó que, aunque yo era marica, lo que estaba haciendo no lo era.

Esto me llevó a retirarme; la alienación que vino con mi introversión me dificultó ocupar un espacio en el mundo. Al tiempo que mi trabajo como artista y compositor progresaba, esta falta de confianza comenzó a ser parte de mi práctica. Comencé a utilizar grabaciones de campo como una manera de limitar mi toma de decisiones. Podía moldear y moldear este material hasta cierto punto, pero siempre había una estructura externa. Aunque esto me permitió crear trabajo que era autobiográfico, nunca tuve el control real de lo que estaba haciendo. Por este motivo nunca era realmente visible en mis creaciones.

Todo esto cambió después de una experiencia transformadora en un encuentro queer de música en la primavera de 2019. Finalmente estaba inmerso en una comunidad queer que existía fuera de todas las culturas dominantes y me permitía sentirme visto como marica sin ninguna de las deficiencias que la cultura mainstream me hacía creer. La aceptación y sentido de comunidad que encontré allí me mostraron la importancia de identificar mi trabajo como queer (incluso si no recoge ninguno de los dictados con las que la cultura mainstream se sentiría cómoda) con el fin de hacer visible otra versión de lo queer.

El proceso creativo mientras trabajaba en Slowly Dismantling se convirtió en una liberación y una reinterpretación de mi mismo. Me ha permitido despojarme de mis inseguridades y rutinas fundamentando mi trabajo fuera de mí mismo. Elijo utilizar síntesis digital y analógica, grabada en mi estudio de Los Ángeles y reproceso grabaciones capturadas en MESS de Melbourne y EMS de Estocolmo. Utilizar síntesis pura me ha permitido tomar decisiones totalmente propias y, de ese modo, presentar un álbum que es más personal y honesto que ninguno antes.

Slowly Dismantling se presenta como un recordatorio de que nada es estático; el mundo cambia constantemente, igual que nuestras identidades. Es una invitación a explorar otros modos de conciencia y el yo. Y son estos cambios constantes los que hacen posible la liberación.

Portada del álbum "Magdalene" de FKA twigs.

La dura caricia

Sentimos debilidad por los artistas incatalogables, esos que forman universos propios, con sus propias estrellas, que nos alumbran en la oscuridad del espacio desconocido al que nos conducen.

FKA twigs pertenece a esta estirpe de rara avis. Una visión tan hermosa, tan extraordinaria y controvertida que no sabemos qué hacer con ella. Cuando en 2014 irrumpió en la escena internacional con su primer álbum, “LP1”, nos dejó tan deslumbrados que decidimos interpretar nuestro entusiasmo como una percepción sobrevalorada. ¿Cómo pronunciarse ante algo tan pretencioso e insostenible?

Cinco años después de aquello, “Magdalene” no pincha la burbuja en absoluto, al contrario, la amplía, la emperifolla y la afianza. Parte del mérito puede corresponderle a Nicolas Jaar, productor de cinco de los nueve temas del álbum, que ha sabido poner su sensibilidad al servicio del proyecto sin dejar una huella evidente. No así Skrillex, productor de otras dos pistas, que sí se deja notar.

Como muchas otras grandes obras, esta música es fruto del dolor. “El proceso de crear este álbum me ha permitido por primera vez, y de la manera más real, encontrar compasión cuando me encontraba en mi momento más ingrato, confuso y fracturado”.

La violenta belleza de este disco es insoportable. “Magdalene” es un castillo plagado de cámaras y pasadizos, un misterio interminable, imposible de resolver. Da igual las veces que lo escuches, cada vez aparecen estancias nuevas, torres nuevas, explanadas escondidas, jardines y más jardines, hasta dejarte sin aliento. .

En “Magdalene” la música es aglutinada por la voz, y no al revés. La exuberancia de matices vocales, de un colorido inabarcable, cose y aprieta las incontables capas de preciosos arreglos, sobre el lienzo blanco de la melodía que le da soporte. El resultado es una filigrana dramática, donde conviven Bella y Bestia, sin sensación de conflicto. Hechas un ovillo, la ternura y la virtud duermen acostadas con el miedo y el espanto. Hermosos narcisos florecen, crecen como árboles, para volverse a mirar al suelo y relamerse sus estambres de plantas carnívoras.

Fotografía: Joséphine Michel
Música: Mika Vainio
Texto: Jeremy Millar
Dirección de arte: Jon Wozencroft
Formato: libro de 100 páginas más un cd (no disponible como descarga digital)
Fecha de lanzamiento: 1 de noviembre de 2019
Masterizado por: Russell Haswell
Publicado por: Touch Music / Fairwood Music UK Ltd.
Grabado en directo en el festival ContraPop, Ramsgate (Reino Unido) el 21 de agosto de 2016
Disponible en Bandcamp aquí.


  • Mika Vainio – Live at Contra Pop, Ramsgate 57:27

The Heat Equation es un libro de 100 páginas más un cd que muestra nuevo trabajo fotográfico de Joséphine Michel junto a una grabación en vivo de la actuación final de Mika Vainio en ContraPop Festival (Reino Unido), con todo el material nuevo que iba a ser publicado en un CD en solitario para el sello Touch.

Después de su colaboración anterior en Halfway to White (Touch # FOLIO 001, 2015), Michel y Vainio habían planeado una segunda producción, y en marzo de 2017, Michel visitó a Vainio en Oslo para mostrarle los primeros ejemplos de las fotografías que había estado tomando para este propósito. Incluido en el libro, como una postal, está el tierno retrato de Mika Vainio que Michel le hizo en esa reunión.

Poco antes de la prematura muerte de Mika en abril de 2017, el proyecto dio un giro inesperado. Las grabaciones para el nuevo álbum de Touch estaban a punto de finalizar, pero su secuenciador se rompió y el proyecto necesitaba reiniciarse. La colaboración se convirtió en una exploración complementaria entre las fotografías casi científicas y líricas de Michel, la percepción de un mundo al borde del descubrimiento, ya sea nacido de la física, la medicina o los viajes espaciales, y el legado de la visión musical de Vainio, con su vasto imaginario de la materia, y su tensión entre el calor y la precisión helada.

Las fotografías y la música interactúan a través de una variedad de ambientes, donde el microcosmos y el macrocosmos, lo animado y lo inanimado, lo telúrico y lo cósmico coexisten. Y, a veces, se fusionan.

En agosto de 2016, Vainio realizó un set absolutamente deslumbrante en el festival bianual Contra Pop en Ramsgate (Reino Unido) que se grabó para el siguiente CD recopilatorio anual del festival. Sin embargo, no fue hasta junio de 2018 que los organizadores del festival se pusieron en contacto con Touch para presentarles la idea de una compilación. En ese momento, casi milagrosamente, todo encajó. El contrapunto de Vainio al trabajo de Michel se materializó en la forma de esta grabación en vivo del festival. Masterizada por Russell Haswell, la nueva música de Mika Vainio tiene el mismo sonido como todo lo que publicó en vida.

The Heat Equation está encuadernado en una cubierta de lino con aluminio y la fotografía de Michel está impresa en Seda Ártica de 200 gr. Se lanza únicamente una edición de 750 copias, acompañada de un texto introductorio del artista Jeremy Millar, «The Devouring Drop». La dirección de arte es de Jon Wozencroft y el proyecto es la última referencia en la nueva serie de «ear books» de Touch.


Burial "Tunes 2011 to 2019"

Título: Tunes 2011 to 2019
Label: Hyperdub
Formato: CD doble
Fecha de lanzamiento: 6 de diciembre 2019
Género: Dubstep, electrónica

Tracklist CD1

  • State Forest
  • Beachfires
  • Subtemple
  • Young Death
  • Nightmarket
  • Hiders
  • Come Down To us
  • Claustro
  • Rival Dealer

Tracklist CD2

  • Kindred
  • Loner
  • Ashtray Wasp
  • Rough Sleeper
  • Truant
  • Street Halo
  • Stolen Dog
  • NYC

Para celebrar el decimoquinto aniversario de Hyperdub, Burial selecciona ‘melodías’ de los últimos ocho años de sus lanzamientos de EP en el sello, para crear una más que bienvenida selección que se publicará en dos CDs.
La colección, con una especial atención del propio Burial en la secuencia de los tracks, muestra la profundidad y el brillo de su trabajo después de la era ‘Untrue’. El disco es un viaje en el que encontrar canciones largas, retorcidos trabajos de collage, zonas inesperadas. También nos mostrará su lado más afilado y pop para llevarnos de de regreso a los horizontes abiertos y embrujados de piezas sin ritmo.
Según aseguran en Hyperdub, ésta será una colección que nos resultará familiar pero a la vez, con tracks desconocidos para cada oyente.

Disponible en el sitio Hyperdub aquí y Bandcamp aquí.

Artista: Selección Natural
Título: Left Behind EP – Pole Group – PG57
Label: Pole Group
Formato: digital y vinilo
Fecha de lanzamiento: 15 de noviembre 2019
Género: Techno


  1. Absolute Zero
  2. Moving Forward
  3. From Out Of Nowhere
  4. Future Ride
  5. Left Behind
  6. Inverse and Perverse
  7. Rolling On The Ground
  8. Modernist Descents

Selección Natural son el dream team del sello Pole Group. La banda está formada (nada más y nada menos) que por Oscar Mulero, Exium y Reeko. Este verano tuvimos un avance con Split Didactics EP y ahora llega el álbum completo. Prepárate para disfrutar del sonido de 4 maestros activando mano a mano un montón de hardware y software y así lograr redefinir, una vez más, el techno contemporáneo.

El equipo ha querido evitar cualquier elemento superfluo, manteniendo el sonido en su mínima expresión y funcional, al fin y al cabo estamos hablando de techno puro. El primer track Absolute Zero, una onda sintética que crece exponencialmente, en el campo estéreo. Sigue en Moving Forward los bombos secos, las secuencias reducidas distorsionadas y los sutiles elementos de percusión entran y salen sabiamente . El siguiente asalto auditivo es From Out Of Nowhere, una línea de sintetizador continua a la que pronto se unirá un tremendo bombo mientras las secuencias mutan en forma y timbre por todo el arreglo.

Future Ride mantiene los espacios abiertos, con un kick opaco al principio, condimentada de vez en cuando con barridos ásperos y distorsión, todo un rodillo en la pista. Left Behind muestra una línea de sintetizador obsesiva limpia y construyendo elementos de percusión que se suman progresivamente.

Inverse And Perverse es un interludio que nos lleva prepara para los últimos tracks. Rolling On The Ground se basa en ritmos distorsionados rotos con barridos de ruido aleatorios y secuencias adicionales que aparecen al azar. Modernist Descents cierra el álbum con líneas aleatorias de sintetizador sobre un groove tradicional de kick /hat.

Ya puedes escuchar la preview:

Artista: Óscar Mulero, Shxcxchcxsh, Stanislav Tolkachev, Group, Beat Movement  
Título: Decade
Label: Envelope Structure
Formato: 12″ y digital
Fecha de lanzamiento: 23 de octubre 2019
Género: Techno


  • A1. Óscar Mulero ‘Returning Wheel’
  • A2. Shxcxchcxsh ‘Bmbmbmbm’
  • B1. Stanislav Tolkachev ‘Autopoiesis’
  • B2. Group ‘180905_2377’
  • B3. Beat Movement ‘Behind the wall’

Es alucinante darse cuenta que ya han pasado 10 años desde la primera incursión del sello Subsist Records en la escena electrónica (la de verdad, la que publica referencias de la máxima calidad y está siempre atenta al underground del underground ). ¿Qué mejor manera de celebrar sus 10 años en activo que publicar «Decade», su gran apuesta para este año?

Según nos cuenta Fon Civantos, responsable del sello valenciano, este lanzamiento es sin duda un gran desafío para Subsist Records que marca un salto cualitativo. A la larga lista de nombres que aparecen en su catálogo, ahora añaden, nada más y nada menos, que a Óscar Mulero, quien encabeza este EP con el track «Returning Wheel» donde el músico madrileño exhibe un mental techno perfectamente reconocible.

«Bmbmbmbm» es el track que completa la cara A de «Decade», esta segunda pista está a cargo de Shxcxchcxsh, el misterioso dúo de productores suecos que entrega una muestra de techno sincopado de métrica alterable. Stanislav Tolkachev abre la cara B firmando dos pistas: la primera es «Autopoiesis» –techno psicótico con armonías disonantes- la segunda es «180905_2377», un track de Group con un fondo oscuro, con elementos distantes y voces invertidas que le dan misticismo. El italiano Beat Movement cierra esta cara B con ‘Behind The Wall’, techno denso lleno de motivos brillantes. «Decade» concluye con una segunda versión de ‘Changing Wheel’ como un bonus track.


Artista: Paul Ritch
Título: Nuit Blanche EP
Label: Modularz
Formato: Vinilo y digital
Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 de septiembre 2019
Género: Techno


  1. Nuit Blanche
  2. Insomnie
  3. Revelation
  4. Rixe
  5. Sirene (Digital Bonus)

El sello Modularz vuelve con un lanzamiento estrella. Se trata del último trabajo del productor francés Paul Ritch. ‘Nuit Blanche EP’ cuenta con 5 tracks de buen techno que muestra ese sonido palpitante tan característico del sello y destinado directamente a los clubs, Bombos, líneas de bajo y baterías rítmicas a saco con sintetizadores y moduladores a prueba de bomba.

Paul Ritch se caracteriza por sus producciones techno que lo han proyectado para el reconocimiento mundial. En 2007, Paul Ritch asaltó la escena electrónica tanto en el escenario como como productor. Desde entonces, ha aparecido en lanzamientos para sellos como Drumcode, SCI + TEC, Saved, Cocoon, Soma, Bpitch Control, Quartz Rec, entre muchos otros, y ha hecho remixes a pistas clásicas como Shake Ur Tech-Ass, Ondu, Educación Positiva, Melones Tropicales, Remainings III, Magic K, The Test y I’m Burning Inside. Además, ha llegado a ser uno de los 100 mejores artistas registrados de Resident Advisor.

En 2008 lanzó Quartz Rec, plataforma concebida para mostrar sonidos techno de vanguardia y una amplia visión de la música electrónica. Con su primer lanzamiento, «Split EP Part 1» (Paul Ritch, 2008), el sello ocupó una posición en el top 2 en la lista Techno de Beatport y actualmente ya ha publicado pistas y remixes originales de Okain, Paco Osuna, Nic Fanciulli, Ambivalent, Thomas Muller, Barem, Carlo Lio, Dubfire, 2000 y One y Anton Pieete.

Artista: Francesco Devincenti
Título: Brutal Reality
Label: Pregnant Void
Fecha de lanzamiento: 30 septiembre 2019
Formato: 2×12″ Vinilo, digital.
Género: Ambient, Dub, Electrónica

Francesco Devincenti es un productor italiano, diseñador de sonido y performer afincando en Berlín. Comenzó su carrera actuando en clubs del norte de Italia y Slovenia, hasta establecerse en Berlín en 2010, donde creó su propio estudio en Neukölin. Cuando crea en solitario, firma su trabajo como ‘Francesco Devincenti’ y ‘Gasolio’; aunque también colabora en proyectos colectivos, como ‘MØRK’ -dúo formado junto a su amigo Emanuele Pertoldi- o como ‘TDV’, mano a mano con Lucretio.

Francesco es un amante de las máquinas y un purista del sonido, motivo que le ha llevado a diseñar y ensamblar partes del hardware que utiliza en busca de un sonido personal, para crear piezas de ambient, jungle beats, grooves distorsionados y toques de dub.

Pese a su obsesión por encontrar su propia voz musical, no tiene complejo a la hora de inspirarse en maestros de estudio como King Tubby, Adrian Sherwood y Mark Ernestus, aunque su música experimental parece evitar cualquier camino conocido, introduciéndonos en ambientes y ritmos impredecibles. En este LP además encontramos las colaboraciones de Hi.Mo, Simone Gatto y la vocalista Alice Lobo.

‘Brutal Reallity’ se nos presenta como muestra de 10 años de experiencias vitales y como herramienta para contarnos parte de su biografía. Francesco lo define así: «Con el álbum trato de explicar lo que tengo dentro de una manera que no podría hacer solo con simple comunicación verbal. Esos momentos de ‘realidad brutal’ cuando pierdes algo muy importante y no eres capaz de expresarlo por ti mismo». Ciertamente, cuando escuchas el disco puedes sentir la capacidad de su música para revelar estas emociones.

Preorder en Bandcamp.

Artista: Emika
Título: Falling In Love With Sadness Remixes
Label: Emika Records
Fecha de lanzamiento: 11 octubre 2019
Formato: Digital / Vinyl (Green Edition, coloured vinyl)
Género: Electrónica


  1. Eternity (Pinch Remix)
  2. Run (Julia Govor Remix)
  3. Falling In Love With Sadness (Rebekah Remix)
  4. Wash It All Away (Headless Horseman Remix)

Un año después del lanzamiento de ‘Falling In Love With Sadness’, su sexto álbum de estudio, Emika nos presenta un EP de remixes. Ha contado con la creatividad de Pinch, Julia Govor, Rebekah y Headless Horseman, cuatro artistas que exploran mundos sonoros únicos en la escena electrónica: experimental bass music, hypnotic techno, dark techno y electro.  

Pinch es un pionero del sonido bass-driven y está considerado como uno de los productores más arriesgado de la escena dubstep británica. Julia Govor, estrella techno en ciernes, se está haciendo un sitio en la escena dance music global con su propio sello. Rebekah, con 20 años en la industria, es una artista consolidada y reconocida por su sonido intenso. Headless Horseman es un artista nacido en el underground berlinés y rodeado de un halo de misterio. Actualmente los clubs y festivales de todo el planeta se lo están rifando gracias a sus live sets únicos. Y por último, no debemos olvidar que Emika y The Exaltics produjeron todo el material original para el álbum.

Según nos informan, la portada del album también quiere mandar un mensaje que es muy importante para Emika: la igualdad. El artwork muestra al mismo nivel a 3 artistas femeninas y 3 artistas masculinos y sirve para destacar lo mucho que siempre le ha gustado la colaboración entre artistas con las mismas inquietudes. Teniendo en cuenta los orígenes y trayectorias de todos ellos, podemos afirmar que este EP cuenta con una unidad creativa alucinante.

Artista: Tunes Of Negation
Título: Reach The Endless Sea
Label: Cosmo Rhythmatic
Fecha de lanzamiento: 17 de octubre 2019.


  • A / 1. The World Is A Stage / Reach The Endless Sea
  • B1 / 2. Tundra Erotic
  • B2 / 3. Nowhere Ending Sky
  • C / 4. Rückschlag / Rising, then Resonant
  • D / 5. The Time Has Come

Sobre el lanzamiento:

Shackleton nos presenta su debut en el sello Cosmo Rhythmatic con el nombre de Tunes Of Negation. Los temas que componen el disco están íntegramente trazados dentro de un proceso que normalmente vaga por profundidades espirituales y perseverancia sónica.

En última instancia, es una meditación sobre la no finitud de la vida, el espíritu y los límites de la percepción al tratar con ella. Se podría argumentar que todo el disco, así como todo el trabajo de Shackleton, es un intento de romper esos límites y traspasar la experiencia humana, incorporando un inmenso vocabulario de tradiciones musicales para deshacerse de la gramática establecida en la música electrónica.

El arsenal habitual de Shackleton de maderas y metales resonantes, polirritmias ceremoniales y melodías astrales, adquieren más libertad y espontaneidad gracias a la participación del tecladista Takumi Motokawa y el xylófono Raphael Meinhart, cuya simbiosis con el productor genera un flujo de energía verdaderamente hermoso y multidireccional. La austeridad de su música armónica, seductora y pura dibuja nuevas trayectorias en el tiempo y el espacio con capas interminables de arpegios, ritmos y drones.

El título del álbum ‘Reach The Endless Sea» está inspirado en un poema del místico Jalalu’l-Din Rumi del siglo XIII. Según nos informa el propio Shackleton, es una descripción de espera lograr con la música, para «ayudar a la transmutación y entrar en la luz «.

Ya puedes escuchar el avance del disco con el tema ‘Nowhere Ending Sky’.

Artist: Time TravelerTitle: I’m Made Of Stars / Journal. Label: Chronicles Diary.
Release date: September 30th 2016. Genre: Techno, Industrial, Dark.


A1 / 1. Intro / I’m Made of Stars
A2 / 2. Alpha
A3 / 3. Dark Priesthood
A4 / 4. Currupttion
B1 / 5. Middle Break / Restricted Areas
B2 / 6. Interstellar
B3 / 7. Supersymmetry
C1 / 8. Chronicles from B-29 Superfortress
C2 / 9. ~ R ×
C3 / 10. Chaos Theory
D1 / 11. Timestretcher n*17121985
D2 / 12. Stardust
D3 / 13. Outro / God is Word


About the release:

Michele Pinna presents a new LP under a fresh moniker and alter ego, Time Traveler, representing a direct confrontation of the artist’s own fear of time as an unrelenting force. The LP, titled ‘I’m Made Of Stars / Journal’, takes inspiration from conversations between Pinna and his father on the topics of galaxies, space and of course, time. These conversations were the starting point for the abstract, futuristic and dark work presented on the new LP. The release also draws on Pinna’s artistic interests outside of music, presenting a work not just of sound, but one with a coherent visual aesthetic spanning the physical releases of the LP. This visual aesthetic has taken shape through multiple collaborations with the photographers, stylists and designers Nicolas Mazzei, Danila Tkachenko, Khourianbeer and Cinzia Araia.

The resulting album is a twisting sci-fi journey invoking images of a dystopian galactic future. Pinna takes techno and filters it through his own imagination, dismantling it and rebuilding it with an unheard palette of textures, timbres and rhythms. At times disorientating and chaotic and at others, restrained and delicate, the LP has one foot in dance music and the other in emotional and visionary experimentation. The album will arrive on Pinna’s new label, Chronicles Diary, set up specififically for this release which can be considered much like a diary or journal of Pinna’s emotions and imaginings of the future. A limited edition vinyl release will come with a fitting physical package much like a real black diary. Inside the sleeve can be found prints that are the product of Pinna’s several collaborations, and serve to provide a visual reference point to the futuristic vision of Time Traveler. The standard vinyl release, aimed more at DJs, will come in paper moleskine packaging. Alongside these, there will be a cassette published followed by a digital release in the next months.

Time Traveler’s I’m Made of Stars / Journey debut album will be out on Sept 30th, followed by a first EP with remixes by Bas Mooy (MORD’s boss, NL), Black Asteroid (aka Bryan Black, part of Motor, US), Brian Sanhaji (DE) and Dj Hyperactive (US) out on Oct 14th, and later before the end of 2016 by a second one with Dave Clarke (UK), Detroit Techno Militia (Detroit, US) and more TBA, inaugurating Time Traveler’s platform to release his own works, Chronicles Diary.


Artist: Various Artists. Title: Zonativa 1.1 EP. Label: Zonativa.
Release date: 15-11-2015. Genre: Techno.


Itzone – Resolve
Sol Los – _Exosphere
Reiko Sad Soul – No Future
Ribes – Black Dot

About the release:

Opening verses of life through waves of purity housed in designed depths of a module that is related with its projective dimension and living exhibits through a Primitive Spaced Out Electronica Odyssey (Best for Outdoors).



Artists: AggboroughTitle: Bats / Modal. Label: OTB Records.
Release date: 17-08-2015.


A1. Bats
B1. Modal

About the release:

This is the mysterious label’s fourth release and Aggborough‘s second effort with OTB after The Answer To Everything / MitzpeRamon which dropped earlier this year, receiving the support of Answer Code Request, Slam, Laurent Garnier and Mano Le Tough to name a few.

Bats / Modal marks the London-based producer’s second appearance on the fast-rising imprint, following the release of The Answer To Everything / MitzpeRamon earlier this year.

Aggborough pulls no punches and delivers two driving tracks with a deeply embedded sense of duality. The stripped back tribalism of Bats and the seemingly nonchalant ambiances of Modal serve a delusional purpose: to lure the listener into a false sense of grasp before flipping the table and unleashing a select choice of groovy industrial strength beats, ghostly synths and fugitive melodies, underpinned by the subtle touch of field recordings.

Synths glow and look at you with gleaming eyes just before a full-on dancefloor onslaught. Harmony and melody dive down into the abyss in pursuit of new depths and bats roam as kings in your pulsating nightmares. It’s an emotional journey that goes full circle in a game of mirroring and repetition – a game in which Aggborough will always come out on top.

Yet another record, yet another killer release for both label and producer. OTB Records and Aggborough, two names that should be on your radar at all times.


Artist: Below Surface. Title: Below Surface. Label: Be Sure.
Release date: 09-09.15


01. Ancient Dynasties (Original Mix)
02. Interferences (Original Mix)
03. Seeing is Believing (Original Mix)
04. BHearing is Understanding (Original Mix)
05. Getaway (Original Mix)
06. Sound needs Silence (Original Mix)
07. Immersed in Spheres (Original Mix)
08. Tragic (Original Mix)
09. Driving (Original Mix)
10. Lost in a Subway (Original Mix)
11. Euphoria (Original Mix)

About the release:

After graduating from university in 2014, the German artist Below Surface moved to Shanghai to be a fulltime musician for a certain time. While traveling and playing in East Asia, he got inspired to produce two EPs and one album. Many tracks include field-recordings from various situations and are already dancefloor approved since they got tested in LIVE- and DJ-sets all over China, Taiwan and also Europe (Tresor Berlin, Skala Bielefeld, Sugarfactory Amsterdam).

Now, one year later Below Surface is back in Germany and just moved to Berlin to take the next steps in his musical career. The album is his state of the art interpretation of techno in 2015 and to 90% made in China, now it´s the time to decide whether it is quality or not!


Artist: Sofie Letitre. Title: Bare. Label: Division Recordings.
Release date: July 6th 2015. Genre: electronica.


  • Bare
  • Slip
  • Bare (Jai Tee Remix)
  • Slip (Steelan Remix)

About the release:

Hotly-tipped Dutch singer-songwriter Sofie Letitre returns this summer with the stunning new single ‘Bare’– a taster from her upcoming ‘Uncanny Valley’ EP this Autumn.

Letitre’s 2012 debut album ‘Back Where We Come From’ marked her out as one to watch, with glowing recognition the following year at the 3voor12 Awards – where she was voted ‘Most Promising Artist’. Her work as part of Ladies Of The Lowlands further bolstered her initial reputation as a highly captivating and talented artist.

Now working alongside producer Thijs de Vlieger (one third of the sensational bass & glitch trio Noisia) and erstwhile band colleague Ferdy van der Singel, she has developed an uniquely intense and mysterious sound that finds a sweet spot between dark electronica and alternative indie, which ‘Uncanny Valley’ is set to showcase. This first single ‘Bare’ is a strong yet stunning preview of her new direction, released on de Vlieger and co.’s own Division Recordings.

The initial free download ‘Slip’ allows Letitre to take the limelight, with a slow-burning feel that’s somewhere between Portishead and James Blake. Clever, subtle production helps the track build from an almost ballad-esque feel to an epic, synth-licked crescendo.

The overall ruggedness of the bass-driven production slowly yields as Letitre’s haunting voice unfolds, leading to skittering percussion and swathes of eerie, reversed synths. Heavily reverbed harmonies provide dramatic interludes, her vocals evolving from moodier territories to more uplifting ones after the ever -changing production takes the notoriety for an energetic instrumental break. Having been fittingly referred to as ‘Massive Attacks Angry Sister’, Letitre’s super delivery and magnetism can also be imagined as something such as Koreless on a dark and glitchy day or a soulfully smooth Bjork.

Jai Tee provides a stunning rework of Bare, with a sleek organic breakbeat percolating away under muted pianos and ethereal pads and vocal manipulation. Steelan’s take on ‘Slip’ is a heavier, low-end driven take on the original that still maintains the balance and contrast of dark, light, power and grace.

Listen and download «Slip»

Artist: Camea. Title: The Hallway EP. Label: BPitch Control.
Release date: 27th July 2015 (digital), 7th August (vinyl). Genre: electronica.


1. A Wormhole
2. B1 The hallway
3. Orchestra of dreams

About the release:

After a busy Spring with the launch of her Neverwhere Radio show, new tracks on Get Physical and mixing their latest Full Body Workout compilation, CAMEA sets the stage for summer with her next Bpitch Control installment. This will be CAMEA‘s third solo release on Ellen Allien’s imprint, following up her highly acclaimed ‘City Watch Over Me’ and ‘Neverwhere’ singles, as well as a vinyl only remix project featuring Deadbeat, Locked Groove and Lee Jones. Now the Seattle-born artist and Berlin resident contributes a great three-track collection for her new single titled, ’The Hallway’, out in vinyl and digital format.

In this selection, CAMEA continues to lay the foundation for her experimental combination of deep house and techno with a collection of three mind-bending pieces. The A side track, Wormhole, is a peak time techno space burner for the main stage, while the B-side goes deeper with two kaleidoscopic tech house tunes. The titled track, ‚The Hallway’, is a psychotropic and funky descent, layered with trippy vocals and spaced-out melodies, all connected by an irresistibly towering peak. Finally, ‘Orchestra of Dreams’ concludes her release with a harmonious and passionate dance ballad, rippling it’s way in and out of FM synthesis and orchestral harmonies for an eerie and elegant piece.

CAMEA’s sound and ideas speak loudly on this release, sharing with us another part of her journey and adding another essential piece to her discography and the Bpitch archive.

About the artist:

Her sound can be described as Seattle cool meets Brooklyn edge meets Berlin chic, and it has secured her a regular tour schedule worldwide. Camea was born and raised in Seattle as a classical and jazz pianist and music enthusiast, and in her youth she studied a variety of instruments and played in several bands. She started collecting records and experimenting with electronic music in the late 90s, and in 2002 she relocated to Brooklyn, NY, where the city’s intense artistic environment deeply inspired her. Her passion for collecting and playing music continued to evolve as she acquired several regular club nights in Manhattan and spawned Clink Recordings, and on Friday evenings she had a radio show with Ambivalent (M_nus, Ovum) on East Village Radio. Eventually Camea began to tour internationally and moved to Berlin in 2007, where she still resides today and is currently signed to Bpitch Control, one of the world’s premier underground labels that can be credited in the evolution of artists like Ellen Allien, Paul Kalkbrenner, Apparat and Modeselektor.

Camea is a passionate performer and blends her more traditional musician roots with classic and modern house and techno. Her tracks have topped sales and DJ charts on many occasions, and she has been center stage at many of the world’s hottest clubs and festivals. Even though DJing has stayed the forefront of Camea’s passion, when she is not touring she spends most of her time in her studio in Berlin. She released her first solo EP in 2006 and has achieved a lengthy discography of original work and/or remixes on labels like Bpitch Control, M_nus, Clink, Soma, Plus 8 and Get Physical. Since her relocation to Berlin Camea has become one of the handful of women from America to make it to the International stage for her genre.

Artist: Soolee. Title: Oscilation. Label: LCR RECORDS
Release date: 23 June 2015. Genre: techno, industrial, acid


1. Soolee – Oscilation
2. Soolee – Oscilation (Hertz Collision remix)
3. Soolee – Oscilation (Dominant remix)
4. Soolee – Oscilation (Markus Masuhr remix)

About the artist:

SOOLEE is introduced representative techno DJ in South Korea through world wide brand «We Call It Techno» celebrating 20th German Unity. Annually he played most biggest festivals and clubs in South Korea such as World DJ festival, Global Gathering Korea. He’s self-developed sound effects and programming make his sound different with any other DJs.

He shared his various color of progressive and experimental sounds about electronic music through his own albums (commercial for domestic) ‘ease into it’, ‘flash light’ and ‘breath’. last year he got fame with a live set with his own music on TV music program. As a Media Artist He prized from KGIT international media arts competition with his interactive audiovisual performance band ‘Future Jazz’ and selected Big Boy which means next rookie in Korean Arts scene. F.ound local magazine introduce him as «Unbounded unlimited future musician»

His Techno album ‘Circle Back’ and “I was insane last night” are well supported for Alex Bau, Black Asteroid, Anderson Noise and many other. Also Circle Back is introduced CLR Podcast for celebrating 200 episode by Black Asteroid. Soolee is signed for Sienna Obscure label for artist and his full-length debut album and co-worked album with Black Asteroid will released early of next year. He established ‘Less n Less’ label with Jin Kim since 2012 and making history of underground Techno in Seoul.


Artist: Ellen Allien. Title: High. Label: Bpitch Control.
Release date: Digital on June 29th 2015. Vinyl on July 13th 2015. Genre: electronica.


A1. High
B1. Lou

About the release:

Ellen Allien’s first release in 2015 is proving once again: the love of music is still the best drug on earth. Since euphoria can turn into ecstasy by sharing this love in high sprits on the floor, her 11-minute trip „High“ is dedicated to the dancing crowd. Everything’s built subtle and hypnotic here: from the pushing bass to the powerful ascending soundscapes of the Jupiter-8 to the lead vocal line „You make me feel so high“.

The B-side is also about her typical way of exchanging energy: „Lou“ is symbolizing the driving parts of Ellen’s sets. During the 303 only tickles at first, the acid helixes soon are climbing up the trance sky. Listen. Feel. Space out.


Artist: Rebekah. Title: Distant. Label: CLR.
Release date: 22-05-2015 (digital) and 08-06-2015 (vinyl)


A1 Rebekah – “Distant”
A2 Rebekah – “Distant (STERAC Remix 1)”
B1 Rebekah – “Synchronicity”
B2 Rebekah – “Distant Memory”

Digital only: Rebekah – “Distant (STERAC Remix 2)”

About the release:

Distant is Rebekah’s 2nd release on CLR, after the success of her first Cycles EP back in 2013, the long awaited second single Distant is veering towards a deeper side of this Artist’s repertoire. Rebekah has been pushing her sound forward in the studio and has in the last year worked more and more with analogue synths and sequencers which is evident in the title track. Opting for a more broken beat and using a vast palette to create a soundscape that keeps the groove moving forward, which opens up with darker pads, maintaining the mood and feel.

Distant Memory takes sounds from the original track and shapes it into something slightly different and unpredictable by Rebekah, showcasing a completely new element of this artists work. Its downtempo and slightly experimental but also warm and inviting.

Synchronicity lifts up the pace and is a full out techno groove workout, Rebekah’s signature kicks come in to play but is almost more elegant here, complimenting the Distant pieces but also holding its own within the more discerning of dance floors.

STERAC has produced two fantastic remixes of the title track Distant, remix 1, is more of a groovier exploration where as remix 2 (digital only), leans to the more hypnotic side, both remixes are outstanding as expected from STERAC aka Steve Rachmad, modern techno at its best.


Artist: Exium. Title: Rotating Frames. Label: PoleGroup.
Release date: 15-06-2015. Genre: techno, electronica.


A1 / 1. Monopoles
A2 / 2. Magnetic Flux
B1 / 2. Rotating Frames
B2 / 3. Early Life

About the release: 

Rotating Frames is the new EP for Pole Group by our very own duo Exium. Four tracks of modern and obscure techno, fuelled by heavy sub-bass action.

«Monopoles» opens fire with massive bass frequencies and continuous hat lines, joined by an obsessive sequence that mutates while it moves around the arrangement.

The approach of «Magnetic Flux» is deeper than the previous track, starting with flanged sequences and a subtle bass drum. Bell-like sounds grow from zero until drones and atmospheres appear from the slight breakdown.

«Rotating Frames» goes straight to the point and rises the tempos a bit, continues with the flanged and phased sequences and relies on a more percussive vibe.

«Early life» is the last number here: robotic FM sounds, effected noise hits, continuous synth lines and a constantly growing structure.

Artist: A Sacred Geometry. Title: Chapter 1. Label: A Sacred Geometry.
Release date: 01-06-2015. Genre: dub, electronica.


A / 1. Atiya
B1 / 2. City of Ys
B2 / 3. Maroush (Dub Edit)

About the release:

Brainchild of two passionate and likeminded artists, A Sacred Geometry was born as a platform to illustrate techno as a narrative, forgoing the strictly dancefloor nature of the medium. Influences from noise, ambient and new wave coupled with their graphic identity play a crucial role in how the music is perceived, as the journey continues with each new cover art.

As the tale begins with ‘Atiya’, audiences experience a cacophony of slow building acid-like synths which help propel the element of mystification to the forefront of the track. ‘City of Ys’ continues this trend with an enigmatic voice-like tone that glides the listener through the track. The distinct inclusion of brass samples add to the melancholic atmosphere slowly ushering the listener into a dream-like consciousness. ‘Maroush (Dub Edit)’ takes on a different attitude, as deep ambient atmospheres prevail with Eastern inspired string instruments induce feelings of escapism.

One can be expected to continue on this journey, as this is only Chapter I of the chronicle, A Sacred Geometry will develop and evolve as the story continues to unfold.

About the artist:

Dripping in resonance, A Sacred Geometry creates a nostalgic ambient reality redolent of space and texture. Layers of subtle melody and rhythmic pulsation capture the importance of atmosphere and narrative within their work. Organic and emotional content pulsate through the rhythm while the artwork enforces the concept of the music.


Artist: Kaiser Souzai. Title: Panghan EP. Label: Ballroom.
Release date: 11-04-2015. Genre: techno, techno-house.


1) Phangan Kobayashi (Original mix)
2) Phangan Trippin (Original mix)
3) Phangan Keyzer (Original mix)

About the release and label:

With the BALLROOM label we fulfill our desire to put out our own music and that of our artists of BALLROOM booking agency for full musical freedom and expression. This means we are not following one musical route or style but bring on the full spectre of techno music. With BALLROOM 001, the 3 tracker “Phangan” EP by us, Kaiser Souzai, we are setting a benchmark for trippy, haunting annd bouncy techno, inspired by the jungles and outdoor parties of Ko Phangan. This will be followed by a 4 tracker EP from our artist Josh Vox, with an almost progressive and dark haunting techno release. Our aim is quality over quantity, and only three or four trackers, will be released to give the artist the propper spotlight.

About the artist:

There were more then a few who have certified that Kaiser Souzai have created a new musical genre. They have carved their own niche, somewhere between dark tech, synth loaded electronica and artrock techno gigantism, abroad the mainstream, still reaching regularly the top 10 of the electronic music selling portals like Beatport.


Artist: Subjected. Title: Subtile EP (feat. Deepbass Remix), Label: Sleaze.
Release date: 08-06-2015. Genre: techno.


1. Subjected – Deko
2. Subjected – Deko (Deepbass Remix)
3. Subjected – Subtile (Version 1)
4. Subjected – CS1x (Raw Version)
5. Subjected – Ethan (Digital Only Exclusive)

About the release:

We welcome back Subjected for his debut EP on Sleaze Records! The Berlin based artist has been on fine form of late, releasing on esteemed techno labels like Electric Deluxe, PoleGroup and of course his own Vault Series imprint. This is Subjected at his best, featuring 4 quality original tracks and a great remix by new Scottish talent Deepbass.

About the label:

Sleaze Records is a new and thriving techno label from Glasgow, Scotland.

Over the past 5 years label boss Hans Bouffmyhre has been releasing great music from a mixture of established, big name artists and also fresh up and coming artists. The label has received some amazing support from techno pioneers like Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Len Faki, Luke Slater and many more.

The Sleaze Records artist roster has included the likes of Gary Beck, Cari Lekebusch, Dustin Zahn, Perc, Par Grindvik, Alex Bau, Kyle Geiger, Audio Injection, Monoloc, Jonas Kopp, Samuel L Session & Flug.

Label showcase events have been hosted all across the globe, most notably for WMC in Miami, ADE in Amsterdam and Sonar in Barcelona. The label also promotes a popular monthly podcast series, as well as a dedicated ‘Sleaze Records TV’ youtube channel.

Artist: Uncrat. Title: Bond unstable. Label: Subsist Records.
Release date: May 2015. Genre: Techno, industrial.


1. Uncrat – Dispersion
2. Uncrat – Talk to understand each other
3. Uncrat – Wish You Were Here
4. Uncrat – Anthropocene
5. Uncrat – Geqzir
6. Uncrat – Evolutionary Convergence
7. Uncrat – P-Brane
8. Uncrat – Despite me
9. Uncrat – Mother Ship
10. Uncrat – Udeaekwa

About the release:

For its nature, the man is destined to overcome their limitations. Information and technology are bringing it to undergo transformations sociocultural than ever in human history has had so quickly. The alienation, the inability to talk and discuss, narcissism, insecurity, are symptoms of the post-industrial revolution. But if on one hand the technology is constantly evolving, (thanks to the discoveries in the military and space) is rather balanced advancement of humankind on planet earth, planet that suffers all the effects of an industrialized society, that can not or will not have the courage of a change become necessary so that even the frightening apocalypse seems near. The bond between man and the earth is unstable, as well as the society he owns.

Artist: Sterac. Title: Different Strokes. Label: Mote-Evolver.
Release date: 18-05-2015. Genre: Techno.


A1 / 1 – Stroke 1
A2 / 2 – Stroke 2
B1 / 3 – Stroke 3
B2 / 4 – Stroke 4

About the release:

Having both been on the scene for over twenty years, Mote Evolver’s founder Luke Slater and Dutch producer Steve Rachmad are considered veterans of the techno scene – both outlasting the genre’s various dips and flourishes in popularity. This considered, Rachmad’s debut on Mote Evolver seems all the more highly anticipated. Operating under his STERAC guise, Rachmad’s inaugural contribution to the label comes in the form of four hypnotic, rolling drum-machine experiments.

Rachmad’s formula across the EP is a spartan, uncluttered one. Even the track titles (Stroke 1 – 4) suggest he has taken some pains not to complicate proceedings unnecessarily, instead letting the music stand for itself. In the wrong hands the use of Roland 808’s can feel like a tired cliché when it comes to techno, yet Rachmad’s manipulation of the tool is nothing short of masterful. There is a buoyancy to his thudding rhythms, filtered hats shuffling effortlessly above raw 4/4 pulses. This trait is defined right from the offset – ‘Stroke 1’ marching forward steady and resolute. As with the rest of the release, the track has an abstract quality to it – the elements are processed heavily; filters and stereo-delays a common feature. Across ‘Stroke 2’ even the synths used feel hazy and out of focus, jutting forward between Rachmad’s stuttered rhythms. This and ‘Stroke 3’ both have a celestial space-age feel, like a satellite being gracefully travelling across the orbit. The EPs closer on the other hand, ‘Stroke 4’, is incontestably rooted to the dancefloor. Devoid of melody, the track is a frantic percussive workout, jagged claps and ticks jutting out between Rachmad’s booming low-end.

As a whole, the EP maintains a perfect balance between holding a consistent theme, whilst still offering plenty of twists and turns along the trip. It is perhaps little wonder Rachmad’s STERAC project has been garnering much acclaim in recent years – this EP in particular revealing a focus and clarity that only comes with years of experience.

About the artist:

Since his earliest productions, Amsterdam’s electronic music pioneer Steve Rachmad has created a legion of monikers for his various compositions. We’ve seen tracks from Black Scorpion, Tons of Tones, Rachmad Project, Scorp, Parallel 9, Ignacio, Dreg, Sterac Electronics and many more come out of his studio…

One of the main characters living on Planet Rachmad has always been STERAC: a side of Steve’s musical personality that’s not easily described. Let’s say that where other aliases were used for excursions to more dub-, disco-, or house- oriented records, STERAC’s focus has always been on the no-nonsense, darker, and deeper side of techno.

The STERAC discography consists of classic tracks on labels such as M-Plant and Tresor, with the 2012 remixes of his legendary album Secret Life Of Machines (1995) demonstrating the lasting quality of the STERAC oeuvre. Reinterpretations by Ricardo Villalobos, Joris Voorn, and Marc Romboy to name a few, proved a bit hit with fans and fellow artists. This year, STERAC releases appear on Klockworks and Delsin, while his schedule takes him on a tour past the world’s finest clubs: from Berlin’s Berghain to Tokyo’s Womb, and from Output in New York to Club Rex in Paris. On top of that, a series of selected remixes is coming your way.

Follow Mote-Evolver on Soundcloud:

Artist: Truncate. Title: Remixed Part 2. Label: Truncate.
Release date: June 2015.


A1. Mira Mar (Par Grindvik Remix)
B1. Mira Mar (Grindvik and Zahn Remix)
B2. Modify (Dustin Zahn Remix)

About the release:

David Flores aka Truncate has invited Pär Grindvik and Dustin Zahn to his eponymous label for the second instalment in his remix series.

‘Remixed Part 2’ follows on from Truncate’s premier remix EP, which last year featured contributions from Ben Sims and Mark Broom.

This instalment sees Berlinbased techno mainstays Dustin Zahn and Pär Grindvik contribute individual interpretations of Truncate hits ‘Modify’ and ‘Mira Mar’ respectively, as well as a joint rework of the latter. The last time we saw the two team up in the studio was at the beginning of 2014 when they reworked Minilogue’s «When Sadness Releases, Joy Arises» along with artist like Donato Dozzy, Rrose and Jesper Dahlback.

Listen to Trucante playing at Berghain Berlin April 2014

Artist: Ascion. Title: Public Head. Label: 3TH.
Release date: April 20th, 2015. Genre: Electronica, Techno.


A1 / 1 – Landescape
A2 / 2 – Public Head
B1 / 3 – Acido Rosso
B2 / 4 – Xlight
B3 / 5 – Carnival

About the release:

Ascion’s new solitary adventure on 3TH records is the five tracks EP ‘Public Head’. Imprinted in a folder that is designed by the artist himself, it starts with the electro-ish journey of ‘Landescape’ continuing towards the atmospheric broken-beat techno ‘Public Head’.

On the flip side, ‘Acido Rosso’ is a banging track in the manner of late 80’s acid-house that creates a strong anticipation for a classic techno cut,’Xlight’. The EP is closing with the dramatic sci-fi attitude of “Carnival”.

About the artist:

Ascion’s solo projects, referring to both productions and performances, is often defined dark, mental and eclectic. His name was prominent for the
release «Kick on» on Drumcode (2009), the remix of the classic «Avion» of Damon Wild on Synewave and recently for various apparitions and collaborations on labels such as Modularz, InnerSurface music and M_rec LTD.

His work mainly focuses on his own record labels like the last solo-work «The Cybernetic Drama», released on 3TH records, which fully reflects his style and musical growth achieved during his years of production. Ascion’s experimental alter ego CSA, a reverse-abbreviation of his original alias, that was recently introduced by the label Violet Poison (releasing on the V.A «Sulla giostra nell’ombra» the track «Overture»).


Artist: Kamikaze Space Programme & Emika. Title: Stokes Croft. Label: Trust
Release date: 20.04.2015. Genre: Bass. Pre-order:


A1. Choke (feat. Emika)
A2. Clapper
B1. Cel
Choke (Instrumental) [Digital Only]

About the release:

Veteran Bristol-based producer Chris Jarman a.k.a. Kamikaze Space Programme joins the TRUST family with a blistering EP of hard-edged bass music. Hot on the heels of his ‘Concrete Musique’ EP for Luke Slater’s Mote Evolver imprint, ‘Stokes Croft’ showcases the bassier side of Jarman’s distinct production style.

‘Stokes Croft’ opens with none other than prolific multihyphenate Emika on guest vocals, whose haunting voice turn ‘Choke’ into an ear-catching hybrid of industrial bass electro and gothic pop. ‘Clapper’ follows this up with a percussive banger, perfectly encapsulating Jarman’s artistic vision of crafting futuristic beats entirely from found and self-recorded sounds rather than worn and tired presets. It’s a philosophy that does not rule out sublime melodic moments either, as ‘Cel’s drifting string and melancholic bleeps aptly demonstrate, while ‘HSBC’ closes the EP with a nod to the old-school, complementing jacking electro rhythms with squelchy acid lines and ghostly pads.

Released at the same time as TRUST’s 15-year anniversary series, TRUST XV, which brings together renowned producers such as DJ Stingray, VC-118a, Dez Williams, Clatterbox, and Plant43 on a three-part journey of spacious sci-fi electro, Kamikaze Space Programme’s ‘Stokes Croft’ represents the rougher side of the TRUST sound – head-strong, futuristic, and aiming to obliterate stylistic stagnation with sonic innovation.

About the artist:

Kamikaze Space Programme is a true sonic renegade, a genuine musical experimenter. Somewhere between a classic Musique Concrète and modern electronic approach, KSP’s music is made up of myriad samples and found sounds from real world situations, it lends the stuff a very real texture and aesthetic that links it to the here and now, the everyday, in a very real way. The sound of an old truck, the hiss of a kettle or the clunking of a door are all fair game for KSP, who then takes his strange sound sources and weaves them into infectious sonic tapestries and intricate rhythms.

It all started for Chris Jarman in the mid-90s when he worked as an accomplished session musician. He first dipped his toe into the electronic world as a D&B producer at the turn of the century and was quickly signed to revered label Renegade Hardware and soon began playing around the world. Never one to sit still, Jarman wanted to foment an even more original sound and thus the Kamikaze Space Programme project was born.

It’s a project with its own sonic identity that has been snapped up by the press and public alike, with many festival appearances taking him across the globe and much music being released on labels like Mote Evolver, Bob Bhrama’s West Norwood Cassette Library, TRUST Mindcut and has been commissioned to remix artists such as Paul Mac, Aubrey, and Drums Of Death, always adding his own idiosyncratic take on things.


Artist: Civilian, Regen, Limo, Fabrizio Lapiana. Title: Different Seasons Vol.1.
Label: Out Electronic RecordingsRelease Date: May 04, 2015. Genre: Techno.


  • A1. Civilian – One
  • A2. Regen – Reduct
  • B1. Limo – DarkDubTek
  • B2. Fabrizio Lapiana – Aubergine

About the release:

Out Electronic Recordings launches “Different Seasons” series, a sequence of various artists releases, featuring new collaborations and stabilizing the old ones. Different Seasons Vol.1 sets Civilian and Fabrizio Lapiana as new entries. Civilian is an unknown Berlin-based artist with the wish of experimenting new aspects of his dance-music personality on Out-ER – ‘One’ is a minded, acid-not-acid cut with plenty of energetic and introspective patterns. Fabrizio Lapiana needs no introduction, the roman artist built his own crystalline sound in the last seven years, releasing on his own imprint Attic and on M_REC – ‘Aubergine’ is a tasty, bleepy and limpid cut perfectly into the label’s musical range. Limo and Regen, whose profiles got already known through the label’s audience, return with their typical sort – dub and swinging from the Serbian producer with ‘Reduct’, steady and gloomy from the Transition LAB label owner with ‘DarkDubTek’.

About the label:

Out Electronic Recordings aims to release underground dance music created by producers that translate their vision in sounds, trying to define a new way into the grey and loopy scenario, looking forward to deliver the best quality-oriented tracks following the artists’ inspirations not trends.


Artist: Francesco Tristano / various artists. Album: Body Language Volume 16. Label: Get Physical Music.
Release date: 01-05-2015.


01. Francesco Tristano – Ongaku (exclusive)
02. Joe Zawinul – The Harvest
03. Luciano & Francesco Tristano – Amnesie (exclusive)
04. Julio Victoria – Impermanent (exclusive)
05. Danton Eeprom – Hungry For More
06. NYMA & Carreno is LB – Lunar Fringe
07. Francesco Tristano – Gaza World Cup (featuring P41) (exclusive)
08. Faktorm – Faith (exclusive)
09. M.A.N.D.Y. – Obsessed
10. P41 – Lalguer (exclusive)
11. Francesco Tristano – Jinguru (exclusive)
12. Francesco Tristano – Chester Copperpot (featuring P41) (exclusive)
13. Francesco Tristano – Sarasani (featuring P41)
14. Francesco Tristano – Dminorloop
15. Savvas Ysatis – Fade to Black (exclusive)
16. Cardopusher – 1989 Warehouse
17. Francesco Tristano – Place On Lafayette
18. KhalifeSchumacherTristano – Afrodiziak (Reboot Remix) (exclusive)
19. DJ Pierre – What is House Muzik (Roland Leesker Love Mix)
20. P41 – My Difficult Child (Studiovacanze Mix) (exclusive)

About the release:

For a long time, Francesco Tristano has behaved, musically, like a wild child making fun of his parent´s supervision, and repeatedly ran away from home to visit forbidden locations. One only has to review last year´s agenda of concerts: in between solemn dates in important venues all over the planet where he interprets programs of baroque and contemporary music, centring around composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, Maurice Ravel, George Gershwin or Dietrich Buxtehude on the piano, are several commitments under the epigraph `Francesco Tristano live´. Those escapes have little to do with classical music; quite the opposite actually. They show that Francesco´s commitment to electronic sounds remains as alive as when he started to release his first “dance” records on Infiné, even though over the last years he consolidated his position as one of the most requested pianists with one of the most brilliant repertoires of his generation.

When Francesco Tristano escapes to a club, the spirit which possesses him is the one of Techno, specifically the original Detroit sound. There, in the heat of the cabin, he switches from piano to synthesizer, from pedals to software and what flows out of the speakers is a kind of music, which can only fit in this hedonistic context and the celebration of the body: expansive, rhythmic, emotional, sprinkled with piano stabs and unstoppable grooves. The material he uses is typically self-composed and unreleased, secretly produced in seclusion, to nurture a musical discourse, which only makes sense if it´s carried out like some kind of jam session, with the continuity of a DJ set, without exactly being a classic DJ set. There are transitions, but there are no mixes; and if there are tracks by other artists, they appear as elements facilitating the creation of a live remix. And from this accumulated experience, the idea and the content of volume 16 of the Body Language series was born.

Part of the Techno material Francesco Tristano was working on over the last few months has already appeared last December on the “Piano, Hats & Stabs” E.P., his first record for Get Physical. Some of those tracks are re-appearing now on “Body Language” in the form they were originally intended to be: as pieces, designed to fit into a much more ambitious and complex construction. With the exception of “The Harvest” – a Jazz classic, identifiable as Proto-Techno, that opened Joe Zawinul´s album Dialects (1986), which importance could be compared to Herbie Hancock´s “Rockit”, Francesco Tristano´s entire journey expresses itself in form of original productions (“Ongaku”, “Jinguru”), written in collaboration with other musicians. Here we are listening for the first time to “Amnesie”, half-half with Luciano, or the new project KhalifeSchumacherTristano, which was born from the ashes of “Aufgang” and remixed by Reboot – or material that was given to him by partners of the label, friends and other artists from his surroundings, like P41, aka the sound engineer Edoardo Pietrogrande; or Danton Eeprom, ex-partner in the Infiné days; Cardopusher, neighbour in Barcelona; and also M.A.N.D.Y., representatives of his new home-label, Get Physical.

On a traditional DJ album, the added value lies apart from the musical selection in the bravery of the mix. In the case of Body Language, the importance is not so much in the beat-matching, but much rather in the key-mixing. To round off the transitions of the tracks, Francesco Tristano has deployed all his musical wisdom, to add layers of synthesizers and piano attacks all over the place, to complete the rhythmic journey with a dense harmonic richness. His own tracks are born from piano grooves – you might even notice some chords borrowed from the «Suite In A Minor» by Jean-Philippe Rameau, one of the most important composers of the French baroque – and are always expanding in the depth of outer space. The result may sound familiar on first listening, but it becomes deeper when paying attention to the details and chord progressions. The architecture of the composition is actually quite surprising: Deep House and Detroit 2.0 with a sonic density, which is unknown in contemporary club music. The expression that best describes the musical philosophy of Francesco Tristano might be “Bach to the Future”. On Body Language there is no Bach, but the future is constructing itself minute by minute.

Artist: Cio D’Or. Title: «all in all». Label: Semantica.
Release date: May 18th 2015. Genre: Electronica, ambient.


CD (May 18th 2015)
after and before
1. after and before
2. tomorrow was yesterday
3. now and then
4. now is ever

floor x
6. XI
7. XXXXIIII for Mike

yocta to yotta
9. hecto
10. yotta
11. yocta
12. zepto

LP (April 13th 2015)
after and before
A1. after and before
A2. tomorrow was yesterday
B1. now and then
B2. now is ever

floor x
C2. XI
D1. XXXXIIII for Mike

EP (May 18th 2015)
yocta to yotta
A1. hecto
A2. yotta
B1. yocta
B2. zepto

About the release:

While music in its definitive nature fills both space and time, creating environments in which we live and breathe, these miniature dramaturgies string together to become the screenplay to ones existence. Sometimes chosen, and often times forced, these sounds influence the subconscious and designate emotions. Purposely flowing fluently through a spectrum ranging from theatrical to rapturous tensions that mingle through the night. Cio D’Or’s cinematic compilation for Semantica explores another side of techno, a niche home to Cio where each intricate sound takes a risk for the sake of progression.

This three-part collection unveils different sides of the tactful artist, as each are distinctly crafted to play contrasting roles. ‘Yocta to Yotta’, literally meaning from the largest unit to the smallest unit, radiates warmer atmospheres impacted by the eastern world. Telling fervent stories through broken beats and dub-like sounds it is fit for experiencing in nature.
‘After and Before’ is occupied with suspense as the drama builds through this instrumental composition with a focus on the piano and cello also sometimes beat-less. In this case moments of silence are cognizant of a convincing potency. By taking steps in dance and musical theater and cinema, Cio progresses her own work by combining electronic sounds and tangible instruments.
‘Floor X’ taking a journey through bleep and acid minimalism, a sort of indefinable endlessness still waiting to be discovered through a hypnotic reverie and the track ‘XXXIII’ embodies the voice of a supernova. Expanding on the motifs of dancers and dreamers swirling though the night, it includes an ode to a luminary figure in contemporary techno music.

The first chapter in the series will be ‘All in All’ an LP comprised of two parts both ‘Floor X’ and ‘After and Before,’ to be released April 13th 2015. The suite, ‘Yocta to Yotta’ will be out in an EP format May 18th 2015 along with a CD of the complete works. The final piece will be a special edition CD, comprised solely of the ambient sounds that were recorded in the making of the album plus some extras, followed by a remix EP.


Artist: Yousef. Title: To Be Remembered EP. Label: BPitch Control.
Release date: April 12, 2015. Genre: Electronic.


1. The Courtship
2. 5 Weeks
3. To Be Remembered

About the release:

The British DJ, producer and label owner Yousef is the living proof that you might really have to take just one chance to succeed in life. In 1998, he prevailed against all competitors with his mixtape within the competition of a print magazine. From then on, the man of Egypt descent was not only playing the biggest clubs in UK, but also founded his own party series Circus that is known for one of the most leading events with bookings such as Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier or Seth Troxler.

After releases on labels such as Cocoon, Saved, Renaissance or Cécille we’re proud that the London-based producer will join our BPitch family with his «To Be Remembered EP“. The first track «The Courtship“ immediately succeeds in spreading a cosmopolitan groove, which proves that two souls are dwelling in his breast. The upbeat drive not only sways our hips, the almost inhuman voice cuts arise a feeling between pain and distance that is cleared out by the slow motion spirals in the background. Not only Yousef’s Ibiza sets give proof of his ability to think out of the functional box which is proven by «5 Weeks“ with both melancholic strings as well as his ever-present narrative gusto. His experience as a DJ, who always wants to sneak into the heads of all dancers, comes to full effect on his cunning title track. With a jazzy-touched house piano melody and some buzzing sounds Yousef makes his farewell a cheery feeling into bemused space that surely will be remembered.


Artist: Shlømo, Francois X, PVNV, Birth of Frequency. Title: Various Artists EP.
Label: Taapion Records Release date: 08th March 2015.


A1. Shlømo – Radioactive Sin
A2. Francois X- Dreaming Of The Tesseract
B1. PVNV – Pace Chemistry
B2. Birth of Frequency – Child

About the release:

From Paris with Techno! Taapion records is back with a second compilation: Four tracks made in the French Capital city with Shlømo, Francois X, PVNV & Birth Of Frequency.

Fisrt comes «Radioactive Sin» from one of the label owner: Shlømo. The track has an uptight rythm, giving a feeling of pressure with hopless pads on top. Like an empty landscape after a nuclear war.

Francois X is standing on A2 with «Dreaming Of The Tesseract». He is building up a hudge loop with the Devil’s tension and driving the cinematics Leads as an Horror movie director.

Just flip the record and you’ll find an other Taapion records owner on B1 : PVNV. He’s travelling again In a deep and atmospheric techno. An amazing journey into the center of a dream where techno is a religion.
Birth Of Frequency is closing the record on B2. With «Child» he decided to recreate his own vision of Taapion records.
With that amazing Pad, wich is almost there all the time in the track, Simon aka Birth Frequency catch you on the Techno highway and gives you strong emotions.


Artist: Óscar Mulero. Title: «Dualistic Concept EP». Label: PoleGroup.
Release date: March 23rd, 2015.


A1 / Stimulated Reflex
A2 / Mechanical Function (Hypnotic Edit) 03:21
B1 / Muscle and Mind (SHXCXCHCXSH Rmx)
B2 / Mentally Induced Action (Stanislav Tolkachev Rmx)
DX1 / Stimulated Reflex (Stanislav Tolkachev Rmx)

About the release:

‘Dualistic Concept’ EP precedes Oscar Mulero’s ‘Muscle and Mind’ album. It includes 2 original tracks of the upcoming album and the remixes by Stanislav Tolkachev and SHXCXCHCXSH.

The’Muscle and Mind’ album , featuring the ‘Dualistic Concept’ EP is the return of Oscar Mulero to long plays, after Grey fades to Green and Black Propaganda. “Muscle” and “mind” may seem antagonistic terms in real life, but in terms of music they make sense together, especially when talking about techno.
The coalition of introspection and abstraction is not incompatible with the rough and the percussive, and this album is a good example of this. The underlying message behind the title refers to the reflection of mental states in the body, the genesis of emotions where body and mind are managed by the sense of hearing.

Throughout these twelve tracks, one can dive into the musical world of this producer whose discourse mutates in every album, always intricate, always meticulous. Darkness acts as a thread and repetition as hypnotic therapy. But now, he sets his usual hard sound aside and looks for a much more cared for and precise sound , where there is room even for a harmony and musicality that go hand in hand with danceability.
The combination of atmospheres and rhythms is constant throughout the album. Each of the cuts has been prepared with few sonic elements. He takes elements away one by one, and keeps exclusively the necessary.

A record that has been developed during endless hours in airports and travelling, absorbing influences from all over the planet. Made in solitude but surrounded by people who don’t know what you are really doing on that computer. To close the circle, the album was mixed in professional studio using solid state technology, which gives this work a unique warmth that cannot be achieved in a domestic environment.

Muscle and Mind will be released on vinyl and CD. The digital version will include extra tracks which will also be published in an EP. This will precede the album with edited tracks from the album and remixes by Stanislav Tolkachev and SHXCXCHCXSH.


Artists: Parassela [Blawan + The Analogue Cops] Limo [Transition LAB – Fachwerk] Buck [Out-ER – Frozen Border]. Title: Lab Series Vol. 1. Label: Transition Lab Recordings.
Release date: 27-02-2015.


  • A1 – Parassela – Plutoniumdealers
  • A2 – Parassela – 08AG12
  • B1 – Limo – Another
  • B2 – Buck – Gold BD

About the release: 

Southern italian-based techno party and record label Transition LAB welcomes to its roster Parassela (The Analogue Cops plus Blawan), already known in Apulia for performing live the last summer alongside Inland, Margot and the resident djs/producers.

Transition’s number four release features four stomping cuts: side A gets signed indeed by Parassela with their typical hardware-only, heavy stamp, while Transitions’ chief Limo and A&R Buck mark the second side. Parassela’s tracks ‘Plutoniumdealers’ and ‘08AG12’ have got similar punching vibes. The radiation Geiger Counter is the very protagonist of ‘Plutoniumdealers’, a distorted and spacey downtempo nudge flavored by a restless voice. The second track ‘08AG12’ goes faster and shows a tough kick surrounded by smooth synths and soft, clean hats. Flipping on the other side, Limo exhibits ‘Another’, a shaded, deep experience mostly composed with Oktatrak and Tr8. Emphasis is given by the sharp, incisive hats, swirling ambients and solid sub-basses, structurally positioned to let listeners continuously rise and fall.

Buck’s ‘Gold BD’ energetic groove has been created with Tanzbar Mfb. Claps and hats weave together, while gentle pads run with the track’s dynamic flow. Each artist communicates a bumping, dance floor-oriented approach to techno by its own way, rawer for Parassela, more straight and thoughtful for Limo and Buck.

About the label: 

The first purpose of the label is to feel free to propose unique music to the people. Transition LAB wants to merge the connections together in an unique big community in order to create a strong and respectable team of djs and producers to perform in front of the italian techno scene.


Artist: Synthek & Audiolouis. Title: Unwise Remix Series #1. Label: Natch Records.
Release date: 09-02-2015. Format: 12″.


  • A1 / Thread Between Us (Tadeo Remix)
  • A2 / Broken Pad (Aubrey Remix)
  • B1 / Unwise (Polar Intertia Remix)

About the release: 

“Unwise Remix Series” has the involvement of artists which represent the main points of SynthekAudiolouis and their references and inspiration. Artists who acknowledged the potential of Unwise and accepted to get involved in a great re-edition of the principal cuts of the album.

Tadeo inaugurates this first installment with an outstanding reinterpretation of “Thread Between Us”. Keeping the aggressive mood of the original, raising the impetus with slender hi-hats, haunting chords and devilish synth-lines. Elements that clearly manifest in the powerful imprint of the spanish producer. Aubrey concludes the first side with a sophisticated rework of “Broken Pad”: an unpredictable groove made of fluctuating bleeps and drums, embraced by spacey soundscapes strewn with sonic drills and fragments. Delivering the final blow on the flipside,

Polar Inertia’s work can be seen more like a long journey, than an actual remix of Unwise, the main track which gives the name to the album. The final 8-minute-cut brings an extreme dose of deepness to the release, pervading it of a surreal atmosphere crossed by violent droning flashes, while from a dusty, heavily texturized basslines rises a thin but empowering beat, that finally embrace the distinctive (and desynchronized) riff from the original. A superlative gathering of styles and influences that leads the Synthek & Audiolouis sound to a completely new level, giving the chance to re-study the Unwise album from different, refined perspectives.


Artist: Planetary Assault Systems. Title: The Eyes Themselves. Label: Mote-Evolver.
Release date: 23-02-2015. Format: 12″ & digital download


  • A1 / 1. The Eyes Themselves
  • A2 / 2. Strange Attractor
  • B / 3. Arc

About the release:

Since the release of the Temporary Suspension LP on Ostgut Ton in 2009, foreman of Planetary Assault Systems, Luke Slater has validated his presence in the scene over the past 20 years by defining the genre’s past and will continuing to define its future. Subsequently The Messenger LP as well as the No Exit and Future Modular EPs proved he perpetually rests on the cusp of modern techno. While he has spread his allegiances across a number of the genre’s best labels, his own Mote Evolver label is, understandably, a source of the most compelling work from the man: the No Exit and Deep Heet Vol. 3 EPs being two of his more recent high-quality offerings. That trend seems set to continue with the release of Planetary Assault Systems’ The Eyes Themselves EP.

The title track is indeed a kind of treat for the mind’s eye – after a conventional rhythmic lead in, Slater gets down to business and unveils a few layers of crisp and captivating sound design. Irregular droplets of high-frequency sound fade in and then seem to fall around the listener like glowing rain on the surface of a distant planet, before receding and making way for more subtle phrases. All the while, fluctuations in the aggressiveness and persistence of the cymbal tracks fight to wrest the listener’s attention away from this mesmerizing rain, making for an intriguing push-pull effect.

Elsewhere, it is a sign of Slater’s strength that a track named for a well-known concept within  dynamical systems («Strange Attractor») doesn’t come across as a completely arbitrary guess at what such a concept might ‘sound’ like. A number of lightly accented, quickly decaying microsounds come together here to become more than the sum of their parts, certainly connoting dynamism and at the very least keeping up a serviceable spaced-out groove.

Now, for those who prefer the grit and tension of urban reality to dancing numbers or speculation on other worlds, have no fear – the closing «Arc» is powered along by dirty filtered phrases, a faintly menacing shaker sample and the occasional impolite release of steam from the grating beneath your feet. It gives one the uneasy feeling of stalking in the shoes of a professional assassin, and it wouldn’t be out of place in some documentary film on the same.

Few sonic artists can go from an atmosphere of oneiric wonder to one of cold intensity in just a few short steps, let alone doing this in a techno music genre that has little margin for error when it comes to conjuring atmospheres. As such, The Eyes Themselves once again demonstrates Slater’s lasting contribution to techno: maintaining its reputation as a tool for stimulating both intellectual and physical energy, for aiding restless peregrinations of thought and for giving the body its freedom.

Artist: DSX. Title: Confussion EP. Label: LCR.
Release date: 29-01-2015. Genre: techno, industrial.


1. DSX – Confussion
2. DSX – Confussion (George Apergis vs Alex Retsis remix)
3. DSX – Distraction
4. DSX – Distraction (R.N.T.S Remix)
5. DSX – Distraction (Pepe Arcade consumed remix)


Artist: Simon Haydo. Title: The Bodies Obtained. Label: Balans.
Release date: 26-01-2015 & 2-02-2015. Genre: Techno, Detroit.


A1 / Overheat
A2 / Infatuation
B1 / Transmitters
B2 / Abandoned

About the release: 

We welcome Lebanese born, Stockholm based techno DJ & producer Simon Haydo in our midst. This exceptional talent has already made waves with his own label, DEM Records and the infamous Studio Barnhus label.
He delivers 4 trademark hypnotic little monsters for BALANS. Classic & retro sounding tracks. An offering that is dynamic yet feels contemporary at the same time. Itʼs Simonʼs strongpoint to be able to create a lot of tension, suspense and dynamics with only a few elements, very much like old masters such as Daniel Bell and Robert Hood.

About the artist:

As a DJ, producer and label manager, with tracks and EP’s on respected labels such as Studio Barnhus, Balans, Stockholm LTD and MindTrip set for 2014, Simon Haydo is without a doubt one to keep an eye on.

Born in Lebanon, raised in the outskirts of Stockholm, Haydo has been collecting and playing vinyl since the late nineties. After holding a residency at Stockholm’s legendary underground party “Kruthuset” in the mid 00′s, he went on to start producing music. Haydo released his debut EP in 2008 on Stockholm LTD. In 2013 Simon Haydo started the vinyl-only imprint “DEM” to function as a platform for his own productions, releasing a new EP every 7 weeks. Haydo’s music can be described as classic yet contemporary, Detroit and Chicago influenced Techno. He relies on old-school aesthetics both when producing music and preparing DJ sets.

Artist: The Noisemaker. Title: Travelers EP (part three). Label: Raw Waxes.
Release date: 26-01-2015. Genre: Techno


1 – The Noisemaker – Shuttle
2 – The Noisemaker – Shuttle (Abstract Division Remix)
3 – The Noisemaker – Shuttle (Blind Observatory Remix)

About the release:

The third issue of Raw Waxes’ release number four is on the way. After featuring Mike Parker, Haiku, Inigo Kennedy and Korova as remixers of The Noisemaker, this time we see Abstract Division and Blind Observatory reinterpreting ‘Shuttle’, the final track of the series. Shuttle starts with a fat kick and a psychedelic synth, bleep and acid elements go back and forth, up and down, appearing from the gloom of the artist’ soul. Hi-hats, acid and bleep evolve together, embracing acidity and generating a naughty groove. Abstract Division’s reinterpretation is clearly a 4/4 dance floor oriented. Based on the evolution of the acid patterns as a minded loop, the dutch duo adds 909 hi-hats and claps, transforms the the kick-bass structure, reaching a trusted track for exciting moments into clubs. Blind Observatory’s remix is the gentle side of the record. Starting slowly and lightly, the artist sets a mellow synth plus clean hi-hats, turning the production into a sweet IDM caress. A personal, delicate cut appraising the entire release.

About the label: 

Black vinils, no love for compromises, just techno.

Artist: P.E.A.R.L. Title: Four Cardinal EP. Label: Falling Ethics.
Release date: 09-01-2015. Genre: techno.


B2. IVC (Svreca Remix)

About the release:

We are back with the third release, from label’s boss P.E.A.R.L. and his “Four Cardinal” EP. Two original tracks all together with an excellent remix from none other than the Semantica’s label boss, Svreca.

A Side: Original photo by MonochromeLaboratory™


Artist: Arad. Title: Haon. Label: Electric Deluxe
Release date: 19-01-2015


  • A1 / 1. Basswave
  • A2 / 2. Fourty Four
  • B1 / 3. Gedup Awa Dat
  • B2 / 4. NCS
  • 5. Grand Job (digital Download)
  • 6. Tapper (digital Download)

About the release:

Over the years Electric Deluxe has become a beacon for established names to test out new projects, and it’s with great pleasure we welcome another unknown into the fold. Arad is the freshfaced solo guise of Dara Smith, best known as one half of Lakker. Together with partner Ian McDonell, the pair have been making music for over a decade, in recent years honing their insidious and deftly idiosyncratic take on techno for labels like Blueprint, Stroboscopic Artefacts and R&S. But whilst McDonell has found the time to prune his own solo career as Eomac, Smith has been fully occupied with Lakker and working as a motion graphics designer. Until now, that is.

‘Haon EP’ is Smith’s debut release as Arad. Bolstered by years of experimentation and experience, and written with the same capricious approach to style that’s made Lakker’s rise such a joy to chart, ‘Haon EP’ is a veritable feast of intriguing composition and influences. Opening with the aptly titled roller “Basswave” and screwed-up sounds of “Fourty Four” before flipping over to
the staccato march of “Gedup awa dat” and warped Warpness of closer “NCS”, ‘Haon EP’ is one for the headphones as much for the dancefloor, that continues to reward with every listen. Digital bonus tracks “Grand Job” and “Tapper” then show Smith take another turn entirely, proving Arad to be a project definitely worth keeping tabs on.

Lakker’s stream on SoundCloud:

Artist: Grey Branches. Title: Lower Bounds. Label: Inner Surface.
Release date: 08-12-2014. Genre: Techno, industrial, noise.


  • A1 – Exsolve
  • A2 – Lower Bounds
  • B1 – Binate
  • B2 – Plangent

About the release: 

Inner Surface Music are very proud to present Grey Branches a new project by Yves De Mey. It brings together his love for straightforward technoid tracks and his known interest in experimentation. Grey Branches deliberately aims at the floor without losing the focus on sound design. It serves as the ideal output for Yves’ take on distorted rhythms and linear arrangements.

‘Exsolve’ opens proceedings with a truly unique take on broken techno rhythms, playful yet commanding synthesis intertwines with low slung baselines. ‘Lower Bounds’ enters us into a psychedelic dimension that we have never entered before, slow robotic drums and synths bleep and modulate as we enter the void to float into a parallel universe. ‘Binate’ stomps and kicks with ferocity, the synths build and swarm like a giant mechanical wasp ready for the sting. A powerful and dynamic track that will encapsulate any dance floor.

‘Plangent’ is an experimental modular workout a perfect amalgamation of sounds that melds between metallic and organic sound sources with great intensity and precision.

About the artist:

Yves De Mey’s musical path consists of many different roads. During the second half of the 90’s, his releases were clearly rooted in breakbeats and UK drum’n’bass. Soon after that, through working for theater and dance performances and doing large scale sound installations, his interest in experimental sound design found its way into his music.

In 2009 his album «Lichtung» was released by the influential Line label. Around that time, De Mey’s main tool in the studio became his ever-expanding modular synthesizer system. This definitely changed his way of working and obviously his sound as well, shifting from an elaborate niftiness in the digital realm to an obsessive cable-patched shaping of the real sound of electricity.

In 2011, Sandwell District found the time right to widen their dance-floor techno-scope and released De Mey’s Counting Triggers, a 6-track album that interprets club music in a downtempo electrified fashion. 2013 was an extremely busy year with remix duties on SonuoS, and releases on Modal Analysis, Opal Tapes, Archives Intérieures and others.

Yves De Mey also works together with Peter Van Hoesen as Sendai, and they both run Archives Intérieures, a label for challenging and sophisticated electronic music.

Artist: Alex Tomb. Title: Drinks from a pop Life. Label: LCR
Release date: 25.11.2014. Genre: Techno, minimal.


1. Alex Tomb – 2000 Reasons To Remember
2. Alex Tomb – 2000 Reasons To Remember (Aerts remix)
3. Alex Tomb – Drinks From Pop Life
4. Alex Tomb – Drinks From Pop Life (Alessan Main remix)

About the release:

Alex Tomb is back on his LCR family with 2 new tracks, on his personal sound hi found 2000 reasons to remember who is Alex, To this 2000 eeasons we have to add one reason more, Aerts owner of Authentic Pew label make an awesome reason to grab this release.

Drinks from a pop life not comes alone in that round we add Alessan Main owner of Alss to make his round directly, no doubts, a must have release.

About the artist:

Alex hailing from Cyprus, and now living in Berlin, started to DJ at the beginning of the noughties and earned his residency at klubd, Nicosia since its reopening in 2008. An experienced and visionary DJ that can take you on a journey at any time and place.


Artist: Pete Oak. Title: Beentouched 18. Label: Sincopat.
Release date: 10-11-2014 (Beatport). Genre: Electronica


  • 1. Pete Oak – Smoke & Ashes
  • 2. Pete Oak – Flashes

About the release:

The outstanding Sincopat Been Touched series is back with another electronic music gem. Following its leitmotiv, this new release brings you a new pack of exciting and freestyle dance music, moving further away of conceptualism and rules. Sincopat Beentouched is a new gateaway for music artists to put their fresh ideas into. Eighteenth EP comes by the new and rising talent Pete Oak.


Artist: Markus Mashur. Title: Blurred Devotion. Label: Authentic Pew
Release date: 07.11.2014. Genre: Techno, Industrial.


1. Markus Mashur – Blurred Devotion 1
2. Markus Mashur – Blurred Devotion 2
3. Markus Mashur – Blurred Devotion 3
4. Markus Mashur – Blurred Devotion 4

About the release:

From the deep and raw side of techno comes the artist markus masuhr.he lives in leipzig/germany and is the labelboss from the recordlabel «pragmat» and the netlabel «insectorama». Markus started with electronic music in 1993 with friends at a youth club and illegal parties in Leipzig, he went on spinning techno records till 1997.

About the artist:

From the deep and raw side of techno comes the artist markus masuhr.he lives in leipzig/germany and is the labelboss from the recordlabel «pragmat» and the netlabel «insectorama». Markus started with electronic music in 1993 with friends at a youth club and illegal parties in Leipzig, he went on spinning techno records till 1997.After a three-year-detour over hip hop – Markus was a DJ of local sound crews – he eventually came back to 4/4 rhythms. Joining various party crews in Leipzig, Markus made himself a name as a highly skilled techno DJ.

At the same time, Markus came to appreciate deep and raw techno and following to the dubtechno sound. Till this day, deep and raw techno and dubtechno sound are his main influences. When turning to produce electronic music himself in 2003, he chose to express his versatile style preferences in his own works as well – making tracks and live acts ranging from deep techno with dub elements to raw techno. in the last years he has published on countless netlabels[insectorama/nulabel/deepindub/tropic…]worldwide. In the middle of the year 2012 starts his own 12inch techno recordlabel «pragmat».only for his own interpretation of pure deep and raw techno with dubtechno elements. He himself describes his sound as techno that you feel approaching from the rear of the hard but deep with chords echos and delays in a 4/4 pattern dubtechno construct.


Artist: Silvie Loto. Title: Crying Love EP. Label: Bpitch Control
Release date: 21-11-2014. Genre: Electronica


01. Silvie Loto – Crying Love
02. Silvie Loto – Flow
03. Silvie Loto – Breeze
04. Silvie Loto – Woo

About the release:

The music of Silvie Loto can be quite an enchanted place. The tracks of her „Crying Love EP“ reinforce this presumption. Inside are wonderful electronic musings, predestinated for hopelessly getting lost.

With her melodies, this talented Italian artist, sets emotional priorities. Fragments of her voice are smartly installed. Deeply laid-back rhythms frame the multilayering atmospheres.

The title track leads the way and gives rise to a pleasurably floating experience. Hereafter „Flow“ is flowing very close to the heart centre. The third track, „Breeze“, is even more lost in reverie and manifests deep emotions. At the end, „Woo“ takes us on a trip far outside with its beats and the whopping wafting tones.


Artist: Heiko Laux. Title: Fernweh. Label: Kanzleramt.
Release date: November 27, 2014. Genre: Electronica.


  • A1 / 1. Brace
  • A2 / 2. Hexagon
  • B1 / 3. Fernweh
  • B2 / 4. Neutron
  • C1 / 5. There There
  • C2 / 6. Shimmer
  • D1 / 7. Rowing
  • D2 / 8. Align

About the release:

The twentieth anniversary of Kanzleramt marks a significant milestone in the career of Heiko Laux. Label owner since the beginning in 1994, he brings to us his impressive fifth solo album filling a void in contemporary electronic music. Keeping consistent to his style, rhythmically challenging patterns flutter throughout the album making it a solid, coherent 8-piece composition. Hints of Detroit techno permeate the collection with drastic chord changes that gently tinker with the boundary between techno and trance.

With nature as a strong influence in the creative process, the replication of its kookaburra trill can be found throughout each piece. However, the bird itself carries significance in this collection, as it is a migratory bird that can found in many habitats similar to an individual suffering from fernweh.

With the first track “Brace” as a smooth introductory to the album, a steady downtempo slowly climbs into a persuasive bass-line setting the tone for the succeeding tracks. “Hexagon” on the other hand dives straight into a deep resounding kick making it clear this collection is also effective on the dance floor. The title track, “Fernweh,” plays a significant role in the essence of the album not only toying with its definition but in its resonating tone. With the meaning as a desire to be anywhere but the familiar, simultaneously distorted violins and ominous organs embody a longing for a far off land. Slow pattering hi-hats filled with reverb resonate to resemble a timeless techno sound. Imagination wanders far and wide wondering if we are on earth or traveling far out into the constellations.

“Neutron,” the fourth track on the album acts a perfect mediator, cutting the compilation into two whilst keeping consistent with galactic sonorities, it makes way for the next track “There There”. With its bouncing bass that mimics a throbbing acid line, it is a powerful track made with the dance floor in mind as it climaxes into rhythmic cymbals. “Shimmer” arrives with perfect timing, acting as a short peacemaker cleansing the palate. With its calming tone, the overlaying palpitations, it longingly awaits the heavy kick of “Rowing.” Consistent of the albums modulating notes and references to remoteness, its title references the journey of not only listening but also creating this collection as a whole. With “Align” as a very powerful final track, it slowly begins to decompress, each note beginning to vanish gently helping you land with feet back on the ground.

It is with great passion and experience that Heiko Laux is able to bring to us such an emotive and climactic selection as Kanzleramt continues to occupy the abyss in today’s techno culture.

Artist: The Noisemaker. Title: Travelers Ep. Label: Raw Waxes.
Release date: 27-10-2014. Genre: Techno


[C] The Noisemaker – Point X15
[D1] The Noisemaker – Point X15 (Korova remix)
[D2] The Noisemaker – Point X15 (Inigo Kennedy remix)

About the release: 

Raw Waxes continues the release number four with one more original track from The Noisemaker. The edition 4.2 is enriched by the remixes of Korova, duo who were protagonists of our first release, and Inigo Kennedy, old school artist truly appreciated by Raw Waxes. On Side C, Point X15 advances as an acid robot going ahead with swollen broken baselines covering sinister and rough ambients. The rhythm gets darker and nimbler as far as the stylus moves on the decks. On the Side D, Korova delivers the mirror of their hypnotic and straight techno soul. Drums play hard, ambients are kept happily enjoyable, while the acid synths and chords go with the flow embellishing the original version. Inigo Kennedy’s reinterpretation seems to come from early ’90 productions on Missile Records. Acid elements and palpitating hi-hats, followed by the syncopated bass drum, gradually fire  the minds up and accelerate the roll of weird but deep moments. Pure industrial machine guns.

About the label: 

Black vinils, no love for compromises, just techno.


Artist/Label: Rhythmath. Title: 001
Release date: 27-10-2014. Genre: Techno


A1 – 001a
A2 – 001b
B – 001c

About the release:

«Mathematical rotes.A continuum none wishes to give up.Deep bars, groove pads,diverse elements entering and modifying structures, feelings, situations. As if it could go on forever. The path is always the same: gently bumping.»

About the label:

Rhythmath is the fusion of rhythm and mathematics. Rhythm is a regular recurrence in time and can be applied to a variety of cyclical natural phenomena having a periodicity or frequency of anything from microseconds to millions of years. The rhythm is basically the groove and a groove is an understanding of rhythmic patterning or feel and an intuitive sense of a cycle in motion. The aim of the label is to release music in which different rhythmic ratios are combined bringing you to dance loosing the sense of time.

Artist: Maurizio Cascella. Title: Oil On Canvas. Label: Wonder Wet Records.
Release date: 20-10-2014. Genre: Techno, electronica.


  • A. Old Rose
  • B. Black Of Mars

Press release:

Maurizio Cascella’s debut on Wonder Wet Records, a first single with an unarguably techno flavor. Cascella is formerly known for his Elettronica Romana productions, a label which marked a specific period in history in the Italian capital, through a style and sound that has included performers like Brando Lupi, Attilio Tucci, Donato Dozzy and Giorgio Gigli. Founder of Concrete Records, Cascella treads his path with a sophisticated, unordinary sound.

A side – Old Rose: it is distinguished by the constantly present rhythm, sometimes experimental but without ever losing the groove, which in turn supports the architecture of the track lending space for creativity to the bass and the leads.

B side – Black of Mars: a markedly techno sounding track with rhythmic construction, it takes you into a hypnotic and unravelling world, expressing a very contemporary way of making electronic music.

About Maurizio Cascella:

The first thing you notice upon entering Maurizio Cascella’s studio is the huge amount of vinyl; a sign of great passion and knowledge about music. His talent is dedicated to House Music, contaminating electronic with afro and jazz sounds; a peculiarity that makes him an extremely eclectic Dj in the local radio. Maurizio began his career at a very young age: at only sixteen, he carved out important spaces in the best clubs of the Adriatic coast. Passion, study and instinct, are the ingredients of his success. In a short time period, his innovative style brings him to play in the most exclusive clubs in Italy. As a teen Maurizio collaborated with the Argentinean Mazzarulli; the first recording experience is “Keeping Depth EP” on the label UMM.

From Pescara he moves to Sardinia to experience nights over nights and Successes over successes. For fifteen years he has been behind the console at the Blues Café of Porto Cervo and other Italian clubs. At the same time, he organizes events for the Ritual of Baia Sardinia, raising local levels of absolute artistic and musical value. In Sardinia, he met the owner of the Club Goa of Rome, Giancarlino. Between the two comes an intense musical and professional understanding.

When the time came for the big jump; Rome became the artistic home of Maurizio. Who comes with a storm of ideas emphasizing a creative pluralistic identity. Italy’s Capital adopts him, keeping him tight; Maurizio has today a strong bond with the capital by collaborating with the Roman club GOA.

The summer on the island is a catalyst that will attract DJ producers such as Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, and many others. A catalyst of new exclusive locations, parties, Jet-Set. There is a short step in the expansion from Italy to Europe. London offers him different sets to perform. In 2005, he began a permanent collaboration with the Drunkey Monkey and with Bar 54. He also plays at the club Sosho and Retox during evenings. His music resonates from the Thames until Danube.

Artist: Eric FetcherTitle: Soundhack. Label: LCR .
Release date: 03-10-2014. Genre: Techno.


1. Eric Fetcher – Link Pl 2
2. Eric Fetcher – Soundhack
3. Eric Fetcher – Stimulus
4. Eric Fetcher – Universal
5. Eric Fetcher – Zenith

Press release:

Eric comes back to LCR family with another powefull analog release, 5 tracks of pure synths and groove. Old school style of a new era.

Believe in music, Believe in LCR !

Mastering by : Right Peak level
Artwork Artist: Gustavo Cardenas.


Artist: Sleeparchive // Mike Parker. Label: REPITCH Recordings
Release date: 19-09-2014. Genre: Techno.


  • A1 / 1 Sleeparchive – ‘Fifth Station’
  • A2 / 2 Sleeparchive – ‘LOOP1’
  • A3 / 3 Sleeparchive – ‘LOOP2
  • A4 / 4 Sleeparchive – ‘White Angel Breadline’
  • B1 / 5 Mike Parker – ‘Flying Nerves’
  • B2 / 6 Mike Parker – ‘Lustrum’

Press release:

Sleeparchive’s influential minimalistic power appears in combination with the unique, endlessly evolving sound of Mike Parker together for the first time on the RPTCH04 split EP.

Sleeparchive starts off on the A side, creating industrious textures with ‘Fifth Station’ followed by two locked grooves that lead to A4, ‘White Angel Breadline’, a mesmerizing track with Sleeparchive’s classic timbre and brightness.

Mike Parker is responsible for one of the most recognizable sounds of Techno which is characterized by sublime, fluid atmospheres and neverending hypnotic sequences. REPITCH Recordings introduces him on the B-side with ‘Flying Nerves’ and ‘Lustrum’, leaving an indelible mark on the eleventh release of the Italian Berlin based label.

 Mike Parker bio:

Mike Parker’s recorded discography spans 20 years. His reputation has been growing as he continues to release original, challenging techno music with a unique and artistic vision. Sonically, Parker’s tracks encompass the powerful sub-bass polyrhythms of hard techno and the sublime atmosphere of analogue synthesis. Almost all of his recorded material is created live with no edits and no overdubs in the final mix. Parker’s sound is pure as it is raw, yet elegant and refined.
Trained as a visual artist, Mike is known for designing the editions of his Geophone imprint with limited edition screen prints and many records from his back catalogue are considered to be collector’s items.

Hailing from New York, Mike Parker is an outstanding DJ who brings original and exclusive tracks to every gig he plays. His recent gigs in Tokyo, Athens, Rome, Berlin and Brussels have solidified his reputation as a techno ambassador and selector extraordinaire.

About REPITCH Recordings:

REPITCH is the result of the collaboration of two young artists from Naples: Ascion and D.Carbone. The duo starts from the exploration of several different music, always reconnectable to techno and minimal. With the passing of time and after three years living together, they start to develop their own project. Shapednoise’s contribution turns out to be significant to introduce a highly individualistic and experimental style. REPITCH is not only music for clubs or the umpteenth label following pop stream. It sounds without prejudice.

The project sets up as an experimentation of many music forms that tend to cross the canons dictated by dance floor. From «Raw Techno» to «Industrial» and «Deep», from electronic music to almost abstract sonorities. It revisits also what has been the «old school», drawing it near futuristic arrangements. Releases are characterized by a design concept that makes REPITCH a label with a strong trademark. Here the artist is free to express his/her emotions, transforming them into music.

Artist: Scott Scheferman. Title: Volcanic Organic. Label: Nighttripper Records.
Release date: 29-09-2014. Genre: Techno / Electronica


  • A1. Scott Scheferman – Volcanic Organic (Original mix)
  • A2. Scott Scheferman – Volcanic Organic (Robert Armani remix)
  • B1. Scott Scheferman – Volcanic Organic (The Nighttripper remix)

Press release:

Nighttripper Records is born!
The first is from the US Native Scott Scheferman it’s a cold stomper with jerky sounds and stomping distorted 909 kick. On a pleasant BPM still playable in any techno set. Watch out for this guy !!!!

On the remix we have Robert Armani who delivers a minimal but ruthless effort for the Big Room and will please the hardcore fans On the B side Orlando strikes back as the Nighttripper with some funky mayhem!!!!!!!

Worldwide Manufacturing and Distribution by Re.birth


Artist: Syntax Error. Title: Ping Rate. Label: Snork Enterprises.
Release date: 12-09-2014. Genre: electronica


  • A – Marionette – Like Fucker
  • B – Jellyfish Pointcloud

Press release: 

Listen to the pulse of sound, because Snork #71 is turning up the ping rate right to the top! With this year’s third release, Snork Enterprises presents a sonic blast with two brand new tracks by Mr. Snork himself, aka Christian Schachta aka Syntax Error.

Motherfucker move your Ass! The catchy beat of “Marionette-like Fucker” holds every string tight in his hand. Like a virtuous puppeteer, with each ping of sound, this track forces your body into motion. So just let go and leave yourself to the stunning bass-lines getting into play with perfectly aligned groovy techno sounds. All strings attached to the dance floor!

Turn around and come deeper. Deep down below where the light is dark and your head feels dizzy; where acoustic waves blow your mind. Feel the underwater moaning of the clunk of heavy working machines somewhere far away. Hear how snoopy jellyfish sneak up right next to you. And find yourself drawn to a point cloud of deep wobbly bass lines and tricky percussion.

Syntax Error Biography:

The world of the deep and groovy techno music is the well-known territory of Syntax Error. Having started as techno DJ in the late 90ies, he soon found his very special sound favoring deep wobbly bass-lines, harsh snares, FM tones and drones, deep bass drums and tricky percussion. Like a syntax error, he breaks with commonplace regularities and creates a wholly new sound experience that is highly recognized within the techno scene.

Up to 2014, he has produced over 20 different 12” releases on the labels Snork Enterprises, Feinwerk, Relax2000 and UNDERtheGROUND Records. Each of his releases is an authentic, passionate creation of sound always mirroring some experience from his personal life – whether it’s from his adventures as scuba diving tycoon, as sonar operator or as DJ and producer enthusiastically roaming the techno club scene.


Artist: Jamie Curnrock. Title: Transportation EP. Label: Onnset Records.
Release date: 15-09-2014. Genre: Techno


  • A1. Extract
  • A2. Grown
  • B1. Transportation
  • B2. Transportation (Truss Remix)
  • DX. Scavenger (Digital exclusive)


Onnset’s first release by Jamie Curnock begins the project with an introduction into the tougher sounds from the label in the form of ‘Grown’ and ‘Transportation’.

Truss manages to take this a step further with his punishing remix. As Onnset isn’t strictly defined by a heavier sound, there is always room for the more experimental, as shown in the opening track ‘Extract’ and the deeper final track ‘Scavenger’.

More info: Pullproxy

Artist: Leander. Title: 003. Label: Leander Records.
Genre: Electronica. Release date: 18-09-2014


  • 3.1
  • 3.2
  • 3.3
  • 3.4


Artist: D. CarboneTitle: Anomalies EP. Label: Mord
Release Date: 15-09- 2014. Format: 12″ and Digital
Genre: Techno


  • A1. Irritating Collapse
  • A2. Origin
  • B1. Discernment
  • B2. Machine Elves

Artist bio:

Davide Carbone (better known as D. Carbone, class ´87) is a techno producer since his early ages.

His sound is rooted in the visionary decay of society that evolves into an acidic vision of life in general, accompanied by deep drones and glitch sonorities creating the raw and industrial, yet unique sounds.

During the past years, Davide has released on Labels like Planet Rhythm, Inner Surface Music, Dynamic Reflection and his own labels called REPITCH and 3TH. In 2013, he introduced his new moniker «Honzo» that he calls his Alter Ego – D. Carbone has a keen interest in Human Psychology – therefore the EP’s name «D. Carbone meets Honzo in a Bipolar Disorder» which appeared on 3TH Records. Carbone wants to show the world the bipolarity of expression itself and in oneself by using both of his monikers – for the A/B side.

The A-side appears in typical D. Carbone manner, revealing the will to impress with metallic-acidic trips escorted by dramatic ambients and rich bass-lines.
The B-side represents Honzo as the experimental side of Carbone’s music, focussing mainly on futuristic-breakbeats and industrial tones.

Over the years, Carbone established a strong collaboration with Ascion, who is, together with D. Carbone and Shapednoise, the third head behind REPITCH Recordings. D. Carbone is also one of the masterminds in the creation of 3TH Records. Recently, the works of D. Carbone and Ascion have resulted in various aliases such as Repitch and 3TH, that were named after and released on the homonymous labels. In the future, there will be a lot more to expect from Carbone and his surrounding artists.


Artist: Diego Hostettler. Title: Contact. Label: Belief System Records.
Release date: 23-08-2013. Genre: Techno.


  • 01. Approaching Saturn
  • 02. We Have Your Satellite
  • 03. Hiding Behind The Moon
  • 04. Mindlicker


Artist: Spear. Remixers: Miki Craven, Max_MTitle: Blood Inside. Label: White Rose Records.
Release Date. 18-08-2014.


  • A1. Blood Inside
  • A2. Blood Inside (Miki Craven Rmx)
  • B1. Searching For A Prey
  • B2. Searching For A Prey (Max_M Rmx)


Third reference of the label White Rose (part of the Dead Rose Records project) that brings together the hypnotic detroit sound of mid 90s and also the dub flavors of the mid 90s Berlin sound. The E.P. is signed by SPEAR with remixes from Max_M and Miki Craven.

More info: clic here.

Artist: Takaaki Itoh / Adriana LopezTitle: Grey Report 04. Label: Grey Report
Release date: 18-08-2014 (physical), 30-09-2014 (digital).


  • A1. Takaaki Itoh – Finder
  • A2. Takaaki Itoh – Blower
  • B1. Adriana Lopez – Between Thoughts
  • B2. Adriana Lopez – Método


Artist: Jose Poug. Title: Acronym Epidemic. Label: Dust Records.
Release date: 04-08-2014.


  1. Intro
  2. CIE-9-MC
  3. CIE-9
  4. CIE-10
  5. ICD-11

Press release:

Jose Pouj presents the sixth reference of Dust REC. where all the tracks are signed by himself. Four originals tracks and a intro where we can see the evolution of Pouj. Perhaps one of the most elaborated mental works and deep sounds that drive you an environmental atmospheric by Jose.


Artist: Sendai. Title: Monad XVIII. Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts.
Release date: 28-07-2014


  1. Isobaric 3
  2. False Entities
  3. Directive
  4. Martens’ Deficit

Press release:

Peter Van Hoesen and Yves De Mey’s joint project, Sendai, will release an exceptional new EP via Stroboscopic Artefacts’ Monad Series on July 28.

These two producers, both highly acclaimed in their own right, have so far pulled together for releases on Peter’s label Time to Express and Archives Intérieures, the experimental label they run together, as well as two tracks on a Stellate record for Stroboscopic Artefacts in 2012. The 18th edition of the Monad series finds them in fine form, exploring a rich and detailed sound with limitless freedom.

Opening track ‘Isobaric 3’ is thick with atmosphere, crammed with reverberating percussion and masterfully sculpted with 3-dimensional design. It is the kind of immersive, futuristic techno that Lucy’s label is known for, fit to move both body and mind.

‘False Entities’, the EPs most abstract offering, combines machine hiss with unnerving bleeps and metallic perc. Sendai create rhythm out of nowhere with unique style, and take the Monad manifesto of boundary-pushing to new extremes.

In techno terms, ‘Directive’ is an epic. It remains throughly engaging for over 12 minutes with twists, turns and intricate layers of sound. Beginning and ending with washes of ambience, the middle section breaks down into a repeating, tight bass sound. This track is superbly realised, both in its balance of light and dark, and in its ambitious, cinematic arrangement.

The most obvious dancefloor cut is ‘Martens’ Deficit’. Its drums are more rigidly structured than the other tracks, and pump away below brights synths and an energised high-end. ‘Martens’ Deficit’ is an incredible end to an EP that fully lives up to the high expectations that surround both its makers.

Sendai Biography

Sendai is the collaborative project by Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen. Both artists are longtime friends and share a deep passion for exploring the outer limits of the electronic music spectrum.

Sendai combines De Mey’s skillful extraction of deep and dynamic sounds from his modular synthesizer system with Van Hoesen’s keen sense of digital composition and sound design. After two 12″ releases for Time To Express in 2009 the duo took some time out to reflect on their joint musical path. The result was ‘Geotope’, a no-compromise experimental album that saw the duo moving away from the dancefloor into an altogether more varied and daring sonic domain. In 2012 Sendai also contributed two exclusive tracks to the fourth installment of the Stellate series on Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Early 2014 they released «A Smaller Divide», their second full album, this time on Archives Intérieures, the label Van Hoesen en De Mey run together.


Artist: The Magnecian (aka Mr. Statik). Title: Medea. Label: Autochtone Records.
Release date: 21-07-2014


  1. A Nostalgia
  2. B1 Your Suffering Is Mine
  3. B2 Deleterious

Press release:

The collecting season leads us to our third episode and, as if Northern winds may threaten our summer, we request assistance from redoubtable Southern war men. The search has taken us to the Greek region of Thessaly where the mighty tribe of the Magnetes still exercises solid mythological power… From this realm, a line of their descents bring us stories of initiatory and adventurous journeys, full of passionate and unconsidered love, like the one present in the myth of Medea.

As in the story, where extreme joy is followed by pulse, tragedy, vengeance and betrayal, The Magnecian reveals his inner techno instinct just to guide our paths through thunderously dark places filled with grainy drum thrills and shadowy riddims splicing with wide synths washes and cyclic chants. An epic soundtrack.

Starting with ‘Nostalgia’, a perfectly stripped down dub that builds and expands along an eerie melody floating around the groove till, suddenly, interspersed with stomping percussions, the drive of the drum and the bass leads the way to eventually shake the emptiest ground…Turn the wax and you’ll be shadowed by ‘Your Suffering Is Mine’, a tool crafted to keep things just the way they should, with 909 high hats and percussion bursts waving like blades thrown by our martial autochtone; he exquisitely manages to combine layers of noisy stabs and unfamiliar horn sounds that unravel over the course of a bouncy bassline. Finally “Deleterious”, a state of the art broken B2 acid drop, with a roaring and rumbling bassline skillfully displayed with synths and ethereal voices. It establishes a primitive dialogue between sounds, giving a Bristolian feel to this cuttingedged closure.

Far from remaining Statik, we believe this new self revealed argonaut will threaten the most remote places in our eternally cherished Techno Land. Long Live to him!!!

Stathis Kalatzis Biography:

Mr. Statik, aka Stathis Kalatzis, born in 1978, is known to many from his hugely successful residency
at Athens’ place-to-be, ‘Six D.O.G.S’. Originally heavily influenced by the 90′s breakbeat and early
hardcore scene, Statik went on to gain international recognition in the contemporary techno scene,
a long standing contribution to the community that included numerous slots at many international
renowned festivals and releases on some of the world’s leading house and techno labels.

Growing up in Volos, Greece he then moved to Athens to study Political Science at Panteion
University where he gained a firm embrace of techno music which lead to the birth of Improvize; a
mobile party with fellow DJ Chevy aimed at bringing a fresh sound of techno and house music to the
local community.

2003 saw a sharp increase in Statik’s global appearances, one of which being at the prestigious
Red Bull Music Academy in Cape Town. In the beginning of 2005 he formed the Mud Max project
alongside his friend Motek (which saw releases out on Balkon and Ware). After the second half of
2006, Mr. Statik began his solo work signing his first EPs to Karloff, Stock5 and Octopus with a
variety of tracks that embraced his moodier and more atmospheric side to techno.

In 2007 Statik was sharing his time between his local residency at Fetisch and his growing
international bookings, which included appearances at Monegros Festival and Berlin’s legendary
Tresor night. The following year proceeded with releases on UK’s Immigrant Recordings as well as
Berlin’s Rotary Cocktail and Perplex labels.

As Statik’s international recognition grew, so did the quantity of releases seeing records drop on the
likes of Mo’s Ferry and BPitch’s sister label, Memo. In 2011 his debut EP, “Even Giants Have a Soft
Spot” was released on BPitch Control, finally solidifying his involvement with Ellen Allien’s long
running label.

Following the release came further touring for the Greek artist and a popular monthly residency at
Athens’ ‘Six D.O.G.S’. It was also a year of heavy studio work that embraced a wider range of
genres, along with numerous collaborations with many different artists. His comeback on Rotary
Cocktail recordings is the first of many projects to see the light in 2013, as well a long sleuth of
records and international appearances.


Artist: D’funk. Title: Sonic Soul & Future Funk. Label: LCR
Release date: 08-07-2014


  1. D`Funk – Connors Groove
  2. D`Funk – Go Home
  3. D`Funk – My next Turn
  4. D`Funk – Vickie said

Press release:

New release has finally arrive to LCR, after some months waiting for it, here it is.
D`Funk comes with his better version showing more about analog techno side.
4 tracks full of groove.

Mastering by : Right Peak level
Artwork Artist: Gustavo Cardenas.


Artist: DVS1. Title: Klockworks 13. Label: Klockworks
Release date: 16.07-2014


  • A. Black Russian
  • B1. Creeping
  • B2. Spying

Press release:

DVS1, aka Minneapolis-raised Zak Khutoretsky, will release a new Klockworks record on the 16th of July 2014. It will be his third outing on Ben Klock’s label, following acclaimed records in both 2009 and 2011.

DVS1 is not just a techno DJ or producer, when the time is right his sets will gladly diverge into other styles to take the dancefloor where he sees fit, and his studio work too. ‘Black Russian’ sounds DVS1 like in house mode, as dub techno-inspired piano chords repeat to infinity, floating above padded kicks and moving hihats.

This is one of the lightest tracks released under the DVS1 alias, but it’s still equipped to create blissful ecstasy when played – a favourite closing track for both DVS1 and Ben Klock. Flip over to the B-side and it’s back to Zak’s usual tone of dark techno, the style exhibited on his previous two Klockworks 12″s. The eerie bleeps and haunting atmospheres of ‘Creepin’ evolve for seven minutes, driven along by shuffling high-end percussion. It is understated and subtly arranged as a tool, the kind of track DJs rely on to keep momentum building with energy and elegance.

‘Spying’ is another prime example of DVS1’s take on minimalism, it is stripped-down and makes the most of the fewest possible elements. ‘Spying’ cropped up in Ben Klock’s Fabric mix last year, and has been been a staple in his DJ sets; for good reason, it embodies the deep pulse and light/dark contrast of all Klockworks output.

2014 has already provided three stellar DVS1 releases, two on his own label Hush and this. It’s all evidence that this producr’s work in the studio is now on par with his exceptional talent behind the decks, quite a prospect for fans new and old.

Artist: Jeremiah R. Title: Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit. Label: Enklav
Release Date: 30-06-2014


  • A1 Interdimensional Beings
  • A2 Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit
  • B1 Infinite Skies
  • B2 Exile
  • B3 Illuminated Process

Press release:

“This isn’t a time-lapse,” he said, breathlessly. “This is time…collapsed.”
His eyes glazed over for a moment as he retreated deep inside himself.
“Don’t you see?” He exclaimed, wild-eyed, looking as though possessed by some silent anomaly of his own
making. “Don’t you see what this means?”

He was stammering. Shaking violently, uncontrollably, as if his bones were rebelling. The eyes had grown
wild now, roving feverishly about their sockets, trying to drink in the velveteen void that lay all around him.
Sweat poured from his sodden brow, streaking his ashen face to gather in salty pools about his mouth – not
that it cared much, held captive by a different sort of chaos. Words were failing him, you see. No matter.
What use did he have for such abstract glyphs anymore? The world had fallen away. He was all alone. At
last, he could begin.

From dreamy opener “Interdimensional Beings” through to its synthy, Detroit-summoning close, there’s
something instantly warm and familiar about ‘Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit’. Conjuring up memories of
all those records you used to play and love, here Enklav. newcomer Jeremiah flexes wraithlike machine
music into an array of contemplative floor jams. With its fuzzy electro pulse, tracks like “Interplanetary
Phenomenon Unit” allude to some spectral Drexciya. Elsewhere Warp and Rephlex leave their dusty,
haunted steps. But these references are only fleeting and incomplete because, like the rest of the Enklav.
collection, this is music in a world of its own.


Artist: Sterac. Title: Klockworks 12. Label: Klockworks
Release Date: 23-06-2014


  • A1 Track 2
  • A2 Rotary
  • B1 In Circles
  • B2 Scheepsrecht

Press release:

Dutch techno legend Steve Rachmad, aka STERAC, joins the Klockworks ranks with an outstanding four-track EP, set for release on June 23rd.

For almost 20 years, Steve Rachmad has concentrated on the kind of melodic, grooved club tracks that DJs love, releasing on labels such as Music Man, Rejected, Tresor and Wolfskuil. Over this time, he has been responsible for some of techno’s true classics, ‘Astronotes’, ‘Asphynx’ and ‘Thera’ to name a few.

The particular tracks signed by Ben Klock for KW12 draw from a number of the styles STERAC has explored over the years, and each add something else of their own.

Opener ‘Track 2’ is punchy and brilliantly executed, setting the tone for the rest of the EP. It centres around coarse mid-range notes that develop throughout and bind the warm lows with high-frequency hiss.

Rachmad uses a similar sound palette on ‘Rotary’, a track that featured prominently in Ben Klock’s Fabric mix CD. This time he opts for a more spacious mix, allowing the unpredictable texture of hardware to create a retro bassline sure to get any crowd moving.

‘In Circles’ is deep and moody, but with uplifting strings and a Detroit feel. The strings give ‘In Circles’ the 3-dimensional, sci-fi quality that often marks out techno of the highest order, they are bouncy but reserved in their arrangement, keeping the track’s energy in perfect balance.

‘Scheepsrecht’ ends this release in style. The producer weaves the core elements with canny arrangement and an endlessly-dynamic mix, resulting in hypnotic, hard-as-nails club gear.

Bringing old-school production values up-to-date and keeping that unmistakable Dutch flavour, STERAC shows another side to the Klockworks sound. KW12 is sure to be on constant rotation amongst techno DJs of all styles, and will prove itself to be yet another essential Rachmad record.

Sterac Biography:

Since his earliest productions, Amsterdam’s electronic music pioneer Steve Rachmad has created a legion of monikers for his compositions. We’ve seen tracks from Black Scorpion, Tons of Tones, Rachmad Project, Scorp, Parallel 9, Ignacio, Dreg, Sterac Electronics, and many more come out of his studio …

One of the main characters living on Planet Rachmad has always been STERAC: one of Steve’s personalities with a musical nature that’s hard to pin down. Let’s say that where Steve has used other aliases for excursions to more dub-, disco-, or house- oriented records, STERAC’s focus has always been on the no-nonsense, darker and deeper side of techno.

The STERAC discography consists of classic tracks on labels such as M-Plant and Tresor, and in 2012 remixes of his legendary 1995 album Secret Life Of Machines demonstrated the lingering quality of this piece; reinterpretations by Ricardo Villalobos, Joris Voorn, and Marc Romboy to name a few, proved a big hit among fans and colleagues.

This year, releases appear on Klockworks and Delsin, while his schedule takes him on a tour past the worlds !nest clubs; from Berlin’s Berghain to Tokyo’s Womb, and from Output in New York to Club Rex in Paris. On top of that there will be a selected series of remixes coming your way.


Artist: Label: LISS C. Title: Ascent. Label: LCSERIES
Release Date: 25-06-2014


  1. Liss C. – Ascent (Oscar Mulero remix)
  2. Liss C. – Ascent
  3. Liss C. – Ascent Us (Ben Gibson remix)
  4. Liss C. – Ascent Us

Press release:

LCSERIES come’s back with the fourth reference, dark and bright, Ascent. The A-side is covered at night. The darker side, the most ravenous, the more forceful, the wildest. Starring Oscar Mulero remix of the original track Ascent. Oscar’s personal style makes to be all part of the sound composed through the original topic. In turn, Liss C. remind us, that their tracks are by and for the club.

Where once again the strength and analog sounds provide in harmony. The B side is covered by light. The melodic side, the most addictive, which takes you to the heaven. Starring Ben Gibson remix, creating a masterpiece that will be spined again and again, bells and stabs That Make you flight away. Here Liss C. demists the darkness to let the strength with the light in harmony, a stairway to heaven, from the dance floor.

LCSERIES04 is a limited edition just a few copies, with stickers and covers inside of the wax.


Ascent – Liss C. – Promo Under by Undermagazine on Mixcloud

Artist: Cassegrain. Title: Blood Distributed as Pure Colour. Label: Prologue.
Release Date: 24-06-2014


  1. A1 Blood Distributed as Pure Colour
  2. B1 Yokai
  3. B2 Hexagon Fifteen

Press release: 

Prologue presents three new tracks from the Berlin based Cassegrain. This new EP draws in the focus as we see the duo further finesse their sonic language of complex tribal percussion and intense acidic elements. In anticipation of Cassegrain’s debut full-length due in autumn 2014, this next chapter of tracks – not taken from the LP, but acting as a sound manifesto of sorts – highlights their ongoing explorations.

When you close your eyes and stare into nothingness, that private virtual space, what does your brain see? Shimmering cells dancing in the void, clouds in your consciousness, the particle elements of a distant past – blood distributed as pure colour.

Cassegrain invite us to spark a connection with the ancients lying dormant within. Across three intense tribal studies, exploring fine potions of voodoo acids and hypnotic extra-sensory sonics, we are transported to places far and exotic. Up the winding rivers, into the jungle landscapes of our ancestors, where rhythm is sacred and blood is power.

Cassegrain Biography:

Cassegrain originated via a chance meeting at the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona. The Berlin based duo, now well established in the sphere of electronic music, has found a home in Prologue Music after having several releases with the label including the highly acclaimed double 12″ «Tiamat». They have also appeared on Modal Analysis, M_Rec Ltd and Semantica while their ongoing collaboration with Tin Man is released through Berlin based Killekill.

Cassegrain have become known for their intricate, hardware based live sets which they have performed worldwide, from Berlin’s Berghain, Barcelona’s Sonar Festival to Tokyo and Taipei. 2014 will be a big year for the pair; they have been busy in the role of remixers, as well as getting the treatment themselves. «Tiamat Remixes» will be released in May, followed by their new EP «Blood Distributed as Pure Colour». This will be a new chapter for Cassegrain and will act as a sound manifesto of sorts for their debut album coming in Autumn.


Artist: Wata Igarashi. Title: Junctions. Label: Midgar Records.
Release Date: 25-06-2014


  1. A1 Junctions
  2. A2 Flare
  3. B1 The Summon
  4. B2 Hitodama

Press release:

Diverse and elaborated EP, composed by four tracks, which well explore the rears of deep techno. Junctions is a restless concatenations of halfway beats, which lays on background made of pulsating noises, while Flare is a slow and regular march ascending to the higher spheres. Vibes drastically changes on the B-side. Killer basslines and powerful drums are building up the structure of clearly dance floor oriented The Summon, whilst for the last and most alienating track ‘Hitodama’, the Artist was able to draw a resonant shape of the nocturnal Blue Fires, floating inhabitants of cemeteries and forests in the ancient Folklore, which seems like gathering in order to dance ‘till the morning lights. A first release that fully represents Identity and Concept behind the newborn Berlin-based Midgar Records.

Midgar Label concept: 

Born in April 2014, Midgar Records is a Berlin based label that aims to bring innovative features into modern techno, and to deliver a new and meaningful sound loaded with positive energy. Leaving the trends behind, Midgar has a wide range of interests spanning from Deep Techno to Ambient and Downtempo. A sound which tells stories as people are dancing.