Artist: Wata Igarashi. Title: Junctions. Label: Midgar Records.
Release Date: 25-06-2014


  1. A1 Junctions
  2. A2 Flare
  3. B1 The Summon
  4. B2 Hitodama

Press release:

Diverse and elaborated EP, composed by four tracks, which well explore the rears of deep techno. Junctions is a restless concatenations of halfway beats, which lays on background made of pulsating noises, while Flare is a slow and regular march ascending to the higher spheres. Vibes drastically changes on the B-side. Killer basslines and powerful drums are building up the structure of clearly dance floor oriented The Summon, whilst for the last and most alienating track ‘Hitodama’, the Artist was able to draw a resonant shape of the nocturnal Blue Fires, floating inhabitants of cemeteries and forests in the ancient Folklore, which seems like gathering in order to dance ‘till the morning lights. A first release that fully represents Identity and Concept behind the newborn Berlin-based Midgar Records.

Midgar Label concept: 

Born in April 2014, Midgar Records is a Berlin based label that aims to bring innovative features into modern techno, and to deliver a new and meaningful sound loaded with positive energy. Leaving the trends behind, Midgar has a wide range of interests spanning from Deep Techno to Ambient and Downtempo. A sound which tells stories as people are dancing.