Artist: Cio D’Or. Title: «all in all». Label: Semantica.
Release date: May 18th 2015. Genre: Electronica, ambient.


CD (May 18th 2015)
after and before
1. after and before
2. tomorrow was yesterday
3. now and then
4. now is ever

floor x
6. XI
7. XXXXIIII for Mike

yocta to yotta
9. hecto
10. yotta
11. yocta
12. zepto

LP (April 13th 2015)
after and before
A1. after and before
A2. tomorrow was yesterday
B1. now and then
B2. now is ever

floor x
C2. XI
D1. XXXXIIII for Mike

EP (May 18th 2015)
yocta to yotta
A1. hecto
A2. yotta
B1. yocta
B2. zepto

About the release:

While music in its definitive nature fills both space and time, creating environments in which we live and breathe, these miniature dramaturgies string together to become the screenplay to ones existence. Sometimes chosen, and often times forced, these sounds influence the subconscious and designate emotions. Purposely flowing fluently through a spectrum ranging from theatrical to rapturous tensions that mingle through the night. Cio D’Or’s cinematic compilation for Semantica explores another side of techno, a niche home to Cio where each intricate sound takes a risk for the sake of progression.

This three-part collection unveils different sides of the tactful artist, as each are distinctly crafted to play contrasting roles. ‘Yocta to Yotta’, literally meaning from the largest unit to the smallest unit, radiates warmer atmospheres impacted by the eastern world. Telling fervent stories through broken beats and dub-like sounds it is fit for experiencing in nature.
‘After and Before’ is occupied with suspense as the drama builds through this instrumental composition with a focus on the piano and cello also sometimes beat-less. In this case moments of silence are cognizant of a convincing potency. By taking steps in dance and musical theater and cinema, Cio progresses her own work by combining electronic sounds and tangible instruments.
‘Floor X’ taking a journey through bleep and acid minimalism, a sort of indefinable endlessness still waiting to be discovered through a hypnotic reverie and the track ‘XXXIII’ embodies the voice of a supernova. Expanding on the motifs of dancers and dreamers swirling though the night, it includes an ode to a luminary figure in contemporary techno music.

The first chapter in the series will be ‘All in All’ an LP comprised of two parts both ‘Floor X’ and ‘After and Before,’ to be released April 13th 2015. The suite, ‘Yocta to Yotta’ will be out in an EP format May 18th 2015 along with a CD of the complete works. The final piece will be a special edition CD, comprised solely of the ambient sounds that were recorded in the making of the album plus some extras, followed by a remix EP.