Artists: Parassela [Blawan + The Analogue Cops] Limo [Transition LAB – Fachwerk] Buck [Out-ER – Frozen Border]. Title: Lab Series Vol. 1. Label: Transition Lab Recordings.
Release date: 27-02-2015.


  • A1 – Parassela – Plutoniumdealers
  • A2 – Parassela – 08AG12
  • B1 – Limo – Another
  • B2 – Buck – Gold BD

About the release: 

Southern italian-based techno party and record label Transition LAB welcomes to its roster Parassela (The Analogue Cops plus Blawan), already known in Apulia for performing live the last summer alongside Inland, Margot and the resident djs/producers.

Transition’s number four release features four stomping cuts: side A gets signed indeed by Parassela with their typical hardware-only, heavy stamp, while Transitions’ chief Limo and A&R Buck mark the second side. Parassela’s tracks ‘Plutoniumdealers’ and ‘08AG12’ have got similar punching vibes. The radiation Geiger Counter is the very protagonist of ‘Plutoniumdealers’, a distorted and spacey downtempo nudge flavored by a restless voice. The second track ‘08AG12’ goes faster and shows a tough kick surrounded by smooth synths and soft, clean hats. Flipping on the other side, Limo exhibits ‘Another’, a shaded, deep experience mostly composed with Oktatrak and Tr8. Emphasis is given by the sharp, incisive hats, swirling ambients and solid sub-basses, structurally positioned to let listeners continuously rise and fall.

Buck’s ‘Gold BD’ energetic groove has been created with Tanzbar Mfb. Claps and hats weave together, while gentle pads run with the track’s dynamic flow. Each artist communicates a bumping, dance floor-oriented approach to techno by its own way, rawer for Parassela, more straight and thoughtful for Limo and Buck.

About the label: 

The first purpose of the label is to feel free to propose unique music to the people. Transition LAB wants to merge the connections together in an unique big community in order to create a strong and respectable team of djs and producers to perform in front of the italian techno scene.