Artist: Time TravelerTitle: I’m Made Of Stars / Journal. Label: Chronicles Diary.
Release date: September 30th 2016. Genre: Techno, Industrial, Dark.


A1 / 1. Intro / I’m Made of Stars
A2 / 2. Alpha
A3 / 3. Dark Priesthood
A4 / 4. Currupttion
B1 / 5. Middle Break / Restricted Areas
B2 / 6. Interstellar
B3 / 7. Supersymmetry
C1 / 8. Chronicles from B-29 Superfortress
C2 / 9. ~ R ×
C3 / 10. Chaos Theory
D1 / 11. Timestretcher n*17121985
D2 / 12. Stardust
D3 / 13. Outro / God is Word


About the release:

Michele Pinna presents a new LP under a fresh moniker and alter ego, Time Traveler, representing a direct confrontation of the artist’s own fear of time as an unrelenting force. The LP, titled ‘I’m Made Of Stars / Journal’, takes inspiration from conversations between Pinna and his father on the topics of galaxies, space and of course, time. These conversations were the starting point for the abstract, futuristic and dark work presented on the new LP. The release also draws on Pinna’s artistic interests outside of music, presenting a work not just of sound, but one with a coherent visual aesthetic spanning the physical releases of the LP. This visual aesthetic has taken shape through multiple collaborations with the photographers, stylists and designers Nicolas Mazzei, Danila Tkachenko, Khourianbeer and Cinzia Araia.

The resulting album is a twisting sci-fi journey invoking images of a dystopian galactic future. Pinna takes techno and filters it through his own imagination, dismantling it and rebuilding it with an unheard palette of textures, timbres and rhythms. At times disorientating and chaotic and at others, restrained and delicate, the LP has one foot in dance music and the other in emotional and visionary experimentation. The album will arrive on Pinna’s new label, Chronicles Diary, set up specififically for this release which can be considered much like a diary or journal of Pinna’s emotions and imaginings of the future. A limited edition vinyl release will come with a fitting physical package much like a real black diary. Inside the sleeve can be found prints that are the product of Pinna’s several collaborations, and serve to provide a visual reference point to the futuristic vision of Time Traveler. The standard vinyl release, aimed more at DJs, will come in paper moleskine packaging. Alongside these, there will be a cassette published followed by a digital release in the next months.

Time Traveler’s I’m Made of Stars / Journey debut album will be out on Sept 30th, followed by a first EP with remixes by Bas Mooy (MORD’s boss, NL), Black Asteroid (aka Bryan Black, part of Motor, US), Brian Sanhaji (DE) and Dj Hyperactive (US) out on Oct 14th, and later before the end of 2016 by a second one with Dave Clarke (UK), Detroit Techno Militia (Detroit, US) and more TBA, inaugurating Time Traveler’s platform to release his own works, Chronicles Diary.