Artist: Synthek & Audiolouis. Title: Unwise Remix Series #1. Label: Natch Records.
Release date: 09-02-2015. Format: 12″.


  • A1 / Thread Between Us (Tadeo Remix)
  • A2 / Broken Pad (Aubrey Remix)
  • B1 / Unwise (Polar Intertia Remix)

About the release: 

“Unwise Remix Series” has the involvement of artists which represent the main points of SynthekAudiolouis and their references and inspiration. Artists who acknowledged the potential of Unwise and accepted to get involved in a great re-edition of the principal cuts of the album.

Tadeo inaugurates this first installment with an outstanding reinterpretation of “Thread Between Us”. Keeping the aggressive mood of the original, raising the impetus with slender hi-hats, haunting chords and devilish synth-lines. Elements that clearly manifest in the powerful imprint of the spanish producer. Aubrey concludes the first side with a sophisticated rework of “Broken Pad”: an unpredictable groove made of fluctuating bleeps and drums, embraced by spacey soundscapes strewn with sonic drills and fragments. Delivering the final blow on the flipside,

Polar Inertia’s work can be seen more like a long journey, than an actual remix of Unwise, the main track which gives the name to the album. The final 8-minute-cut brings an extreme dose of deepness to the release, pervading it of a surreal atmosphere crossed by violent droning flashes, while from a dusty, heavily texturized basslines rises a thin but empowering beat, that finally embrace the distinctive (and desynchronized) riff from the original. A superlative gathering of styles and influences that leads the Synthek & Audiolouis sound to a completely new level, giving the chance to re-study the Unwise album from different, refined perspectives.