Artist: Rebekah. Title: Distant. Label: CLR.
Release date: 22-05-2015 (digital) and 08-06-2015 (vinyl)


A1 Rebekah – “Distant”
A2 Rebekah – “Distant (STERAC Remix 1)”
B1 Rebekah – “Synchronicity”
B2 Rebekah – “Distant Memory”

Digital only: Rebekah – “Distant (STERAC Remix 2)”

About the release:

Distant is Rebekah’s 2nd release on CLR, after the success of her first Cycles EP back in 2013, the long awaited second single Distant is veering towards a deeper side of this Artist’s repertoire. Rebekah has been pushing her sound forward in the studio and has in the last year worked more and more with analogue synths and sequencers which is evident in the title track. Opting for a more broken beat and using a vast palette to create a soundscape that keeps the groove moving forward, which opens up with darker pads, maintaining the mood and feel.

Distant Memory takes sounds from the original track and shapes it into something slightly different and unpredictable by Rebekah, showcasing a completely new element of this artists work. Its downtempo and slightly experimental but also warm and inviting.

Synchronicity lifts up the pace and is a full out techno groove workout, Rebekah’s signature kicks come in to play but is almost more elegant here, complimenting the Distant pieces but also holding its own within the more discerning of dance floors.

STERAC has produced two fantastic remixes of the title track Distant, remix 1, is more of a groovier exploration where as remix 2 (digital only), leans to the more hypnotic side, both remixes are outstanding as expected from STERAC aka Steve Rachmad, modern techno at its best.