Artist: Exium. Title: Rotating Frames. Label: PoleGroup.
Release date: 15-06-2015. Genre: techno, electronica.


A1 / 1. Monopoles
A2 / 2. Magnetic Flux
B1 / 2. Rotating Frames
B2 / 3. Early Life

About the release: 

Rotating Frames is the new EP for Pole Group by our very own duo Exium. Four tracks of modern and obscure techno, fuelled by heavy sub-bass action.

«Monopoles» opens fire with massive bass frequencies and continuous hat lines, joined by an obsessive sequence that mutates while it moves around the arrangement.

The approach of «Magnetic Flux» is deeper than the previous track, starting with flanged sequences and a subtle bass drum. Bell-like sounds grow from zero until drones and atmospheres appear from the slight breakdown.

«Rotating Frames» goes straight to the point and rises the tempos a bit, continues with the flanged and phased sequences and relies on a more percussive vibe.

«Early life» is the last number here: robotic FM sounds, effected noise hits, continuous synth lines and a constantly growing structure.