Artist: Below Surface. Title: Below Surface. Label: Be Sure.
Release date: 09-09.15


01. Ancient Dynasties (Original Mix)
02. Interferences (Original Mix)
03. Seeing is Believing (Original Mix)
04. BHearing is Understanding (Original Mix)
05. Getaway (Original Mix)
06. Sound needs Silence (Original Mix)
07. Immersed in Spheres (Original Mix)
08. Tragic (Original Mix)
09. Driving (Original Mix)
10. Lost in a Subway (Original Mix)
11. Euphoria (Original Mix)

About the release:

After graduating from university in 2014, the German artist Below Surface moved to Shanghai to be a fulltime musician for a certain time. While traveling and playing in East Asia, he got inspired to produce two EPs and one album. Many tracks include field-recordings from various situations and are already dancefloor approved since they got tested in LIVE- and DJ-sets all over China, Taiwan and also Europe (Tresor Berlin, Skala Bielefeld, Sugarfactory Amsterdam).

Now, one year later Below Surface is back in Germany and just moved to Berlin to take the next steps in his musical career. The album is his state of the art interpretation of techno in 2015 and to 90% made in China, now it´s the time to decide whether it is quality or not!