Artist: Kaiser Souzai. Title: Panghan EP. Label: Ballroom.
Release date: 11-04-2015. Genre: techno, techno-house.


1) Phangan Kobayashi (Original mix)
2) Phangan Trippin (Original mix)
3) Phangan Keyzer (Original mix)

About the release and label:

With the BALLROOM label we fulfill our desire to put out our own music and that of our artists of BALLROOM booking agency for full musical freedom and expression. This means we are not following one musical route or style but bring on the full spectre of techno music. With BALLROOM 001, the 3 tracker “Phangan” EP by us, Kaiser Souzai, we are setting a benchmark for trippy, haunting annd bouncy techno, inspired by the jungles and outdoor parties of Ko Phangan. This will be followed by a 4 tracker EP from our artist Josh Vox, with an almost progressive and dark haunting techno release. Our aim is quality over quantity, and only three or four trackers, will be released to give the artist the propper spotlight.

About the artist:

There were more then a few who have certified that Kaiser Souzai have created a new musical genre. They have carved their own niche, somewhere between dark tech, synth loaded electronica and artrock techno gigantism, abroad the mainstream, still reaching regularly the top 10 of the electronic music selling portals like Beatport.