Artist: Ken Ishii, Greencross
Album: Collusion 33
Label: Different Is Different Records
Release date: March 29th, 2021
Format: Digital


01. Ken Ishii – Disquiet (Original Mix)
02. Ken Ishii – Disquiet (Greencross Remix)
03. Greencross – Subtle Rejection (Original Mix)
04. Greencross – Subtle Rejection (Ken Ishii Remix)

About the release

col·lu·sion (kə-lo͞o′zhən) n.
An often secret action taken by two or more parties.

When Ken Ishii and Greencross decided to secretly work on a release where each producer would supply an original track and remix each other‘s originals, they took the concept, executed it, and created a collaboration called ‚Collusion 33‘.

In 1995, Ken Ishii would shock the electronic music world with ‚Extra‘; an extremely innovative take on techno, even for today‘s standards, bundled with an outstanding music video animated by Kōji Morimoto, which received MTV‘s Dance Video of The Year.

One night in 1995, after midnight, while his parents were away, Greencross stumbled upon Ken Ishii‘s ‚Extra‘ playing on MTV‘s Amp. This particular moment of pure bliss would be Greencross‘ entry point into the sound of techno. ‚Extra‘s relentless pulsating rhythms, the futuristic synth leads, the Japanese-inspired percussion, and of course, the shockingly magnificent anime coupled with a rush from using the satellite TV at forbidden hours, carved an enormous first impression on the teenager who would later become Greencross.

It‘s March 2011 and Ken Ishii is about to publish ‚Pounding Out‘ on Angel Alanis‘ label, Slap Jaxx. A few months earlier, Angel had asked Greencross to remix ‚Pounding Out‘ and included this remix on the release, unknowingly helping Greencross to achieve a goal he set at the beginning of his career.

Now, after several appearances on Different Is Different Records, Ken Ishii teams up with Greencross and seals a collaborative release where each producer convey their vision of techno as a single original track, and each producer remixes the other‘s original track for a total of four techno cuts, in ‚Collusion 33‘.