Artists: AggboroughTitle: Bats / Modal. Label: OTB Records.
Release date: 17-08-2015.


A1. Bats
B1. Modal

About the release:

This is the mysterious label’s fourth release and Aggborough‘s second effort with OTB after The Answer To Everything / MitzpeRamon which dropped earlier this year, receiving the support of Answer Code Request, Slam, Laurent Garnier and Mano Le Tough to name a few.

Bats / Modal marks the London-based producer’s second appearance on the fast-rising imprint, following the release of The Answer To Everything / MitzpeRamon earlier this year.

Aggborough pulls no punches and delivers two driving tracks with a deeply embedded sense of duality. The stripped back tribalism of Bats and the seemingly nonchalant ambiances of Modal serve a delusional purpose: to lure the listener into a false sense of grasp before flipping the table and unleashing a select choice of groovy industrial strength beats, ghostly synths and fugitive melodies, underpinned by the subtle touch of field recordings.

Synths glow and look at you with gleaming eyes just before a full-on dancefloor onslaught. Harmony and melody dive down into the abyss in pursuit of new depths and bats roam as kings in your pulsating nightmares. It’s an emotional journey that goes full circle in a game of mirroring and repetition – a game in which Aggborough will always come out on top.

Yet another record, yet another killer release for both label and producer. OTB Records and Aggborough, two names that should be on your radar at all times.