Artist: The Noisemaker. Title: Travelers EP (part three). Label: Raw Waxes.
Release date: 26-01-2015. Genre: Techno


1 – The Noisemaker – Shuttle
2 – The Noisemaker – Shuttle (Abstract Division Remix)
3 – The Noisemaker – Shuttle (Blind Observatory Remix)

About the release:

The third issue of Raw Waxes’ release number four is on the way. After featuring Mike Parker, Haiku, Inigo Kennedy and Korova as remixers of The Noisemaker, this time we see Abstract Division and Blind Observatory reinterpreting ‘Shuttle’, the final track of the series. Shuttle starts with a fat kick and a psychedelic synth, bleep and acid elements go back and forth, up and down, appearing from the gloom of the artist’ soul. Hi-hats, acid and bleep evolve together, embracing acidity and generating a naughty groove. Abstract Division’s reinterpretation is clearly a 4/4 dance floor oriented. Based on the evolution of the acid patterns as a minded loop, the dutch duo adds 909 hi-hats and claps, transforms the the kick-bass structure, reaching a trusted track for exciting moments into clubs. Blind Observatory’s remix is the gentle side of the record. Starting slowly and lightly, the artist sets a mellow synth plus clean hi-hats, turning the production into a sweet IDM caress. A personal, delicate cut appraising the entire release.

About the label: 

Black vinils, no love for compromises, just techno.