Artist: The Noisemaker. Title: Travelers Ep. Label: Raw Waxes.
Release date: 27-10-2014. Genre: Techno


[C] The Noisemaker – Point X15
[D1] The Noisemaker – Point X15 (Korova remix)
[D2] The Noisemaker – Point X15 (Inigo Kennedy remix)

About the release: 

Raw Waxes continues the release number four with one more original track from The Noisemaker. The edition 4.2 is enriched by the remixes of Korova, duo who were protagonists of our first release, and Inigo Kennedy, old school artist truly appreciated by Raw Waxes. On Side C, Point X15 advances as an acid robot going ahead with swollen broken baselines covering sinister and rough ambients. The rhythm gets darker and nimbler as far as the stylus moves on the decks. On the Side D, Korova delivers the mirror of their hypnotic and straight techno soul. Drums play hard, ambients are kept happily enjoyable, while the acid synths and chords go with the flow embellishing the original version. Inigo Kennedy’s reinterpretation seems to come from early ’90 productions on Missile Records. Acid elements and palpitating hi-hats, followed by the syncopated bass drum, gradually fire  the minds up and accelerate the roll of weird but deep moments. Pure industrial machine guns.

About the label: 

Black vinils, no love for compromises, just techno.