Artist: Uncrat. Title: Bond unstable. Label: Subsist Records.
Release date: May 2015. Genre: Techno, industrial.


1. Uncrat – Dispersion
2. Uncrat – Talk to understand each other
3. Uncrat – Wish You Were Here
4. Uncrat – Anthropocene
5. Uncrat – Geqzir
6. Uncrat – Evolutionary Convergence
7. Uncrat – P-Brane
8. Uncrat – Despite me
9. Uncrat – Mother Ship
10. Uncrat – Udeaekwa

About the release:

For its nature, the man is destined to overcome their limitations. Information and technology are bringing it to undergo transformations sociocultural than ever in human history has had so quickly. The alienation, the inability to talk and discuss, narcissism, insecurity, are symptoms of the post-industrial revolution. But if on one hand the technology is constantly evolving, (thanks to the discoveries in the military and space) is rather balanced advancement of humankind on planet earth, planet that suffers all the effects of an industrialized society, that can not or will not have the courage of a change become necessary so that even the frightening apocalypse seems near. The bond between man and the earth is unstable, as well as the society he owns.