Listado de la etiqueta: RHYTHMATH

Artist/Label: Rhythmath. Title: 001
Release date: 27-10-2014. Genre: Techno


A1 – 001a
A2 – 001b
B – 001c

About the release:

«Mathematical rotes.A continuum none wishes to give up.Deep bars, groove pads,diverse elements entering and modifying structures, feelings, situations. As if it could go on forever. The path is always the same: gently bumping.»

About the label:

Rhythmath is the fusion of rhythm and mathematics. Rhythm is a regular recurrence in time and can be applied to a variety of cyclical natural phenomena having a periodicity or frequency of anything from microseconds to millions of years. The rhythm is basically the groove and a groove is an understanding of rhythmic patterning or feel and an intuitive sense of a cycle in motion. The aim of the label is to release music in which different rhythmic ratios are combined bringing you to dance loosing the sense of time.