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Artista: Varios Artistas
Álbum: Gegen DECADE. 10 Years Anniversary Compilation
Label: Gegen Records
Fechas de lanzamiento: Part I: 17 septiembre 2021 / Part II: 1 octubre 2021 / Part III: 15 octubre 2021.
Formato: Digital
Género: Techno
“Moirai” Trilogy: Artwork by Andrea Galad

Tracklist Part I

Ellen Allien – “Acid Against Fascism”
La Fraicheur & Leonard De Leonard – “Lost In Midland”
Bloody Mary – “They Come For Us At Night”
Flavia Laus – “Catharsis”
Oliver Deutschmann – “Delete Religion”
Ayako Mori – “Shrine Of Gegen”
P.E.A.R.L. – “Perfume Of Sweat”
Cristian Marras – “One Of A Kind”
PVS – “Panic Room”
Sarah Strandberg – “Helter Skelter”

Tracklist Part II

Paula Temple – “Gegen X”
Mar/us Feat. Espectra Negra – “Against Yourself”
Esther Duijn – “Exomorph”
Scalameriya – “Grappler”
OCD – “Nature Abhors A Vacuum”
Lady Maru – “Kill Ur Lobby”
Non reversible – “Obscuration”
Bombardier – “Generation Gegen”
Femanyst – “California Killer (Jack The Creamer)”
Tunnel – “Identity And Equity”

Tracklist Part III

Ayarcana – “Igne Natura”
Espectra Negra – “Cyber City”
Hypnoskull – “Im Gegenzug”
Kareem – “whyareyousoscared__BUNKERPROOFBULLET-MIX”
Liza Aikin – “Muriel”
Years of Denial – “Pleasure”
Dominik Müller – “I Saw Her At K. – Str. 76”
Huren – “Pool Footage”
Stave – “Grain”
SKD – “Serpents Of The Snake Pit”

“Debemos abrazar la unidad, no la separación: compartir, volver a comunidades pequeñas y solidarias. Unidad, no separación, es lo que tiene que suceder.”Genesis P-Orridge

Para celebrar su 10º aniversario, el colectivo queer GEGEN de Berlín ha preparado una sólida compilación de 3 álbumes que repasa su actividad durante su primera década de existencia, para presentar a los artistas que han sido el corazón de sus famosas fiestas, con su estética tan particular y su sonido tan cañero.

Este recopilatorio contiene 30 tracks, seleccionados desde los auténticos residentes en el comienzo del proyecto hasta los cabezas de cartel cuyo apoyo ha impulsado al colectivo en la escena berlinesa. Incluye también a prometedores artistas que Gegen se toma muy en serio y amadrina, brindándoles todo su apoyo.

El criterio seguido en la selección de temas ha respetado la diversidad del techno y sus creadores.

Dando como resultado una muestra de diferentes subgéneros y BPM, que van desde el techno clásico al industrial, del hardcore al breakbeat, del ácido a la deconstrucción… Si te va el rollo de viaje etéreo y misterioso, encontrarás a Ellen Allien y Femanyst. Si buscas embarrarte las botas en el fango de distorsiones punkarras, encontrarás a Hypnoskull y Bombardier. Si necesitas descargar energía con himnos tensos, encontrarás a Paula Temple, Espectra Negra y Ayako Mori.

Si lo tuyo son ganas de disfrutar de bajos duros y secos, encontrarás a Ayarcana, Tunnel y Esther Duijn. Si estás por perderse en viajes hipnóticos, entrégate a Cristian Marras, La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard, Non Reversible y Lady Maru. Además de otros tracks maravillosos de Bloody Mary, Mar / us y Years of Denial, o temas deconstruidos y centradas en la batería a cargo de SKD y Scalameriya.

Si te va el underground del undeground en la electrónica, sin duda encontrarás lo que buscas en este lanzamiento que representa con orgullo el sonido de Gegen.

Artist: Camea. Title: The Hallway EP. Label: BPitch Control.
Release date: 27th July 2015 (digital), 7th August (vinyl). Genre: electronica.


1. A Wormhole
2. B1 The hallway
3. Orchestra of dreams

About the release:

After a busy Spring with the launch of her Neverwhere Radio show, new tracks on Get Physical and mixing their latest Full Body Workout compilation, CAMEA sets the stage for summer with her next Bpitch Control installment. This will be CAMEA‘s third solo release on Ellen Allien’s imprint, following up her highly acclaimed ‘City Watch Over Me’ and ‘Neverwhere’ singles, as well as a vinyl only remix project featuring Deadbeat, Locked Groove and Lee Jones. Now the Seattle-born artist and Berlin resident contributes a great three-track collection for her new single titled, ’The Hallway’, out in vinyl and digital format.

In this selection, CAMEA continues to lay the foundation for her experimental combination of deep house and techno with a collection of three mind-bending pieces. The A side track, Wormhole, is a peak time techno space burner for the main stage, while the B-side goes deeper with two kaleidoscopic tech house tunes. The titled track, ‚The Hallway’, is a psychotropic and funky descent, layered with trippy vocals and spaced-out melodies, all connected by an irresistibly towering peak. Finally, ‘Orchestra of Dreams’ concludes her release with a harmonious and passionate dance ballad, rippling it’s way in and out of FM synthesis and orchestral harmonies for an eerie and elegant piece.

CAMEA’s sound and ideas speak loudly on this release, sharing with us another part of her journey and adding another essential piece to her discography and the Bpitch archive.

About the artist:

Her sound can be described as Seattle cool meets Brooklyn edge meets Berlin chic, and it has secured her a regular tour schedule worldwide. Camea was born and raised in Seattle as a classical and jazz pianist and music enthusiast, and in her youth she studied a variety of instruments and played in several bands. She started collecting records and experimenting with electronic music in the late 90s, and in 2002 she relocated to Brooklyn, NY, where the city’s intense artistic environment deeply inspired her. Her passion for collecting and playing music continued to evolve as she acquired several regular club nights in Manhattan and spawned Clink Recordings, and on Friday evenings she had a radio show with Ambivalent (M_nus, Ovum) on East Village Radio. Eventually Camea began to tour internationally and moved to Berlin in 2007, where she still resides today and is currently signed to Bpitch Control, one of the world’s premier underground labels that can be credited in the evolution of artists like Ellen Allien, Paul Kalkbrenner, Apparat and Modeselektor.

Camea is a passionate performer and blends her more traditional musician roots with classic and modern house and techno. Her tracks have topped sales and DJ charts on many occasions, and she has been center stage at many of the world’s hottest clubs and festivals. Even though DJing has stayed the forefront of Camea’s passion, when she is not touring she spends most of her time in her studio in Berlin. She released her first solo EP in 2006 and has achieved a lengthy discography of original work and/or remixes on labels like Bpitch Control, M_nus, Clink, Soma, Plus 8 and Get Physical. Since her relocation to Berlin Camea has become one of the handful of women from America to make it to the International stage for her genre.

Artist: Ellen Allien. Title: High. Label: Bpitch Control.
Release date: Digital on June 29th 2015. Vinyl on July 13th 2015. Genre: electronica.


A1. High
B1. Lou

About the release:

Ellen Allien’s first release in 2015 is proving once again: the love of music is still the best drug on earth. Since euphoria can turn into ecstasy by sharing this love in high sprits on the floor, her 11-minute trip „High“ is dedicated to the dancing crowd. Everything’s built subtle and hypnotic here: from the pushing bass to the powerful ascending soundscapes of the Jupiter-8 to the lead vocal line „You make me feel so high“.

The B-side is also about her typical way of exchanging energy: „Lou“ is symbolizing the driving parts of Ellen’s sets. During the 303 only tickles at first, the acid helixes soon are climbing up the trance sky. Listen. Feel. Space out.


Artist: Silvie Loto. Title: Crying Love EP. Label: Bpitch Control
Release date: 21-11-2014. Genre: Electronica


01. Silvie Loto – Crying Love
02. Silvie Loto – Flow
03. Silvie Loto – Breeze
04. Silvie Loto – Woo

About the release:

The music of Silvie Loto can be quite an enchanted place. The tracks of her „Crying Love EP“ reinforce this presumption. Inside are wonderful electronic musings, predestinated for hopelessly getting lost.

With her melodies, this talented Italian artist, sets emotional priorities. Fragments of her voice are smartly installed. Deeply laid-back rhythms frame the multilayering atmospheres.

The title track leads the way and gives rise to a pleasurably floating experience. Hereafter „Flow“ is flowing very close to the heart centre. The third track, „Breeze“, is even more lost in reverie and manifests deep emotions. At the end, „Woo“ takes us on a trip far outside with its beats and the whopping wafting tones.